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Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas

In previous years, I was heavily embroiled in all of the commercial intricacies that come with the Christmas. I was always strategizing over the holiday decor, both inside and out; always scrutinizing over every little detail for the perfect holiday gift. There is the shopping and fighting long lines, surrounded by some of the most… Continue reading Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas

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About that God Show…..

Please note: I am undertaking a review for a new tv show that aired a month ago. I feel it's important to note that I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am not a bot, I am not anyone's publicist, and I do not work for CBS. I am favoring this… Continue reading About that God Show…..

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The Lost Book of Judilithians™️

At my former job, I became acquainted with a co-worker whose main mission was to satisfy and fulfill the word of the Gospel as much as she could. She once told me, "God comes first, and my husband second." She sensed by the look of skepticism on my face that I was in disbelief. At… Continue reading The Lost Book of Judilithians™️


This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

It is what it is. Oh shut up! It never is what it is; you have the power to change whatever it is. This is an overplayed, unimaginative phrase. I want to throw shit at anyone that speaks that horrible tongue. I've even come across it in books. Shut up already. Even my husband has… Continue reading This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

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The Fairytale Misnomer

Two separate issues, John Legend Celebribot. A man of God would never resort to stealing the joy of another. Then again, I suppose that's what your fandom craves, isn't it? John "Legend" is not a man of God. At least, the Twitter version of him remains much to be desired. The celebribots polluting the social… Continue reading The Fairytale Misnomer


FICTION: The Trip to the Grocery Store

The following short story is a work of fiction. It is based off a photographic writing prompt submitted by Writer's Digest. I do not know if my story will be selected, but I had fun writing it. Here it is for your reading pleasure. Constructive feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for reading. ************************************** TRIP… Continue reading FICTION: The Trip to the Grocery Store


A Different Kind of Road Rage

This is a work of fiction. This is a short story about the kind of road rage onlookers can't witness. If this is not your thing, please move along. Otherwise, you are welcome to ride along. ********************************************************************* Stella has been in great need to go on an escape. There’s a lot of mush in her… Continue reading A Different Kind of Road Rage