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Hashtag: Fake Outrage

I am currently working on a doozie of a post, which is over 3,000 words of late. It will get further edited (I think) but for now I am exerting most of my writing endurance for the essay. This is an essay that will serve as a backup for a letter I am writing to… Continue reading Hashtag: Fake Outrage

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Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

I remember a time where old, crickety shops adorned the end of strip malls that housed a hundred a more electronic parts, some divided into sections. Some areas were composed of gently used electronics that were for sale, and another area that was exclusively for devices that needed repair. Most of the time, you were… Continue reading Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

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The Fairytale Misnomer

Two separate issues, John Legend Celebribot. A man of God would never resort to stealing the joy of another. Then again, I suppose that's what your fandom craves, isn't it? John "Legend" is not a man of God. At least, the Twitter version of him remains much to be desired. The celebribots polluting the social… Continue reading The Fairytale Misnomer

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The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

I have witnessed much discussion about the art of meditation, and whether it truly works. After engaging commercial versions of meditation, I have discovered that I’m not well off more than I was an hour prior to initiating the process. I’ve often wondered why that is the case. Am I not focused enough? Are the… Continue reading The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

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A Note About Your Fake Followers

The purpose of this post is to let the patrons of fictional posse know that not everyone is smitten with your prose and teachings. Hey you, the one with millions of followers for your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, et al: What percentage of followers are actually human? Of that, how many of them genuinely follow… Continue reading A Note About Your Fake Followers

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To the Silent Types: I Raise My Glass in Honor of You

I have stories that would make the devil cry. I have the kind of stories that are unique in varying degrees, and it spans throughout my entire lifetime. My husband is the only person that knows about my past, specifically my childhood, and those secrets will go with him to the grave. And it’s going… Continue reading To the Silent Types: I Raise My Glass in Honor of You

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Just Another Meme in the Wall

Last week, someone posted a meme of Lebron James on the basketball court wearing a t-shirt that contained a powerful message for the masses. I went to the Facebook page where the meme originated and there were over 1,000 comments. I don’t normally read comments, but in this instance, I was eager to read them… Continue reading Just Another Meme in the Wall