‘‘Tis the Season for Diseased Ridden Folks

Now that we are in the heart of celebrating the divine greatness, encapsulate the idyllic feeling spawned by sparkling lights, and gifts galore, soon we shall start to receive invites to celebrate the joyous camaraderie with our fellow man. But before you RSVP yes to that gathering, you should be aware that it ought to be conditional.

In other words, just incase you come down with the common cold on the eve of the event:

Keep your nasty, cootified germs to yourself and stay home!

I cannot stress this enough, and I am not afraid to make someone uncomfortable should they dare cross my path with their disease.

As you may recall from last year, flu season came upon us in alarming numbers. No one was exempt, including those who believed in the credibility of flu shots. The flu epidemic didn’t happen because so few got flu shots. It happened because people couldn’t resist the insatiable temptations of a festive holiday party. Cold or no cold…..someone might think I’m gettin’ all gussied up to get my co-worker all hot ‘n bothered. My Christmas gift will be his velour warm lips to mine….

You get the idea. The office holiday party, for example, is one of the most distressed displays of human interaction. No one genuinely cares how the remainder of your holiday season will go; no one cares about your kids; and certainly, no one cares for anyone in upper management. Yet, people will engage in fictitious laughter all evening, and pretending they actually care about being there, while scoring bonus points with management. What exactly, is the purpose of the office holiday party anyway?

A friend’s holiday party reeks of the same formula. The only person most happy by your presence is the host, while everyone else gathers in their clique circles to blabber utter nonsense. Some folks may feel obligated to attend these functions to meet their soul mate or make new friends. But what if neither happens, and the only reminder of that party is a cough and a runny nose the next day. That means someone was at that party with germs destined to wreak havoc on anyone who crossed their path, or shook hands.

These frivolous parties during the holiday season is exactly how the cold transcends across human civilizations. Whether you got the flu vaccine is irrelevant. No such vaccine exist for the common cold.

There is no cure for the common cold. People may think that a little cold may do no harm, or that it’s “no big deal,” but this is evidence that people only think for themselves. After all, how many times have you seen coworkers come to work sick and snotty? And cough as they walk past your desk? According to the CDC, colds are contagious by way of airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing. But people don’t think, they’re too wrapped up in themselves to realize that:

A common cold for one person can be a death sentence for someone else!

There is a reason hospitals post signs around their facility to warn these inconsiderate heathens the dangers of introducing such germs to people in delicate conditions. These signs typically include rules such as:

  • Wear a mask if you must be in close contact
  • No children under 12 *
  • Wash hands frequently
  • * children under 12 cannot be trusted. No matter how many times they’re instructed by adults to cover their orifices, they will continue to wipe their nose, rub their eyes, and openly sneeze out their cooties as if it’s a way to get rid of the cold. No hospital is going to take the chance. So why should I?
  • Be considerate of those around you. You may think you or your child’s cold is harmless, but to someone with a compromised immune system, your “innocent” cold can easily evolve into the flu, pneumonia, and yes, even death…..could very well be the final result.

    If you feel you must grace the world with your cooties, you can always wear a mask. There’s no shame to protecting yourself. If you’re so worried about what others might think of your temporary knit, get over it. You’re saving lives, and there’s absolutely no shame in that..

    The embedded video declares that there is powerful evidence the mask provides more protection than any vaccine on the market. In conclusion: if you feel a cold coming on, cover your nose and mouth when out….or simply be considerate and STAY HOME until your disease subsides. Children and adults alike! What may be just an innocent cold for you could have DETRIMENTAL effects for someone else. BE CONSIDERATE of those around you.

    This is what I wear whenever I have to share the public air in the midst of flu season. I have another one with a cat’s mouth and whiskers.

    Worried about the stigma of wearing a face mask? Again…..I don’t care. Again…..GET OVER IT. You’re saving lives by wearing a mask.

    Check out Amazon and search for flu masks. You’d be surprised that there are actually some highly fashionable and adorable masks out there.

    Happy (Cold Free) Holidays!

    The Embarrassing Fanfare And the Promotion of the Baby Penis

    I used to be a huge fan of the Ellen Degeneres Show, but I can no longer tolerate her overly exaggerated fanfare that is her audience. Whether these are folks who genuinely purchased tickets or they’ve been pre-selected by the celebrity’s close connections and PR firms, (it’s the latter by the way) it’s evident they are coached to react a certain way. I’ve always preached one should be grateful for even the littlest gifts, but at some point you have to wonder the thought process behind receiving such gifts. For example, say you received a package of socks as a Christmas gift. You wouldn’t exactly jump up and down like a raving fucking lunatic, cry from happiness, alarming others that you might be in need of a defibrillator just to bring you back from a state of steroid level ebullience. No….you’d be all “thanks?” and go on your merry way to the next gift, while hoping……oh so gloriously hoping…..that it’s the new iPhone.

    The next gift is not an iPhone, but a $650 gift card for a…….

    …..Korean baby penis facial.

    That was no typo. This facial, apparently, is a thing, and it’s the latest hype with salespeople like Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett leading the charge.

    Let’s say you receive such a gift. Now imagine your facial expression. Now peruse the gazillion questions running through your mind about what this gift might entail. I am lead to believe this process would not involve the jubilant paroxysms that is displayed on shows like Ellen. I’ve always said that Hollywood is not in the business to be a part of the real world (unless it’s scripted that way) and Ellen’s fake audience and their overly exaggerated jubilance proves just that.

    I heard about this latest facial scam from a podcast that I love dearly (The Garry Meier Show, and no, I’m not getting paid for this endorsement. I just LIKE IT). Granted, I have not seen the episode of Ellen they were referencing. Apparently, when Sandra Bullock finished her penis baby facial sales pitch, Ellen miraculously had gift cards (retail value: $650) for the facial for everyone in her audience. In the real world, the recipient would be stuck in a state of utter confusion. On Ellen’s show, there were no confused looks anywhere to be found in the crowd. No questions. No one was scratching their heads. No face palming. These gift cards were received in the same, overjoyed and exaggerated manner, with soccer moms jumping up and down like they’re trying to get rid of pubic hair lice or an uncomfortable tampon.

    I stopped watching Ellen years ago because of her fabricated audience. The repetitive and predictive patterns of her audience was too much for me to fathom in a serious manner. For the record, I have been to TV tapings before, where the emcee instructs the audience when to clap, when to react, etc., but that was many years ago, before the Hollywood industry was kept to the confines of 10 to 20 channels, and subscribing to cable was an option. Now, this level of fabrication is everywhere, and celebrities have no shame in making money off the naivety of real people.

    One might argue, hey, they’re bringing JOY to people’s homes, what is your problem?

    My answer: do you really need to immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood to receive such joy?

    At least the joy you experience at home is not exaggerated and fabricated in any way. It’s authentic joy. Joy that is organic. Joy that hasn’t been manipulated. That’s the joy people should focus on.

    Besides, there’s plenty of television where you know it’s scripted, but gives you the warm fuzzies all the while. If it can make me laugh, laughter is a part of joy. That’s good TV.

    This Ellen Show no longer makes me laugh. I just cannot get past her idiotic audience. And other shows like hers, were all children of the Oprah main directory, where they script the fairy tale and coach the pre-selected audience accordingly. I don’t like Oprah either for the same reason. In the beginning, these shows brought joy for a limited time. After awhile, I started witnessing the same pattern over and over again with their audiences, where they all follow the same format of fabricated excitement. It’s deceitful, and falls under the category of deceptive marketing, but clever pr strategies. After all…..


    Only Sandra Bullock and her salespeople (Hollywood) and Ellen’s audience.

    By the way, I refuse to do Hollywood any more favors by writing in detail what is involved in a baby penis facial. If you’re that curious, go research it yourself. Then seek mercy from God for doing so.


    Judah ie Judea, NOT Judas. Don’t get it twisted.

    My thirst for theological knowledge increases by the day. During my mission of spiritual enlightenment, I came across some rather interesting documentaries on the Gospels on Netflix. I figured I would begin with “the big one” ie The Bible, and work my way around. Following the Bible, I then moved on to The Gospel of Luke, and I was excited as I’ve kickstarted whatever algorithm Netflix uses to encourage me to watch like-minded shows. This is when I concluded that Netflix is horribly misguided and is operated by heathens.

    For example, under the category because you watched the Bible, Netflix suggested:

    • some show about Trump and how he ruined the American dream.
    • The Flash (???) is it because the trailer has the keywords “believe in the impossible???
    • Supergirl (another superhero? Maybe Netflix are a bunch of atheists)

    With the exception of Trump, Netflix is grouping Jesus with superheroes. Are they trying to imply Jesus was never real? Blasphemy! Do your history, Netflix. Jesus is more real than the superheroes you suggested. Otherwise, if you had paired up Jesus with the likes of Stan Lee, then all is forgiven. You have my blessing for a Stan Lee documentary.

    Later on, I came across The Secrets of Noah’s Ark, an interesting tale of archeologists that throughout history that have tried to piece together (pun intended) what went into the construction of the actual arc. I was a bit perplexed at the idea that some archeologists were reading off bits and pieces of various tablets, believed to be the “how-to” manual of constructing such entity, and they were interpreting them in different ways. This demonstrates that conflicting interpretations have the ability to create chaos. After all, I would hardly consider the new age arc as a reconstruction. The “how-to” manual is broken up into hundreds of pieces, and you’ve got old man eyes trying to decipher the tablet’s inscription. Even if it’s deciphered properly, can one really consider it as a “reimagining ” when you are using power tools to construct it in the first place? Come on!

    I stopped watching halfway through. The persistent butchering of pronouncing Judaism is largely present. I’ve posted about this chaotic anomaly many times, and I find myself again having to correct the masses and make them see the error of their ways. Just like Jesus.

    It’s pronounced JUDA-ism…..not JUDI-ism.

    JUDEE-ism is present in all its horrible vernacular throughout the documentary. I shut it off, ceasing my annoyance with these discrepancies. From there I vowed to correct any and all such anomalies. I will be like that pesky gnat in the social media realm and correct those who cannot be bothered with the correct pronunciation. According to Judaism for Dummies (ha! that title.) it notes:

    Pronounced: JEW-DA-ISM

    Naturally, the Hollywood industry are too consumed in themselves to educate their audiences properly. The proper pronunciation of Judaism may never see the light of day unless it is written in an actor’s contract for them to endorse and influence the masses accordingly. I tend to change channels anytime there is a Steven Spielberg interview approaching, as his persistent mispronunciation of Judaism is heavily flavored with great indolence. And by “great,” I mean he is obviously not ashamed to be wrong (Judeee-ism) on camera…. but he is wrong, as well as anyone else who says it in this way.

    Now would be a good time to get into practice. You’ll have the ability to wow! the crowd around the world with your newly acquired knowledge about Judaism and its linguistics. Rabbis will bow to the ground in your presence just because you’ve preserved the rich and ancient histories of our people! Pesach is approaching, where the Jews celebrate their freedom from Egyptian slavery.

    To Steven Spielberg and all other Jews: TALK RIGHT and chant with me:


    Now put them together: Jew-duh-ism.

    Congratulations! You have achieved the absolute and correct pronunciation of Judaism. Go, and pass this great knowledge to one and all!

    In conclusion, I realize that “Jew Duh” can take a very unflattering turn for the worse. If you do go that route, then it’s very telling of your characteristics, and karma is coming for you fast and hard. Don’t make this ugly, you heathens. Have fun and don’t be afraid to add some extra celebratory panache!

    Note to the reader: This post is not a paid endorsement for any of the shows listed here (or anywhere in this blog.) These shows are mentioned on a supplemental basis and I’m not compensated by Netflix in any capacity. These views are the exclusive views of the author.

    The Keyboard Cat Resurgence

    Image taken from time.com – see footer for link

    An essay about humanity today based on my observations. Warning: some discussion about God. Atheists are welcome to stick around. Heh.

    I have fantasized there would be a momentary break of solitude now that we have passed the voting camaraderie. Alas, the need for tolerance and civility in America remains stagnant. Humans are still exhibiting excessive paroxysms over the questionable election of 2016 all across the Internet, proclaiming “we won’t quit until the monster is out of office!” Yes. We know. This has become a tiresome catchphrase that has long surpassed its time in the spotlight.

    Continue reading “The Keyboard Cat Resurgence”

    The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

    Next time someone accuses you of having a bad day, feel free to use the following:

    There’s absolutely no such thing as someone having a “bad day.” It’s a poor defense mechanism used by people who refuse to see the error of their ways.

    When you break out of character to give a realistic view how the world really operates, you are accused of having a “bad day.”

    When you catch a glitch in the matrix, you are accused of having “a bad day.”

    When someone else is in a pissy mood and you are not, you are accused of having a “bad day.”

    Is it safe to presume that humans who routinely fall back on these unwarranted extrapolations are flawed more than they care to admit?

    The answer is absolutely fucking YES. The incompetency of humans is everywhere!

    When playing nice doesn’t get through to people— you HAVE TO BE THE BITCH to get your point across (inspiration: Steve Harvey).

    The aggression will linger in their mind for the rest of their days. Be the bitch and make NO apologies!

    Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

    A few nights ago I was asked by a youngin’ who she should vote for, and I had no answer for her. I just shook my head in silence. The rah rah camaraderie in America of late is one big giant puke fest, knowing that we still have people in public office that have the backing of corporate giants.

    Even if US citizens vote in record numbers on Election Day, it won’t be enough to erase the corruptive strategies that occurs in all levels: local, state, and federal. There are millionaires who can buy any number of votes needed to win. As long as these strategies remain in place, your vote will never matter.

    Unless we start with a clean slate: fire everyone and elect private US citizens that have ties to no one and no corporations.

    Otherwise, don’t waste my time with the “we’re all in this together!” bullshit. No, we are not. We swore we would stand in unity on September 11, 2001.

    What is our mindset today? Piss on everyone of a different political party. Indeed, this is a country of gallant hypocrisy.

    Should you decide to vote on Election Day, I’m sure you have your reasons. I am not here to spam the otherwise.

    Indeed, the future will be written in accordance with the way we vote today. But how can you expect change when we keep inserting the same old, tiresome candidates who can bribe, fuck, and manipulate their way into office? The truth is……you can’t.

    Various high profilers have constructed well thought out reservations why you should vote. I applaud them for their seemingly coercive efforts. They failed to mention that their message of hope comes with a disclaimer: if you live in a swing state, their message makes sense.

    If your state is a dominant color, and you’re not the right shade, you’re fucked. (No one will tell you this. Because everything is just peachy! according to the democracy cheerleaders who choose to ignore the corruption that happens on a daily basis.)

    My state is a lost cause. It is overwhelmingly one color, and it has been that one color for the last 20 years. It is also overwhelmingly debauched, with a long history of its governors sent to prison on corruption charges. At this rate, my vote wouldn’t do shit. Proponents of democracy would have you believe otherwise; they have omitted the fact they simply don’t want another batshit crazy Trump-supporting politician in office. That’s the only reason.

    Mark my words: if the wrong people get elected, these same folks who’ve been your “friend” and encouraging you to vote! vote! vote! will shun you and deem you a foul cesspool of maggots and will be raising their kids to bully you for the rest of your existence. Don’t fall for their voting advocacy. They will drop you faster than you can say “rock the vote!”

    After some deliberating, I informed the youngin’ that as long as there are candidates with financial means and anointed corporate connections, her vote will always be silenced by way of strategic, adversarial accounting and the hunger for power.

    I told her vote for the bragging rights, then post about it on social media.

    This Is *Not* My “Rock The Vote” Face


    Three years ago, I reviewed the day-long playlist of a popular, local music FM station, and Stressed Out was literally every tenth song that was played that entire day. Why does commercial radio insist on beating the shit out of what was once a beautifully crafted song, that has now succumbed to the doom of commercial radio shittiness. Fuck that song. Coincidentally, I also feel the same way about voting. The sentiment has been played……over and over…..like a bad, irritating, painful shit that your asshole refuses to squeeze out.

    Speaking of shit, Spotify thinks I want to listen to a playlist compiled of politically related songs conducive to my region. It makes it too tempting to cancel my account and go to the competitor, but I have an awful feeling they are just as bad— no— probably worse, with the political spamming.

    I am in the minority. I do not share the masses’ enthusiasm to vote on Election Day. For the last couple of years, I have been in a state of political unrest. Everywhere I go, there’s political spam. On people’s lawns, there is more signage than the grass itself. On TV, every other commercial is a shit stirring, callow jargon of who has the bigger genitalia. The publishing industry has been contaminated by ghostwriters and their bosses looking to make a buck off of the trendy mockery of the President. Right now would be an excellent time for an asteroid strike on the planet.

    Yes, you should fulfill your civic duty and vote on Election Day. But I don’t believe your voice will matter. As it comes close to crunch time, in the end it will come down to who has the bigger genitalia. You are a fool if you believe otherwise. On Election Day, I envision the power hungry, ego-spazzing politicians constantly checking their campaign funds, and other type of “funding ” and whoever has the most cash (and any dirt on their opponent to be used later, if necessary) wins. That is how Chicago politics operate, so what makes you think that strategy doesn’t apply to the rest of the country?

    I am aghast with the political hysteria. There’s so much “go vote! Go vote!!!!” spam taking place, you’d think there’s a monetary incentive for the perpetuators. Little do you know, the more you throw in my face, the more discouraged I become in helping with the cause.

    Additionally, it’s not nice to bully people into voting, either. Whether or not they vote, that is their choice. Be a human and respect their reasoning. Find out why there’s no desire to vote by opening dialogues. You can’t be expected to be admirable if all you’ve been doing is playing the part of a condescending little bitch. Pressuring people to vote helps no one.

    It’s important to note that for whatever reason you did not vote on Election Day, consider my blog as a place of sanctuary. Note: This is NOT an open invitation to the spammy blogs. You spam scumbots can go suck it, and I will be certain to block your spammy content faster than you can say top 10 secrets of blogging success! Piss off.

    That said, I do not like humans, but I respect them.

    To Those Vain, Pesky Facebook Posts

    I don’t use Facebook anymore, with the exception of the occasional angsty disapproval of the human race. This week alone, I have encountered three posts in my newsfeed that suggest the removal of oneself if you don’t validate their beliefs. You know the ones:

    To those who aren’t voting this election, please remove yourself from my friends list

    To those Trump supporters, remove yourself immediately!

    If you like cats better than dogs, you can’t be trusted. Remove yourself from my list immediately!

    If you don’t like seeing photos of my (fictitious) fabulous life, fuck off and remove yourself from my friends list!

    These humans have proven they can benefit from some harsh, much needed criticism, more so than the occasional “cute and cuddly cat photo.” (And I have a lot, but these folks are not worthy of such cuteness). These people do not deserve to be involved the in the day-to-day intricacies of my life. They deserve a bitchslap.

    After a brief hiatus from Facebook, I returned to an immediate violated newsfeed. Fuck that. I encourage everyone to take their stance and not tolerate such alienating Facebook posts. Today’s post was the following:

    Warning: the following is rated UBM (Ultra Bitch Mode) and is indicative of my disgust for the human species in 2018. I have decided to break my silence BECAUSE IT MUST BE SAID:


    That request seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? That is, essentially, what you are asking.

    Humanity may have evolved aesthetically, but that’s as far as the evolution has gone. Due to the frivolous behaviors in recent years, I am ashamed to be associated with the human species of late. I am ashamed what humanity has become, or rather, lack thereof.

    In my newsfeed, I seem to be encountering a lot of infantile requests. These infantile requests are a contaminate, specifically, the “remove yourself my friends list if you support/don’t support” posts, I read them as nothing more than a poor and embarrassing attempt to perfect YOUR version of humanity. These behaviors are callow, balkanizing, and inferior to whatever good parts are hidden beneath your very soul. I feel sorry for you.

    I can see right through these passive aggressive “calls to action.” You are FISHING for the folks who are mere acquaintances or no longer interact on Facebook. It makes sense after all; to save YOURSELF the trouble of playing the guessing game of “who’s shady and who’s not” and post these ridiculous requests to purge themselves if they don’t support your beliefs. Makes YOUR job of going through 1,000 “friends” on Facebook a helluva lot easier, doesn’t it?

    I HAVE complied to such requests in the past, not because we don’t share the same beliefs, but because I WILL NOT TOLERATE these passive aggressive forms of social media behavior. I don’t peruse Facebook as it is, so when I do read the newsfeed, I prefer not to be greeted with such juvenile idiosyncrasies.

    Whether you realize it or not, such requests are alienating, and should the -wrong- people comply, that’s YOUR fault.

    I still hold a bit of faith that the country CAN persevere through mature adult discussions, take notice of the differences in others, and shape the harmful anomalies e.g. racism, to create a harmonious global balance. If you find that cutting off communication inadvertently is easier, that’s your choice. You should be aware that humanity will NEVER evolve if we continue to cut ties based on YOUR tolerance levels and YOUR echo chambers.

    My husband and I have voted Republican in the past, and will continue to do so if we find the candidate(s) be fit for office. By this admission, you have already passed judgement in that we are the most vile cretins to walk this earth, especially if we barely interact. Contrary, your judgement is a far, FAR cry to those that know us best.

    Does my political affiliation bother you that much? GOODTHEFUCKBYE. I AM WAY BEYOND CARING what anyone thinks of my characteristics. And I mean that with every fiber of my being. EVERY.ONE.

    Given the petty attributes of humans, by now I have most likely pissed you off. Note, however, that I still have the love and comfort from my husband, my blood family, and my fur babies. If you decide to remove me, that is indeed your choice, but I hope you put some heavy thought as to what it really says about YOU, your characteristics, and humanity in general.

    I have no idea how people will perceive this wisdom. The only thing I am certain of is that I am tired of being bullied in this fashion, which have caused me to no longer care about hurt feelings. Life, as they know it, will continue. They will adapt somehow, as I have.

    About that God Show…..

    ©️Judie Lynne 2018

    Please note: I am undertaking a review for a new tv show that aired a month ago. I feel it’s important to note that I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am not a bot, I am not anyone’s publicist, and I do not work for CBS. I am favoring this show simply because I like it, and you all desperately need Jesus.

    Some breath is simply not worth wasting. I typically refrain from saying things that have already been said a million times. Specifically, I’m referring to the retention of fate, and learning to trust to critics who denounce such things. I am glad there is some faith-based tv executive out there that feels we can all benefit from some comprehensive spiritual guidance, even if it’s in the form of a tv drama. Sadly, our alarming decline of attention spans can only muster enough enlightenment from a one hour tv program.

    The world is in trouble, and America remains in the top 1 of the leaderboard. Sadly, the only way to call attention to a distressed humanity is by means of a mass televised medium.

    In America, critical thinking skills have been lost in the ruins of cacophonous mayhem. We have lost the ability for tolerance. My Facebook feed reeks of the unimaginative call to action of purging if you discover your “friend” is supporting a certain status quo. Faith is something that is under constant scrutiny and interrogation. Church attendance is low, and even generations from the 70’s and 80’s have raised their children with religion in the far, far background. Well, those kids have grown up, and now America is the toilet bowl of the world. Coincidence?

    I am really digging God Friended Me, albeit the campy title. The premise of the show is in the title: God sends a friend request to an atheist, and he reluctantly accepts the request. Since the joining, “the God account” posts nothing, and only sends his new pal friend suggestions to his newfound atheist buddy. Miraculously, the atheist meets these same people in the real world, who are always in need of guidance or they’re in trouble and could benefit greatly from the kindness of strangers. The atheist continues the journey of good deeds while hoping to unravel the mystery of who is handling “the God account.” While the atheist feels the warm fuzzies doing kind things for total strangers, one gets the impression he’s gonna go all devil on whoever is behind the God account. During all this craziness, the atheist runs a podcast whose target audience happens to be non-believers.

    The current American mentality leaves a lot to be desired. But this show highlights all the good, sometimes sad, elements of having faith. All the little signs you encounter on a daily basis didn’t occur out of nowhere. There’s a superior force working out your life, giving you road signs which path to follow. If you follow the rules, you’re doing okay, but occasionally there will be potholes. What you do with those potholes is up to you.

    Do you get out of the car and yell at potholes for disrupting the auto suspension and possibly some spilled coffee? Or do you drive around them, and proceed with caution the rest of the journey? Even if you drove over a pothole by accident, yelling at it would be really dumb and accomplishes nothing.

    I see people the same way. Throughout our lives, people come and go, and it’s never without a reason. Some leave long lasting impressions even if they haven’t known you for a long time. Then there are those who’ve known you a long time but as it turns out, they don’t really know you at all. One thing is for sure: the relationships we foster have their very own purpose. And that’s what this show tries to convey, even though it’s obviously targeted to a certain demographic.

    (How else are we supposed to engage the youngins ‘? You throw in a little techy geeky shit and it becomes a perfect match. Swipe right. Or is it left?)

    If the youngins’ are captivated by the Jedi version of the force, then they have no reason to contest a divinial version in the real world. It has been said by George Lucas himself that the force was inspired by actual religious teachings.

    (Note: I can’t locate the actual video in which he said this, but there are numerous interviews where he discusses the light ie joy, peace, contentment; the dark ie fear, hate, power. ) Based on what I just described, those are the basic fundamentals of religion.

    That’s where the enlightenment begins. Forget the hyper-structure-organization of it all.

    Forget church on Sunday. This show is all you need.

    To the Americans: ignore the cacophony and practice tolerance. Humanity depends on it.

    The Adversarial Pink

    Photo by Reuters. I bet if these Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders were afflicted with metastatic cancer, they might get a different perspective about sexing up the pink. The pink poms add further insult to injury. Thanks to the NFL for making a mockery out of cancer patients.

    We are now in the heart of the pukey pinkfest season.

    Twitter, in its predictable wisdom and algorithms, started the month of October commemorating breast cancer awareness. In the early morning of October 1, the top 20 trending topics had the typical political circus shit show, with #breastcancerawareness in the top five.

    I tapped on the hashtag, and found no humans. It was one bot after another. And another. I kept scrolling to see if I could locate some sort of human idiosyncrasy, and there were none to be found. The bots were from various medical resources and organizations, from hospital giving out words of encouragement, to organizations pleading for donations in empathetic fashion. These bot accounts exist to remind the afflicted community why they’re the best cancer beaters in the country, with products and services that’s sure to get your mind and body out of that funk. Plenty of pukey pink were to be found, as if the color choice expounded their message even further. It is so infuriating, because these messages of aversion don’t stop there.

    The cancer industry is a big money maker. That is a fact. With deplorable cancer survival rates since the 1950’s, I often wonder why medical professionals, even nurses, enter the field of oncology in the first place.

    Because there’s major Benjamins in that as well. A simple search using the keywords oncology nurse salaries will give you a pretty good idea what these people make. Let’s just say they are living out their version of the American dream.

    I get the impression that the way cancer treatment centers advertise, it’s almost as if there’s shoe sale, or there’s a giveaway, or an exclusive sale at Best Buy. Why are these treatment centers so aggressive with their marketing strategies? If only they were as aggressive in fighting the disease, then such persistent campaigns would never be needed.

    Again, there’s too much money at stake when it comes to generating revenue.

    Metastatic cancer patients are alone in the fight for better and humane treatment. People can scream, that’s not true! all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. For metastatic breast cancer alone, about 40,000 people a day die from this disease.

    For lung cancer, I would venture to guess that number to be higher.

    But who really cares, right? They brought that on by themselves, with their nasty smoking habits. What about the people that never smoked? What about the folks that led good, clean lives? What about the folks who routinely used Roundup as part of their garden maintenance? Should they be punished too, and give the green light for society to look the other way? Also, metastatic cancer is still metastatic cancer, no matter where it starts. Why are we dividing metastasis in biological groups? This makes absolutely no sense to me, but this is the kind of dialogue that we need this very second. People’s lives are at stake, yet the oncology industry and “non profit” organizations alike believe it can make it all better with ribbons. To them, I say: fuck you.

    Recently there have been interviews that are slowly changing the way the masses think about cancer, specifically, metastatic cancer. I like that the mainstream dialogue is starting to come to surface, but given how aggressive the disease is, the masses have to retaliate with equal, if not greater, force and determination. My heart continues to be sullen over what could have been if such strategies were in effect, say, ten years ago. Just think how loved ones could be living today to celebrate family milestones and achievements if only new treatment was available then like they are now.

    I am sending a signal to younger generations: fight the good fight. Not every cancer patient wants to be adorned and celebrated in pukey pink. Speak up for those who cannot, and shun the money mongrels looking to make a profit off of someone elses’ disparities. After all, this group of cretins are one the ones disabling the ability for humanity to evolve. They are defiled creatures hiding under the guise of sincerity and concern. In truth, they are adversaries to the metastatic cancer community. When money is at the forefront, it prevents further advancement of humanity for the greater good, and we, as the human race, have ultimately failed.

    Ask questions. When it comes to fundraisers, start by asking how the donated funds will be allocated, and how much of that goes to research. Additionally, please refer to this post for further queries (it is stemmed from an older post from 2009 that shares my exact sentiments). It is imperative that society takes a stand and place such organizations under intense scrutiny.

    The more pressure placed on anything having to do with fundraisers and oncology, the more likely we will see improved rates of survival. Ribbons haven’t done shit, but our voices can.

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