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‘‘Tis the Season for Diseased Ridden Folks

Now that we are in the heart of celebrating the divine greatness, encapsulate the idyllic feeling spawned by sparkling lights, and gifts galore, soon we shall start to receive invites to celebrate the joyous camaraderie with our fellow man. But before you RSVP yes to that gathering, you should be aware that it ought to… Continue reading ‘‘Tis the Season for Diseased Ridden Folks

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The Embarrassing Fanfare And the Promotion of the Baby Penis

I used to be a huge fan of the Ellen Degeneres Show, but I can no longer tolerate her overly exaggerated fanfare that is her audience. Whether these are folks who genuinely purchased tickets or they've been pre-selected by the celebrity's close connections and PR firms, (it's the latter by the way) it's evident they… Continue reading The Embarrassing Fanfare And the Promotion of the Baby Penis

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Judah ie Judea, NOT Judas. Don't get it twisted. My thirst for theological knowledge increases by the day. During my mission of spiritual enlightenment, I came across some rather interesting documentaries on the Gospels on Netflix. I figured I would begin with "the big one" ie The Bible, and work my way around. Following the… Continue reading JEW DUH! JEW DUH! JEW DUH!!


The Keyboard Cat Resurgence

An essay about humanity today based on my observations. Warning: some discussion about God. Atheists are welcome to stick around. Heh. I have fantasized there would be a momentary break of solitude now that we have passed the voting camaraderie. Alas, the need for tolerance and civility in America remains stagnant. Humans are still exhibiting… Continue reading The Keyboard Cat Resurgence


The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

Next time someone accuses you of having a bad day, feel free to use the following: There’s absolutely no such thing as someone having a “bad day.” It’s a poor defense mechanism used by people who refuse to see the error of their ways. When you break out of character to give a realistic view… Continue reading The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

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Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

A few nights ago I was asked by a youngin' who she should vote for, and I had no answer for her. I just shook my head in silence. The rah rah camaraderie in America of late is one big giant puke fest, knowing that we still have people in public office that have the… Continue reading Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

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This Is *Not* My “Rock The Vote” Face

Three years ago, I reviewed the day-long playlist of a popular, local music FM station, and Stressed Out was literally every tenth song that was played that entire day. Why does commercial radio insist on beating the shit out of what was once a beautifully crafted song, that has now succumbed to the doom of… Continue reading This Is *Not* My “Rock The Vote” Face


To Those Vain, Pesky Facebook Posts

I don't use Facebook anymore, with the exception of the occasional angsty disapproval of the human race. This week alone, I have encountered three posts in my newsfeed that suggest the removal of oneself if you don't validate their beliefs. You know the ones: To those who aren't voting this election, please remove yourself from… Continue reading To Those Vain, Pesky Facebook Posts

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About that God Show…..

Please note: I am undertaking a review for a new tv show that aired a month ago. I feel it's important to note that I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am not a bot, I am not anyone's publicist, and I do not work for CBS. I am favoring this… Continue reading About that God Show…..

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The Adversarial Pink

We are now in the heart of the pukey pinkfest season. Twitter, in its predictable wisdom and algorithms, started the month of October commemorating breast cancer awareness. In the early morning of October 1, the top 20 trending topics had the typical political circus shit show, with #breastcancerawareness in the top five. I tapped on… Continue reading The Adversarial Pink