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My Ultimate Fantasy of a Fred Rogers Resurrection

Note: please know I am not being compensated in any way for the following plug. It primarily serves as a topic of discussion and nothing more. Besides, the world could use a lot more of Mister Rogers. A LOT. I am currently reading The Good Neighbor by Maxwell King. The book chronicles the life of… Continue reading My Ultimate Fantasy of a Fred Rogers Resurrection

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Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

I remember a time where old, crickety shops adorned the end of strip malls that housed a hundred a more electronic parts, some divided into sections. Some areas were composed of gently used electronics that were for sale, and another area that was exclusively for devices that needed repair. Most of the time, you were… Continue reading Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

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Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas

In previous years, I was heavily embroiled in all of the commercial intricacies that come with the Christmas. I was always strategizing over the holiday decor, both inside and out; always scrutinizing over every little detail for the perfect holiday gift. There is the shopping and fighting long lines, surrounded by some of the most… Continue reading Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas


The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

Next time someone accuses you of having a bad day, feel free to use the following: There’s absolutely no such thing as someone having a “bad day.” It’s a poor defense mechanism used by people who refuse to see the error of their ways. When you break out of character to give a realistic view… Continue reading The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

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Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

A few nights ago I was asked by a youngin' who she should vote for, and I had no answer for her. I just shook my head in silence. The rah rah camaraderie in America of late is one big giant puke fest, knowing that we still have people in public office that have the… Continue reading Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

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This Is *Not* My “Rock The Vote” Face

Three years ago, I reviewed the day-long playlist of a popular, local music FM station, and Stressed Out was literally every tenth song that was played that entire day. Why does commercial radio insist on beating the shit out of what was once a beautifully crafted song, that has now succumbed to the doom of… Continue reading This Is *Not* My “Rock The Vote” Face


To Those Vain, Pesky Facebook Posts

I don't use Facebook anymore, with the exception of the occasional angsty disapproval of the human race. This week alone, I have encountered three posts in my newsfeed that suggest the removal of oneself if you don't validate their beliefs. You know the ones: To those who aren't voting this election, please remove yourself from… Continue reading To Those Vain, Pesky Facebook Posts

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About that God Show…..

Please note: I am undertaking a review for a new tv show that aired a month ago. I feel it's important to note that I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am not a bot, I am not anyone's publicist, and I do not work for CBS. I am favoring this… Continue reading About that God Show…..


This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

It is what it is. Oh shut up! It never is what it is; you have the power to change whatever it is. This is an overplayed, unimaginative phrase. I want to throw shit at anyone that speaks that horrible tongue. I've even come across it in books. Shut up already. Even my husband has… Continue reading This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

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The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

I have witnessed much discussion about the art of meditation, and whether it truly works. After engaging commercial versions of meditation, I have discovered that I’m not well off more than I was an hour prior to initiating the process. I’ve often wondered why that is the case. Am I not focused enough? Are the… Continue reading The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence