The Adversarial Pink

Photo by Reuters. I bet if these Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders were afflicted with metastatic cancer, they might get a different perspective about sexing up the pink. The pink poms add further insult to injury. Thanks to the NFL for making a mockery out of cancer patients.

We are now in the heart of the pukey pinkfest season.

Twitter, in its predictable wisdom and algorithms, started the month of October commemorating breast cancer awareness. In the early morning of October 1, the top 20 trending topics had the typical political circus shit show, with #breastcancerawareness in the top five.

I tapped on the hashtag, and found no humans. It was one bot after another. And another. I kept scrolling to see if I could locate some sort of human idiosyncrasy, and there were none to be found. The bots were from various medical resources and organizations, from hospital giving out words of encouragement, to organizations pleading for donations in empathetic fashion. These bot accounts exist to remind the afflicted community why they’re the best cancer beaters in the country, with products and services that’s sure to get your mind and body out of that funk. Plenty of pukey pink were to be found, as if the color choice expounded their message even further. It is so infuriating, because these messages of aversion don’t stop there.

The cancer industry is a big money maker. That is a fact. With deplorable cancer survival rates since the 1950’s, I often wonder why medical professionals, even nurses, enter the field of oncology in the first place.

Because there’s major Benjamins in that as well. A simple search using the keywords oncology nurse salaries will give you a pretty good idea what these people make. Let’s just say they are living out their version of the American dream.

I get the impression that the way cancer treatment centers advertise, it’s almost as if there’s shoe sale, or there’s a giveaway, or an exclusive sale at Best Buy. Why are these treatment centers so aggressive with their marketing strategies? If only they were as aggressive in fighting the disease, then such persistent campaigns would never be needed.

Again, there’s too much money at stake.

Metastatic cancer patients are alone in the fight for better and humane treatment. People can scream, that’s not true! all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. For metastatic breast cancer alone, about 40,000 people a day die from this disease.

For lung cancer, I would venture to guess that number to be higher.

But who really cares, right? They brought that on by themselves, with their nasty smoking habits. What about the people that never smoked? What about the folks that led good, clean lives? What about the folks who routinely used Roundup as part of their garden maintenance? Should they be punished too, and give the green light for society to look the other way? Also, metastatic cancer is still metastatic cancer, no matter where it starts. Why are we dividing metastasis in biological groups? This makes absolutely no sense to me, but this is the kind of dialogue that we need this very second. People’s lives are at stake, yet the oncology industry and “non profit” organizations alike believe it can make it all better with ribbons. To them, I say: fuck you.

Recently there have been interviews that are slowly changing the way the masses think about cancer, specifically, metastatic cancer. I like that the mainstream dialogue is starting to come to surface, but given how aggressive the disease is, the masses have to retaliate with equal, if not greater, force and determination. My heart continues to be sullen over what could have been if such strategies were in effect, say, ten years ago. Just think how loved ones could be living today to celebrate family milestones and achievements if only new treatment was available then like they are now.

I am sending a signal to younger generations: fight the good fight. Not every cancer patient wants to be adorned and celebrated in pukey pink. Speak up for those who cannot, and shun the money mongrels looking to make a profit off of someone elses’ disparities. After all, this group of cretins are one the ones disabling the ability for humanity to evolve. They are defiled creatures hiding under the guise of sincerity and concern. In truth, they are adversaries to the metastatic cancer community. When money is at the forefront, it prevents further advancement of humanity for the greater good, and we, as the human race, have ultimately failed.

Ask questions. When it comes to fundraisers, start by asking how the donated funds will be allocated, and how much of that goes to research. Additionally, please refer to this post for further queries (it is stemmed from an older post from 2009 that shares my exact sentiments). It is imperative that society takes a stand and place such organizations under intense scrutiny.

The more pressure placed on anything having to do with fundraisers and oncology, the more likely we will see improved rates of survival. Ribbons haven’t done shit, but our voices can.

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It’s Time For Your Brain Be “in the right place,” As Well.

The heart of autumn is nearly approaching; the various shades of amber and orange greet upon us like an old friend. But among the welcoming hues, there’s an intrusive color waiting in the wings; ready to take advantage of goodwill intentions. I’m referring to the cornucopia of pink; the color that serves as the paradigm of avarice in the metastatic cancer community.

It is the month of “pinkwashing” ie the support of pink products that go to cancer research, supposedly.

Over the last 25 years, people have been akin to support afflicted loved ones by buying pink, vomit-inducing products. They do this with good intentions, or so they say, and a glimmer of hope that a penny from their transaction will go towards research.

There is an embedded video I encourage everyone to watch. Although it is specifically about breast cancer, metastatic cancer is still metastatic cancer, no matter where it starts.

No other illness is as unpredictable as metastatic disease. No other illness has death knocking on your door every fucking day.

Why has society remained so nonchalant about metastatic cancer? Society routinely provides those afflicted with “good hearted intentions,” or because their “heart’s in the right place.”

Their heart may be in the right place, but their brain is not. Twenty-five years of deceptive marketing have shielded people’s eyes from the harsh reality: a metastatic diagnosis means you will die. No amount of “warm fuzzies” will ever alleviate from this truth. Ergo, doing things from the heart is illogical. It’s time we do things because it makes sense.

Please take the time to watch this video. METAvivor is a non-profit organization that exclusively focuses on research for better treatments, not a cure. 100% donations are directly allocated for research. It’s comprised of some members who are oncologists, who have a genuine interest in the well being of the afflicted. So far, they’ve done great work. Though I despise the “research” catchphrase, I believe this is an organization that is well ahead of their game simply by educating.

After all, removing 25 years worth of brainwashing by the Komen industry cannot be done overnight.

(Note: I’m not getting compensated for this endorsement, so don’t get it twisted. Sometimes I endorse things because I simply want to.)

The Lost Book of Judilithians™️

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This verse is not in the Bible. But it ought to be an addendum.

At my former job, I became acquainted with a co-worker whose main mission was to satisfy and fulfill the word of the Gospel as much as she could. She once told me, “God comes first, and my husband second.” She sensed by the look of skepticism on my face that I was in disbelief. At that time, I was. How could anyone put the needs of an invisible being ahead of one that is in pure flesh and blood, provides for you, and gives up half of his DNA to create another human to nurture and cherish, and secure your immortality at the same time?

A week later, she kills a spider. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t give it last rights, and never sought for forgiveness after committing a cardinal sin.  I inquired, “aren’t spiders considered to be creatures of God?” She adamantly replied no and went about her business. From that moment on, I knew she was not the woman of God she claims to be. If she were, she would have let the spider be, and perhaps find a cup, trap it, go outside and free it, so it can remain to live out its days under the clouds, and enjoy the buffet of other insects. If she were trapped in a scenario where she had to choose between the spider and her husband, I highly doubt she would put the priorities of an arachnid over a human who she confirmed as her equal by marriage. I was saddened to learn her words did not meet her actions. Hypocrisy.

This mixed way of messaging is a small sampling why young people have a hard time connecting with Him, and the church. Young people are making a statement by not going to church: the church is full of hypocrisy, provided by both pastors and its parishioners, and their arrogance blinds them from this catastrophic truth. Their priorities remain on a monetary terrain, with a heavy focus on all things dollar, starting with collection plates. Note to all you priests and pastors with misguided intentions: your guilt trips will not work on me, and it won’t work on anyone that can see right through your greedy punk ass. The young people are revolting against the church because of the church’s embarrassing attempts to “connect” while the hypocrisy swarms among us.

We have been told repeatedly throughout our existence that God is everywhere. That is because He is everywhere, taking on whatever form we are most likely able to make a connection. Trees, bugs, fish, and other species, all considered to be creatures of God. Why would anyone wish to harm them? What did they do? Simply exist? Is there a bible verse that implies humans are superior and all other creatures be damned and killed? That’s no Bible I’d be interested in reading.

The humans who claim to live by the word of God would be the first to throw you a bible verse as a way of confirming their righteousness. And arrogance. I bet if you ask them to plant a tree, they’ll come up with a laughable excuse why they cannot participate to give back or maintain and care for the gifts that have been given us.

Years ago, I made an attempt to appease such divine entity by going to a church service. I went out of my way by getting up at a decent hour, dressed properly, consumed caffeine to initiate a cordial persona, and planned to maintain the mood all throughout the service. We attended the neighborhood church on a Spring Sunday morning. By the time the priest arrived, he graced all with his presence, with pompous flair, and glanced his way in my direction. He didn’t appear very warm, welcoming, or receptive. The devil in disguise, I tbought. He began his sermon with a stern, dubious tone, to strongly suggest that the parishioners remain another 20 minutes to listen to a sales pitch of the church’s upcoming events. My cordial persona soon started to disintegrate. I took a deep breath and focused on the readings. All was fine until we had to shake hands to establish the sign of peace.

Yes. I am one of those people. And I have a damn good reason to be. I hate touching people and I hate them touching me.

After the exchanges of peace, I immediately resorted to the bathroom to wash my hands. I refuse to be privy to the diseases of others. And by “diseases,” I mean the common cold.

Side note: The masses haven’t learned what effects they have to others with suppressed immune systems, thinking that something like a common cold is “no big deal.” Well, it is a big deal, and until people learn to wear masks and/or stay home until the disease subsides, I will continue to be…..”insulting” to others.

The actual sermon lasted for another half hour. I did not stay for the sales pitch. Suffice to say, that church’s version of God was of no interest to me. I never did make another appearance at that church; I sensed nothing receptive about it, albeit the monetary contributions were welcoming in any form.

I left the service feeling more conflicted, because the hypocrisy is heightened in these type of establishments. There was too much judgey side-eye for my taste, even from the priest himself. Since then, I have taken my visits elsewhere on Sunday mornings, on my couch, in the comfort of my own home. There is a church service that is an exemplary template of what services should be like: a couple of readings, some bible study, the Lord’s Prayer, prayers for those in need, and done. No 20-minute sales pitches were required or necessary.

People are quick throw Bible verses as fast as a baseball pitcher throws the ball to the hitter. However, the intended message will end up being a strike most of the time, especially if the actions don’t match the words of which one speaks.

It is time for the people to find their own journey without the intrusion of others whose intentions remain unknown. Noise. Eliminate the noise, because lord knows there’s enough of it in all facets.

Praise Him in your own way. Be charitable in your own way. Walk in his footsteps your own way. Let the church figure out their own mess. Only fools harangue the prose of emptiness to gain the power of disdain. (From Judilithians, my own spiritual reference that I will use on a continuum until humanity gets their shit together).

And for God’s sake…..don’t kill spiders. It would help your street cred.

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The Research Ruse

As long as we are living in the age of changing rhetoric and misconceptions, there is one rhetoric that is undoubtedly overused: find a “cure” for cancer. The word, “research” also makes my skin crawl.

In a blog post I wrote months ago, I wrote in detail about my disdain for charities and organizations that uses the “find a cure” narrative to fulfill their agendas of greed. Let’s just say that I am exhausted, literally and physically, in hearing the same bullshit like a broken record. After awhile, that broken record turns into a compact disc that gets stuck on that annoying sound:


There are a large population of humans that take their physical mobility for granted. They can freely participate in social activities, tolerate long commutes, and spend quality time with family members, even if it means the haul of a long flight or behind the wheel. They can attend church and engage in social activities while spreading the word of the Gospel at the same time. If you happen to be one of those people, please consider how truly blessed you really are, because you are living life freely without the exhausted agony of living with pain. That, in itself, is a happy life. Anything beyond that is an added bonus. The people who complain about their life, but still have their physical health, well….you’re an asshole, and you will never receive any sympathy from the likes of people like me. Also, these people blessed with good health will not truly see the anomalies of the medical industry and non-profit organizations. Donations keep coming with no question from the masses. All for research. MY ASS.

All the while, I’m lead to believe that some humans also blindly believe in the bullshit the non-profit organizations and the media keep dishing out about finding a cure for cancer. There IS NO SUCH THING. If I could, I would roam the busiest urban intersections with a big sign that says just that. Since I am in no position to do that, this blog is all I have, while educating my closest family members and hope they transcend my teachings to younger generations, and to put pressure on the medical industry on the urgency of better treatments.

I simply cannot support anything with heavy public relations initiatives. In light of #StandUpToCancer that aired recently on every fucking channel, I see it as nothing more than a golden public relations opportunity for those celebrities desperate to remain in the spotlight, hiding behind false premises that a cure will be found…..but you must donate more! They’ve even made it convienant that you can donate by text! /sarcasm.

Meanwhile, there are truly disheartening tweets memorializing loved ones who have demised. I can’t help but think had immunotherapy been around ten years earlier, perhaps more people would be saved, and those kind of tweets would never come to surface.

As a matter of fact, why did it take over 50 years to find a new course of treatment for metastatic cancer patients? Does that mean it will be another 50 years before there’s any more progress with treatment?

Why is society so easily persuaded to donate to false promises, while watching their afflicted loved ones wither away into the silent darkness?

How much longer do these cancer initiatives hide behind the “research” rhetoric before any more loved ones perish?

I responded to a Facebook post awhile back with regard to a local news anchor attending a cancer fundraiser. I *trolled her page by questioning her motives and giving her the facts about the cancer death rate. Her response was a bit defensive, and insisting that her participation was exclusive to helping to raise funds for new research.

There’s that dreaded word again: research.

More fucking delays.

Why is it that we have incredible minds creating incredible technology to ease the workload of turning off lights, changing television channels, and read bedtime stories to children? Yet, the medical industry hasn’t been able to catch up, and cancer patients are still bound by antiquated methods of treatment that proven time and time again of deplorable survival rates?

We need empathetic souls to put pressure on the medical industry, and campaign for humane treatments instead of finding a “cure.” We need someone to stand up to cancer by insisting that burning and poison infusion will never treat cancer, and put a ban on oncologists taking kickbacks for the poison they are injecting patients with. I still have a little bit of hope in humanity that this can be accomplished, and I have hope that cancer patients will no longer be privy to such torture on the way to their demise.

* trolling: this is just a guess, as the definition seems to change daily. For now, when you openly question someone in digital space, you are considered a troll. I’m the biggest troll you will ever meet. When it comes to the fight for others who can’t help themselves, ya damn right I will troll until the end of my days.

It Won’t Kill You to Plant a Tree

I planted this gorgeous Crabapple tree a few years ago, with daffodils as adoring roomies.

Hello, September.

Fall is upon us. The kids are back in school. The neighbors are in full swing making plans for the holiday decor, brushing off leaf blowers, and making any necessary adjustments in preparation for colder weather. But first, there will be corn stalks and pumpkins lining their doorway, with perhaps some anticipation for Halloween as you might see purple and orange lights.

The trees signal us as they enter a colorful stasis, and plan for the following year. There’s a lot to be done; what bugs and other pests will they need to fend off, and whether they’re still healthy enough without the intrusion of city tree workers wanting to end the tree’s life prematurely. Whenever I witness the tree folk cutting down trees, more often than not, their motives are associated with inconvenience and money, not for the health of the tree.

A few years ago, a neighbor did exactly that. When the family moved in, their first task was to cut down a gorgeous River birch, 20-feet in height, that had been there since the house was built. I used to sit on the deck and stare at this tree for a long time. It was the go-to tree, the conference table of the neighborhood, if you will, for all the resident songbirds and beyond. I used to glance every once in a while, and witness the cardinals and goldfinches fly in and out of this tree, while singing their tunes, and that would be their home forever. Until…..

I came home from work one evening, went to relax on the deck, and it was the first thing I noticed: the tree was gone. It was as if a superior force came by and swooshed it away. But why? I had to find out, so I sent my husband on an investigative mission.

A week after the void, I finally received disturbing news. The new neighbor didn’t cut the tree for health reasons, he cut it for space. (I want my grandkids to have an open space to play in, he says.).

“Wait,” I said to my husband , “did you say…..grandkids?”

” Yes. And they like to entertain. ”

Appalled by this horrible display of arbor discrimination, I vowed to pay back Mother Nature, and to keep my distance from the murderous neighbor, though he lived right next door. I believe nature provides us with what we put into it. The Lord taketh, I put backeth.

The tree removal represented many different things. The thing that hit me the most were the birds. Granted, there were plenty of other neighboring trees, but the River birch was the one tree birds seem to congregate the most. Destined to bring back their home, I planted a crabapple adjacent to the tree that was removed.

Even though the river birch was in my neighbor’s yard, the close proximity to my yard felt as if someone helped themselves in my yard to remove one of my own trees. I spent many days on the deck eavesdropping on conversations of our winged friends, and watch their flybys to achieve the day’s work. I purposefully designed my yard heavy with the earth’s greenery, to replenish what was lost due to construction of the subdivision. When that neighbor removed his tree, he took away a part of my peace.

There’s nothing peaceful about loud and bratty kids. What’s even more shameful is the teachings that go against God’s creations. The neighbor’s grandkids will grow up believing gifts of the earth hold little to no value, and humans reign supreme.

That neighbor had since moved out. All that tree killing was for nothing. If there’s a bright side to any of this, I won’t be privy to his loud and bratty grandchildren. I hope they learn the ways of giving back through other channels, and that they realize their future is greatly affected by what they do in the present.

Pretty soon it will be ideal weather for tree planting. Celebrate the welcome of Fall by planting a tree. It is imperative that we teach future generations the importance of arbor preservation and care, for trees are responsible of purifying the air. I shudder at the thought that there may be a link between tree removal (due to housing and retail developments) and environmental illnesses ie asthma, and other respiratory ailments. When scientists say that we are slowly ruining our planet, this is what they mean.

Plant a tree, and teach your kids right. Welcome Fall with not a bang, but with a tree. Happy planting.

KYOODLE (fka Twitter)

That’s such a funny word, and it’s so much fun to say aloud.

I can’t help but immediately resort to the idea that Twitter ought to be renamed as exactly that: KYOODLE, the new Twitter, and so appropriately named.

Though its definition is directed at animals, think back to your early bio 101 days: we are animals. And we are animals who have simply lost our way in communicating with others without integrating a righteous and superficial approach.

Given how the social platform went from neighborhood bar to a corporate malicious domain, I see the renaming as transition to its true representation of the social platform of late. The celebribots, and all other categories of bots you can think of, as well as PR folks hired good money to create fake outrage, have overwhelmingly consumed Twitter to make it a cacophonous platform. Nowadays, I hang around Twitter as a spectator. I’ve no interest in doing anyone any favors by tweeting, following, “liking,” and retweeting.

But I sure like a good laugh. I hereby rename Twitter……KYOODLE!

This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

It is what it is.

Oh shut up!

It never is what it is; you have the power to change whatever it is.

This is an overplayed, unimaginative phrase. I want to throw shit at anyone that speaks that horrible tongue. I’ve even come across it in books. Shut up already.

Even my husband has fallen victim to this overplayed phrase. I’ve tried to be nice in the beginning. He says this so much, it’s uttered in every sentence. I have no choice to be bitchy now. I’ll seek out forgiveness later.

People have the power to make the necessary adjustments. There’s no shame in asking for help. I’m not talking about psychologists and the happy pill kind. I’m referring to something more powerful than any happy pill and therapist can ever fulfill. I’m talking about God.

After you’re done rolling your eyes, fathom this: reputables from around the world encourage you to seek help; that there’s no shame in asking for help from outside sources. But they rarely mention a spiritual variety, to seek out higher entities, or just attend church to be closer to God. Behold…..a double standard. As much as you shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek outside help from happy pills, the same ought to applied to those looking for spiritual guidance. Perhaps that’s considered embarrassing because there’s a “stigma” attached: that every God fearing human will throw scripture at you, adhere to the strict rules of the church, and donate 25% of their income to the church so all their wishes will come true.

Sadly, there are crazy people like that, and those people make it worse for the rest of us who prefer to be close with God in other ways. Yes. There are other ways.

If you mention God to a cynic, you’re most likely met with a series of reasons why no such deity exists.

Contrary, if you mention the “force is with us,” it is met with jubilance, and idiosyncrasies of Star Wars fandom. Why do folks go crazy over one thing and not the other, when both hold the same ideals to perfect humanity?

The difference is that one version was written a million years ago. The other more recent, say, the last 40 years.

I believe people would be more accepting of God if He was viewed in a similar fashion. After all, you hardly hear Luke Skywalker throwing around quotes from Yoda in precarious situations. He uses energy, known as the “force.” I perceive God in this fashion. God doesn’t mind it, either, so as long as He is acknowledged.

I came across an interview of George Lucas and he describes the “force” in a similar way. The very foundation that religion is based upon is also how the force was conceptualized. The energy that binds us; the oxygen that emits from all creatures, illuminate the living. What we do with that energy depends on the path we want to take. Luke chose the good and bright side; Vader, not so much.

Erratic anomalies throughout the earth time continuum forces humans to become more self aware. We desperately seek, and demand answers as to why we have to suffer through some horrific scenarios. If it weren’t for these experiences, we would not have the tools to comfort others in their time of need. I refer to it as “life experience” and without it, we cannot comfort others without such wisdom. It’s something I learned the hard way. Not once did I refer to the Bible or attend church regularly throughout the challenging phases of my life.

I don’t get hung up on the fairy tale. I speak to God through the breeze and ripples in the water. I can hear him in the serene tones of music and see him in the vivid hues of a sunset sky. I see the critters of backyard wonderment, and some have ethereal ways of approaching me. I remain calm and gentle, and they reward me by not attacking me in their defense.

America has become balkanized. No amount of happy pills and therapists will return the light that is within us. Stories of persistent controversies in the Catholic Church, televangelists, and people who insist with their interpretation of Bible study make it hard for those looking to restore faith, not just in themselves, but as a country as a whole. We need to get away from the darkness that threatens to penetrate our well being, get away from the confines of churches, and speak to God as you see fit. He doesn’t mind. After all, you are his kid. He will listen to you no matter what.

The Fairytale Misnomer

Two separate issues, John Legend Celebribot. A man of God would never resort to stealing the joy of another. Then again, I suppose that’s what your fandom craves, isn’t it?

John “Legend” is not a man of God. At least, the Twitter version of him remains much to be desired. The celebribots polluting the social media airwaves are heavy with political strife. The use of their cyber celebrity prowess to influence the naive to believe one way and one way only. Their mission seems to invoke the bullying persona to induce some sort of guilt trip for the non-believers; to take away their peace.

I have read many tweets from the celebribots (specifically, A listers of the Hollywood and journalism ilk), and they all embark on the same narrative. Fuck Trump, fuck his voters, and fuck anyone who stands against us.

They all express the same disdain, allow people to hate rather than rely on faith. And love thy neighbor.

Side note: I don’t “love” my neighbors. I don’t even know them, and don’t care to know them. I have very little patience for people who heavily rely on their echo chambers, because one wrong comment can put me in a bad mood in an instant. Neighbors would put me in that position. I will come to know them in my own time when I’m better prepared.

I realize this is a characteristic that needs a lot of work. I’ve been told only God can judge, however my instincts have a pretty impressive accuracy rate. I’d like to think that my instincts are driven by the powers that be, not by a priest or some book written by numerous folk thousands of years ago. Let’s just say the “force” is always with us (follow the blog for future clarification). Unfortunately, the John Legends of the world are too pre-occupied to spread the word of God, i.e. kindness, tolerance, provide for the less fortunate. That is the God I have come to know. That is the current journey I am on, unequivocally.

Imagine: if all the celebribots assuaged their fandom with spiritual wisdom instead of resorting to balkanization, this world would be more at peace and less angry toward one another. Perhaps Twitter would reconfigure back to its younger, glory days of communicating without the intrusive likes” or reply in one’s timeline.

The current status quo balks at the idea of an entity controlling our lives. I used to be one of those people, exhibiting a slight snicker at any mention of a deity. I understand why people are disenfranchised by the means of an organized religion (for more information on this, please refer to the movie, Dogma). But one should never shy away from the very foundation of which religion is based upon. Overall, be a nice person. Practice kindness. Don’t feel obligated to give away your life savings just because some cat eyed priest eyeballed the crap out of you as he entered the church.

Far for me to throw around Bible verses. I detest when people do this, because a) it’s their own interpretation, b) their interpretation is dependent on which version of the Bible they are quoting from.

Come on…..how many versions of the Bible do we really ‘fricken need??!

It’s no wonder many are turned off by religious jargon, or any religious association in general.

I’ll admit I’ve never read the Bible. I’ve heard it’s a pretty nasty piece of work, filled with incest, misogyny, rape, prosecution, just to name a few. Why would I submit myself to that when I can just focus on the good parts. By good parts, I mean the real life things that occur daily: gratitude for my family, pets, and a roof over my head. You’d think that the celebribots would spread the good words of God instead of lecturing the masses how to vote. It seems they want the masses to be angrier. Why? Why are the celebribots trying to steal their joy? Worse, why are they succeeding?

A God exists. I believe this to be true. Jesus walked this earth on a legendary journey. At the very least, there is proof of his existence. Was he truly the only person that rose from the dead (after three days) to float up to the heavens to meet with His pops? I don’t believe that story to be true, but Jesus did exist. That thought alone makes me want to improve for the better. Unfortunately, society is hung up on the fairy tale. Many want to profit (not prophet, don’t get it twisted) from the fairy tale. This is where the atheists have issues (one of many) and I cannot fault them. (See what I did there? Tolerance.)

Speaking of greedy pastors, the likes of Paula White and Joel Osteen doesn’t aspire to spread the word of God without some sort of “threat” to your existence or constant ads to remind you of a world tour, books, and DVD’s. As I tell my husband (who loathes Joel Osteen, with vehemence) I focus on the message.

The message.

The message.

The message.

The message is free. And always will be.

Sadly, the celebribots, televangelists, molestation and other mayhem in the Catholic Church have steered the masses away from the message. The message is being outnumbered by dubious forces sought to destroy. The energy they use to exert destruction can be used to relay messages of kindness and peace.

Forget the Bible’s fairy tale. Forget organized religion. But don’t forget to practice tolerance and kindness. That’s a great place to start.

The Age of Celebribot™️

I’ve tried to add the term, “celebribot,” to the databases of Urban Dictionary, but they insist the need to know who I am. They do not allow VPN-related IP’s (I’m not that much of a tech geek to know the jargon), so they don’t allow users to add new words with hidden IP address. Allow me to say that I understand why the use of a VPN is frowned upon, but I don’t have the time or the energy to fight with the tech geek on the other side I am who I say I am. I use a VPN because, to be frank, it’s none of your fucking business who I am. So, in return I am “punished” with not be able to use their platform.

Oh boo fucking hoo.

So, to commemorate my punishment, I will share my newly invented word that users of social media should incorporate all throughout the social media realm: celebribot.


( suh – leb – ri – bot )


Definition: Celebribots are conjured by the imaginations of the folks in the public relations sector. They are used as a representation of their client in the form of a bot for the purposes of engagement and promotion. Celebribots are typically entertainers and politicians used in all forms of social media articulation.


  • Madonna herself has no time for Twitter. That’s why she hired a PR firm to create a celebribot of her to promote her new album.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t read any of your tweets. He appears as a celebribot by means of a third party who’s responsible for his abhorrent, rage inducing tweets.

Twitter is inundated with celebribots, and it’s truly alarming. I have previously inquired why so many exert precious energy to divert their anger and other unwarranted extrapolations toward a mechanical entity. I’m sure it provides some relief, but I would think that energy would have been better spent elsewhere. As one twitter user pointed out:

letters and posts addressed to a person is intended for the general audience and not the targeted person. That is a long used tactical way of making a point and it is OK

If it’s intended for the general audience, wouldn’t a new tweet do just as well with the applicable hashtags?

She is a closet follower of my blog. I recently discussed the habit of interacting with celebribots. Even “liking” is a form of promotion, and the more you “like” tweets, the more you are doing favors with good intentions. Based on my observations, I have to say there is an alarming rate of people in the US that don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good with every angry tweet directed at the Donald. All the hatred, anger, sadness expressed toward Donald Trump in the social media realm amplifies and improves his public relations initiative. I believe this concept is way beyond human comprehension, which is why the aforementioned user responded rather generically.

I continue to worry over the mental state of our country.

Why Overthinking Is A GOOD Thing

Humans have a long way to go on an evolutionary scale. On the perimeter, we seem to be doing well, enhanced with aesthetically pleasing physiques and facial features. On the inside, we’re still driven by the inner need to self-satisfy by way of power and/or self-gratification. The power to achieve definitive altruism can only be achieved by dismissing such vanities. At every turn, I am reminded that humans have an extraordinarily long way to go to master such attributes. Having said this, to suggest that humans have evolved is nothing but a misnomer.

Let’s start with the government and work out way down.

For as long as I’ve been following politics, I have never heard of a politician that genuinely worked for the people that elected him. Politicians have always been tied to their immediate priority that is their campaign donors and rearrange agendas in accordance to the desire of such donors. These motives are just one example why there will never be a “cease fire” (pun intended ) to the gun debate. Not only is the right to bear arms embedded in the US Constitution, but a NRA lobbyist will always creep their way into the envenomed hearts of long standing government officials. On a local scheme of things, Chicago maintains the paradigm of deception to its residents and their teachings have ascended all the way to federal officials and eventually spiraled. All because of a great need for capital…..and power. Where is the humanity?

It’s public knowledge that technology is working against us, not for us. What started out as an innovative way to keep in touch with family, turned into a data minefield just by harvesting “likes” and reactions. This was never instituted on MySpace, to my knowledge. Even if that was the case with MySpace, it remained as a discreet tactic. As a result, those who migrated to Facebook from MySpace didn’t see the harm in sharing updates and photos. Somehow along the way, users were persuaded to incorporate real information about them, such as their names and (gasp) phone numbers. I cannot entirely fault Facebook for its users willingness to give away such delicate information so easily, nor can I manage any sympathy in the event of a hack or cloned account. I do, however, place blame on Facebook for its deceptive practices with their “like button” implementation. Again, the need to gain power and capital is greatly represented all around the technology realm.

Then came the 2016 election, and the ultimate shock that ensued once Trump was elected. Understandably so. As the months went by, users became angrier and easily acquiesced with their echo chambers. As a result, more posts surfaced to announce strong beliefs of that individual, implying that if you don’t believe what they believe, unfollowing is highly recommended.

These type of announcements transcended to other ideas and beliefs of the individual as well, such as demands for partaking in their milestones and their joys. Their happiness. Their beliefs. But they rarely stop to consider the feelings of their audience, as they’re too self-indulged in their own banalities.

I often wonder what people mean when they say, “it’s okay to be selfish.” Is this sentiment meant with conditional attributes? For example, when I read Facebook updates such as “if pics of my joys bother you so much, please unfollow.” I am besmirched by such requests. Most of the time they are derived from people I hardly know at all, so to endure their insipid inquiries is of no use to me. Ergo, I will happily oblige to such requests. It’s what I consider to be negative energy that heightens my cortisol levels, and my hormones are already fucked up. I don’t need them perpetuated further by people who constantly demand my attention, for their own happiness and self-satisfaction.

Until humanity is advanced enough where we can incorporate all feelings and intellects for the greater good, I can’t be expected to participate just because that’s what society dictates.

Without going into great detail, I will use the sentiment “I feel better” as an example:

“I feel better” is a gateway to receiving unwanted invitations from various sources. There comes an obligation to respond. If you decline the invite even after the “I feel better” admission, there’s an underlying feeling of guilt for having to decline in the first place. Sometimes this offends people and the inner guilt of the invitee begins to go viral. I don’t expect the happy-go-lucky humans to understand this, because they are quick to judge and accuse me of “overthinking.”

Overthinking is a tiresome, unimaginative, and overused response used primarily as a defense mechanism. Here’s the truth: the “overthinkers” are the ones that are not correlated with the common banalities of social events, convention, and don’t get involved with the news of the day. For aforementioned reasons, this unique category of humans allow room for free thinking, and creative license for the mind. It’s no wonder abstract ideas are shunned so often, as they may propose a threat to the humans that live by power, capital, and self-gratification. Yes–how dare I think for myself.

(Sorrynotsorry? Let’s just omit the ridiculous internet vernacular and say I was never sorry in the first place.)

Humans need to focus and perfect true altruism. Until this feat is accomplished, only then can we profess we’ve ascended the evolutionary ladder, and less folk dishing out the “overthinking ” as a defense mechanism. Following celebrities and other notables on social media is not healthy, and neither is following the social political climate. These mediums are not healthy because those are echo chambers. Think for yourself, help the less fortunate, be abstract. Promote peace, not anger and greed.

Aspire to be human.