The Age of Celebribot™️

I’ve tried to add the term, “celebribot,” to the databases of Urban Dictionary, but they insist the need to know who I am. They do not allow VPN-related IP’s (I’m not that much of a tech geek to know the jargon), so they don’t allow users to add new words with hidden IP address. Allow me to say that I understand why the use of a VPN is frowned upon, but I don’t have the time or the energy to fight with the tech geek on the other side I am who I say I am. I use a VPN because, to be frank, it’s none of your fucking business who I am. So, in return I am “punished” with not be able to use their platform.

Oh boo fucking hoo.

So, to commemorate my punishment, I will share my newly invented word that users of social media should incorporate all throughout the social media realm: celebribot.


( suh – leb – ri – bot )


Definition: Celebribots are conjured by the imaginations of the folks in the public relations sector. They are used as a representation of their client in the form of a bot for the purposes of engagement and promotion. Celebribots are typically entertainers and politicians used in all forms of social media articulation.


  • Madonna herself has no time for Twitter. That’s why she hired a PR firm to create a celebribot of her to promote her new album.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t read any of your tweets. He appears as a celebribot by means of a third party who’s responsible for his abhorrent, rage inducing tweets.

Twitter is inundated with celebribots, and it’s truly alarming. I have previously inquired why so many exert precious energy to divert their anger and other unwarranted extrapolations toward a mechanical entity. I’m sure it provides some relief, but I would think that energy would have been better spent elsewhere. As one twitter user pointed out:

letters and posts addressed to a person is intended for the general audience and not the targeted person. That is a long used tactical way of making a point and it is OK

If it’s intended for the general audience, wouldn’t a new tweet do just as well with the applicable hashtags?

She is a closet follower of my blog. I recently discussed the habit of interacting with celebribots. Even “liking” is a form of promotion, and the more you “like” tweets, the more you are doing favors with good intentions. Based on my observations, I have to say there is an alarming rate of people in the US that don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good with every angry tweet directed at the Donald. All the hatred, anger, sadness expressed toward Donald Trump in the social media realm amplifies and improves his public relations initiative. I believe this concept is way beyond human comprehension, which is why the aforementioned user responded rather generically.

I continue to worry over the mental state of our country.

Why Overthinking Is A GOOD Thing

Humans have a long way to go on an evolutionary scale. On the perimeter, we seem to be doing well, enhanced with aesthetically pleasing physiques and facial features. On the inside, we’re still driven by the inner need to self-satisfy by way of power and/or self-gratification. The power to achieve definitive altruism can only be achieved by dismissing such vanities. At every turn, I am reminded that humans have an extraordinarily long way to go to master such attributes. Having said this, to suggest that humans have evolved is nothing but a misnomer.

Let’s start with the government and work out way down.

For as long as I’ve been following politics, I have never heard of a politician that genuinely worked for the people that elected him. Politicians have always been tied to their immediate priority that is their campaign donors and rearrange agendas in accordance to the desire of such donors. These motives are just one example why there will never be a “cease fire” (pun intended ) to the gun debate. Not only is the right to bear arms embedded in the US Constitution, but a NRA lobbyist will always creep their way into the envenomed hearts of long standing government officials. On a local scheme of things, Chicago maintains the paradigm of deception to its residents and their teachings have ascended all the way to federal officials and eventually spiraled. All because of a great need for capital…..and power. Where is the humanity?

It’s public knowledge that technology is working against us, not for us. What started out as an innovative way to keep in touch with family, turned into a data minefield just by harvesting “likes” and reactions. This was never instituted on MySpace, to my knowledge. Even if that was the case with MySpace, it remained as a discreet tactic. As a result, those who migrated to Facebook from MySpace didn’t see the harm in sharing updates and photos. Somehow along the way, users were persuaded to incorporate real information about them, such as their names and (gasp) phone numbers. I cannot entirely fault Facebook for its users willingness to give away such delicate information so easily, nor can I manage any sympathy in the event of a hack or cloned account. I do, however, place blame on Facebook for its deceptive practices with their “like button” implementation. Again, the need to gain power and capital is greatly represented all around the technology realm.

Then came the 2016 election, and the ultimate shock that ensued once Trump was elected. Understandably so. As the months went by, users became angrier and easily acquiesced with their echo chambers. As a result, more posts surfaced to announce strong beliefs of that individual, implying that if you don’t believe what they believe, unfollowing is highly recommended.

These type of announcements transcended to other ideas and beliefs of the individual as well, such as demands for partaking in their milestones and their joys. Their happiness. Their beliefs. But they rarely stop to consider the feelings of their audience, as they’re too self-indulged in their own banalities.

I often wonder what people mean when they say, “it’s okay to be selfish.” Is this sentiment meant with conditional attributes? For example, when I read Facebook updates such as “if pics of my joys bother you so much, please unfollow.” I am besmirched by such requests. Most of the time they are derived from people I hardly know at all, so to endure their insipid inquiries is of no use to me. Ergo, I will happily oblige to such requests. It’s what I consider to be negative energy that heightens my cortisol levels, and my hormones are already fucked up. I don’t need them perpetuated further by people who constantly demand my attention, for their own happiness and self-satisfaction.

Until humanity is advanced enough where we can incorporate all feelings and intellects for the greater good, I can’t be expected to participate just because that’s what society dictates.

Without going into great detail, I will use the sentiment “I feel better” as an example:

“I feel better” is a gateway to receiving unwanted invitations from various sources. There comes an obligation to respond. If you decline the invite even after the “I feel better” admission, there’s an underlying feeling of guilt for having to decline in the first place. Sometimes this offends people and the inner guilt of the invitee begins to go viral. I don’t expect the happy-go-lucky humans to understand this, because they are quick to judge and accuse me of “overthinking.”

Overthinking is a tiresome, unimaginative, and overused response used primarily as a defense mechanism. Here’s the truth: the “overthinkers” are the ones that are not correlated with the common banalities of social events, convention, and don’t get involved with the news of the day. For aforementioned reasons, this unique category of humans allow room for free thinking, and creative license for the mind. It’s no wonder abstract ideas are shunned so often, as they may propose a threat to the humans that live by power, capital, and self-gratification. Yes–how dare I think for myself.

(Sorrynotsorry? Let’s just omit the ridiculous internet vernacular and say I was never sorry in the first place.)

Humans need to focus and perfect true altruism. Until this feat is accomplished, only then can we profess we’ve ascended the evolutionary ladder, and less folk dishing out the “overthinking ” as a defense mechanism. Following celebrities and other notables on social media is not healthy, and neither is following the social political climate. These mediums are not healthy because those are echo chambers. Think for yourself, help the less fortunate, be abstract. Promote peace, not anger and greed.

Aspire to be human.

Modern Day Advertising Favors Cruelty To Animals

That is how I feel. I am abhorred what advertising has become.

On WGN TV (Chicago), I’ve recently learned of a horrifying tv ad that is now running every hour. It’s running on many stations, but WGN is the only local station I watch. The ad features McDonald’s and horrifying imagery of tortured chickens. Since I’ve seen the ad only once in its entirety, I fail to provide any more detail. But that’s all you really need to know anyway. If you watch television at any time of the day, there’s a surefire chance you’ve seen it.

The last time I tuned in to WGN was to watch the Cubs game. This ad ran four times throughout the duration of the game. What the fuck???

Many years ago I was employed with a local newspaper in the display advertising department. Our clientele was diverse from non-profit organizations to national accounts. The advertising executives worked according to quotas, and these quotas must be met regularly. However, there have been the occasional ad that gets turned down due to its content. The paper was privately owned by the same family for three generations. Ergo, they instill conservative attributes that assures the reader to feel right at home and not be assaulted with extremist’s views. It was a printed version of a family atmosphere.

The owners protected the reputation of the newspaper in that it is considered a family newspaper. Since advertising is the driving force for its revenue, ad executives had to be careful not to allow any ads considered too offensive in any way. During my time, I recall a number of ads turned away due to its questionable nature.

That was then. Today, advertising executives lack the morals and decency to even think of their audience. I bet if they had young children of their own, they wouldn’t think of introducing them to such imagery. I bet they wouldn’t approve if I told them to “change the channel if you don’t like it.”

I do not know what non-profit is running this ad. Whoever they are, I am lead to believe they are more interested in exploiting animal cruelty for monetary purposes than actually saving the lives of animals. I am curious to know the exact number of animals lives saved vs. the programs they insist is needed to continue their “mission.” Until I am certain of this information, I will not succumb to any guilt-inducing ploys that come my way.

Meanwhile, the modern day ad executives proclaim their allegiance to pure greed. They are obsessed with capital. It’s obvious. After all, the entire purpose of advertising is to get people talking. But I don’t believe they’re talking in a good way. Rather, the audience is pissed off, and the ad becomes counterproductive. The Unhappy Meal ad is counterproductive. As far as ad execs are concerned, they wipe their hands clean and boast that their job is done. Perhaps. But I predict that one day, the public will become so outraged over the graphic nature of such ads, they will eventually figure out the very core of the ad agency’s intent: the greedy attributes of the modern day ad executives, and that their paychecks are nicely padded. National ad sales is more expensive than local, and there’s someone out there, feet on the desk, basking in the artificial light of their urban office while reaping the benefits of mutilated chickens.

Advertisers will have to figure out a better way to produce better content without resorting to horrifying and desperate measures. If they don’t, the greed will backfire and result to low viewership (or readership, whichever applicable). Pissing off your audience isn’t a reassuring way to keep the company afloat.

Animal cruelty is not to be taken lightly. But the constant graphic imagery all hours of the day isn’t good either. The audience should be encouraged, not scared. We should be enlightened, not horrified. We need heart, not hate.

To conclude, the aforementioned ad is running on many stations. One of the stations, WGN TV, has been running it for about a month, 2-3 times every hour. Annoy the crap out of them and voice your concern. DO NOT FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM. Contact forms are too easy to “get lost” or too easy to claim they were “never received.” Bullshit.

Modern day advertising has become malicious in recent years. If the public ignores it, we’ll see an increase in horrifying images in advertising and these vexatious intentions of ad executives will get out of control.

By the way….. I realize I’m just a tiny blog with under 50 followers. But all it takes is one voice……ONE….that can be just as powerful as 1,000 voices. Just something to consider.


The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

I have witnessed much discussion about the art of meditation, and whether it truly works. After engaging commercial versions of meditation, I have discovered that I’m not well off more than I was an hour prior to initiating the process. I’ve often wondered why that is the case. Am I not focused enough? Are the sandy beaches I’ve envisioned not sandy enough? Are there too many dead fish? Are the skies the wrong shade of blue? Is there a tsunami coming my way and no one warned me?

Interestingly, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one that cannot achieve basic Buddhist principles when it comes to meditation. A shady fuckducker in the last 20 years decided that sitting still and think really hard about pleasantries was a good and manipulative way to make money. More and more people rise up from the crowd and proclaim themselves as “certified life coaches” that help you locate and maintain your inner peace. When you are unable to locate your inner peace after wasting precious time on reading the works of “life coaches” or watching videos of disingenuous nature, you’re no better off than where you started.

For some, sitting perfectly still while thinking about sunshine and kittens is satisfactory. This method allows the brain to activate the “cute kitten sequence” whenever bad juju comes their way. Buddhist monks live their entire life in meditation, ergo, the process is already implemented in them. And for those who have truly achieved this style, I salute you. However, for others, this method simply doesn’t work. Are we in the lazy category? Not thinking hard enough? The meditation and yoga experts will lead you to believe their program works. If you’ve fallen for that, then you’ve already failed.

The primary goal of meditation is to find and maintain inner peace. In America, we have bastardized this art so much that it’s more about money than your quality of life. For example, how many different type of yoga mats do we really need? And you can’t get a mat without getting the matching and adorable bag. And why not…..let’s eagle (pun intended) our way over to Lululemon to purchase the latest yoga pant so you can be the envy of your class (that is, if you attend a class. You certainly don’t buy new clothes to wear at home, do you?). Meditation is a big money maker, no doubt.

America seems to be stuck in an infinite loop of debate when it comes to meditation. Most discussions link to a dire need in adopting the basic Buddhist fundamentals, then cry foul when it just doesn’t pan out. Perhaps it’s time I put an end to the debate by telling you how to truly find the inner peace you crave.

There is no answer.

There’s no answer because the process is as unique as the individual. You must approach the process as you would with diets: you, and only you, must find out which method works best.

And stick to the plan. That helps.

My meditative process:

  • I ignore local and national news. I do not tune in to CNN or any other cable news channel. I do not watch the local news since so much of it is scripted and afflicted with advertising (every segment is sponsored by somebody….have you noticed?)
  • I DVR everything, except local sporting events. That way, I’m not assaulted with pseudo manipulative tv ads.
  • I save discussions of more sensitive topics for my husband. He and I are opposites in political parties. No doubt we have our differences, but I also know he will not resort to name calling if I think different. I know he will not bully me in any capacity. I cannot say the same for random strangers and acquaintances on social media. America is on high alert and too divisive. Initiating a topic of sensitive matters is too risky. It’s unnecessary stress.
  • I read, but awfully picky with the selections. I seem to be coming across a lot of books that deal with the downside of real life. I don’t want to deal with real life. I want to escape. I want to meditate.
  • I watch television sitcoms and movies that I love. I don’t watch something just because it’s “on.”
  • I pray. I talk to God, and give thanks. I ask for His mercy and strength. Sometimes I eat chocolate during my discussions. He doesn’t mind.

(Don’t roll your eyes over what I just typed. Believe in weeds for all I care, so as long as you believe in something).

  • And obviously, I write, and I maintain this blog. I’ve no idea how many followers I have because I don’t care. I write for me. All are welcome to enjoy the ride. But infatuation with follower count defeats the purpose. It’s what I refer to as “unnecessary stress.”

This is only a sampling of my meditative process. At the end of the day I find myself less angry with the outside world. I’m in a better place now than I was a year ago. I may not have to best in material things, as I feel so enriched with the simple pleasures of serenity already.

My routine won’t work for all, nor am I suggesting it. But it makes me happy, and it’s therapeutic. Isn’t that the whole point of meditating?

To summarize: there is no answer how to meditate, except to say you have to find what brings you the most joy.

Even if that means watching Star Trek for hours on end. Live long and meditate.

More Shame and Ridicule About Your Fake Following

I try not to interact with any person of high social status and/or profile because I’m fully aware I’m engaging with machines. If it’s a topic that’s simply too enticing to resist, I speak in a general sense, as if I’m directing my response to preceded comments, not the original poster.

I am convinced that folks who respond to the Donald Trump’s ravenous tweets are either bots themselves, or really have no clue about who actually handles that account. Yes, I laugh historically at the many well composed, cleverly crafted insults directed at the President. Do they think the President actually reads them? Or are they publicly announcing their dismay for further self gratification from the masses?

I have bad news: Donald Trump doesn’t operate his own Twitter account. Neither does any other politician. Neither do celebrities. And athletes. And music people. And YouTube stars. And influencers. Oh shit. The entire internet is fake!

I encountered this piece about the fake follower pandemic. Very comprehensive, and I strongly recommend you read it before you get all pissy over a bot’s evil tweet. And again, I stress: for those of you that have fake followers, think about what that really says about you as a person?

In Loving Memory of George Carlin

I’ve been commemorating his wisdom all day. I never considered him as a comedian. I considered him as a philosopher.

Entertainers of today don’t even come close to his genius. They’re either too chicken or too busy cashing in on the Trumphate bandwagon.

You’re either an asshole or you’re just plain mean. It used to bug me when people thought I was being “mean.” Then one day, I realized the “mean” argument was nothing more than a defense mechanism. After all, it’s easier to wear rose-tinted glasses than grapple with the harsh reality why you’re the bigger asshole than I’ll ever be.

Dare I Say It: Happy Father’s Day!

If it was up to the #metoo broads, they would work hard to eradicate Father’s Day from the calendar faster than you can say “papa.” These broads are dead set that the brainless and despicable sperm donors outnumber the fathers who genuinely bust their ass everyday to provide for their families. I say there is noshame in dedicating ONE DAY to commemorate these men, and let karma take care of the brainless sperm donors.

These are the men who would take a bullet if it meant their families are safe. These bullet-taking men deserve praise. They are out there, and I personally know a few. But don’t take my word for it.

This category of bullet-taking patriarchs exist. They bust their ass in the workforce. For example, the men who serve and protect, first responders, and teachers, most likely experienced a shit day at its peak. At the end of the workday, they help their lady with dinner, cleanup, and assist with the kids. They work hard to provide; to assist with the bills; make sure there’s food on the table; help with homework. They are adamant about sharing the parenting responsibilities because they love their family.

These patriarchs exist; don’t cast them aside and deem them irrelevant. That would be mighty shitty. Speaking of shitty, I read a tweet that flipped Father’s Day and made it about moms. This broad evidently forgot moms already have Mother’s Day, ON TOP OF women’s month (March I think); birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and wedding anniversaries, and the entire MeToo movement. Let’s give men one fucking day.

Let’s give single fathers praise as well. A LOT OF PRAISE. My father was trying to raise a bratty teenager after loading and unloading trucks all day. He tolerated pompous antics from my uncle, who was his boss. He would stop at a bar for a quick drink to calm his nerves. He was still grappling with the loss of his wife after 40 years of marriage.

My father didn’t make a lot of money, and he had health issues. But he still made time to make sure I was fed, and made me laugh. My father had the best sense of humor. And he had help from no one.

I raise my glass to the the bullet taking patriarchs. While you may feel the entire female population is against you, you have at least one ally.

Enjoy that beer. Happy Father’s Day!

How To Be Human, Find Peace, and Stay Alive

I am a fan of Saturday mornings, the kind where you’re greeted with rays of warmth and sunshine, to the tune of songbirds that imbue the morning sky. The discreet smell of the lilac bushes is my caffeine before the caffeine. My trajectory includes the bathroom that goes direct to the coffeemaker, where actual caffeine picks up where the sweet smell of lilac bushes left off. My mornings are hard enough as it is, so these are not pleasantries I take for granted.
I don’t know why, but I have this ugly habit of turning on the TV and go straight to the local news. This is where my peace ends, as I seemed to be stuck in a loop of stories that contain shootings, murders, and political corruption. These stories went on for 15 minutes, given by attractive female reporters in tight-fitting, sleeveless dresses. That ought to propel the #MeToo movement to new heights.

I finally gave up and switched to Bill Nye the Science Guy, hoping to reclaim my state of consciousness of tranquil megacosm. Unfortunately, TV stations that carry retro shows like this contain doleful, depressing, dispirited TV ads that are constant reminders of your mortality, exploitation of animal cruelty and drug addiction, and show old people falling in their bathtub. Switch the channel and you’re back the to the news of doom and gloom, and a TV ad shows up starring Big Pharma. There, you’re greeted with piano music of sadness, with a voiceover that reflects the same and cardboard cutouts of sad faces are with you at every turn. Hints of happiness coincide with the suggestion of taking their medication and idyllic melodies begin to flourish. These commercials are the inventions of advertising executives who bring brainwashing to a whole other level. Advertising firms make well damn sure to dwell deep into your soul and remind you that your life sucks more than you realize.

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I’m From Chicago, But I’m Really Not.

Don’t you hate it when people say they are from Chicago, but actually live in a very affluent and white suburb of Chicago?

Yeah. It doesn’t bother me, either. Get the fuck over it, crybabies.

It’s a mass illusion created by cityfolk that when anyone says they’re from Chicago, but they’re really from Naperville, they must live in a 5-bedroom, 3-bath single family home with a Lexus and 3 kids who are all honor roll students. I’ll be the first to admit I wish I had that lifestyle…..minus the kids, because…..fuck that.

I struggle to find any reason why these special set of humans would take such huge offense. You’d think you’ve violated them in such a way that they can never regain their dignity. Or that you’ve robbed their house; kidnapped their kid; you’ve afflicted them with ball cancer; put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog.

There are many theories why these special humans take such great offense. Such as:

The internet. People never used to be so persnickety about your geographical location until social media. Some disgruntled teenager got his heart broken by a girl living in Winnetka and felt great need to proclaim to the world that there are a bunch of fucking liars living among us, and is taking his hometown of Chicago down with the rich girl. He takes to the computer and generates a meme. The meme is a map of Illinois with bright red arrows pointing to Chicago (I know you’ve all seen it, but I’m not wasting precious time and resources to locate the meme just to post it here.)

It’s a war of economic class. I might as well not pussyfoot around this theory. And really, it’s not a theory. The reason Sox fans loathe Cubs fans so much is not because of the teams themselves, but somewhere along the way a disgruntled fan (or the media) implied that the north side was wealthier than the south side of Chicago, and with wealth comes snootiness. The south side, known for hardcore blue collar workers (never mind the shootings, gangs, et al., I will leave that for you to discern.) frown upon those living in the north side based on this premise. To say you’re from Chicago when you’re actually not falls under the same category.

It’s a war of political class: I might as well not pussyfoot around this either. Since the dawn of man, Chicago screamed blue while the rest of the state is red. To say you’re from Chicago when you’re actually is an insult to Chicago’s Democrat citizens: you don’t pay Chicago taxes, ergo, you’re not poor like them, and you put ketchup on your hot dogs. You wanna be them, but at the end of the day you go home in South Barrington and kick your feet up in front of the cozy fireplace. Not cool dude. You are a hypocrite. And city folk don’t like hypocrites! (Even they vote hypocrites in office. Repeatedly. Again, I will leave it to you to discern.)

Still, don’t let these theories discourage you from saying you’re from Chicago when you’re actually not. Here’s how:

If you were born and raised in Chicago: you should get a free pass. You’ve gone through the motions of living the city life; attended Chicago public schools; paid Chicago taxes; experienced diversity in all its finest (the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly). And…..you spent your formative years living under the mayorship of Richard M. Daley. Fuck you, motherfuckers. I’M FROM CHICAGO.

Nobody living in St. Lucia has ever heard of Champaign: Many years ago, my husband and I stayed at a resort in St. Lucia. There were people from all over the world. We encountered one couple, with broken English, asked where we were from, and we replied, “Chicago.”

“Oh! Chicago! Boom, boom!”

The couple was not alluding to Chicago being the murder and gun capital of the world. They said that with regard to Al Capone. Even to this day, Capone has left a passionate and endearing impression on my city. Can you say the same about Champaign, Illinois?

There’s absolutely no reason to be that specific about where you live in casual conversation. No reason whatsoever. It’s none of your business. Period.

Don’t let the crybabies ruin your fun. As I sit here gazing at the waterglobe of the Chicago skyline, I will think of you. As the glitter cascade over the Sears Tower, I will now think of them as teardrops of betrayel. And that makes me happy.

I’M FROM CHICAGO BITCHES……but I’m really not. 🙂


I’m Here to Add to the Internet Noise™

I don’t get caught up in internet noise. Indeed, internet noise™ is a real thing. That is because I just made it up, and anything made up on the internet is the real deal.

Internet noise is basically everything ever said on the internet, and 90% of it contain people talking about themselves. You can thank social media for the noise pollution. That is why you shouldn’t label the folks begging for peace, because peace is a commodity that is becoming hard to find.

I thought I found a bit of tranquility when I encountered a blog post that talked about God. I love to read about God, but the post went on and on and on and on and on….

…..and on

…..and on

….and on

….and on.

What’s worse, the blog post was personally about its author, and their own personal relationship with God. The post was at least 1000 words in and still hasn’t gotten to the point. I gave up. No star. No “like.” Nothing. I. Just. Cannot.

I’m not going to apologize in admitting I wasn’t interested in what the author had to say. Reading about the lives of other people, especially strangers, don’t interest me. On a religious level, everyone interprets and connects to God differently. I can write over 1000 words about how God speaks to me through the trees, but if you connect with Him via a slice of toast, we won’t jive on a reading level.

My blog is very sporadic. I love to write, but I don’t write about myself. That’s narcissistic. I try to find topics relating to current events and expound on them. Everyone can relate to current events in some capacity, so when the mood strikes, I write. I’m not selfish. But I do have an inkling to save the internet environment.

My point: there’s too many of these me, me, me posts out there. Please stop it. Only your friends find you exciting. I don’t. Stop the littering! Don’t even recycle.