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Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas

In previous years, I was heavily embroiled in all of the commercial intricacies that come with the Christmas. I was always strategizing over the holiday decor, both inside and out; always scrutinizing over every little detail for the perfect holiday gift. There is the shopping and fighting long lines, surrounded by some of the most… Continue reading Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas


Turkeys Before Jerkies™

Indeed, that is a lit turkey in front of my house. I’m certain I am the only person that celebrates gratitude before a hypothetical (yes…..HYPOTHETICAL unless you can locate the exact date of birth in the Bible, and I will retract) and over-commercialized birthday. There is no definitive proof that Jesus was born on December… Continue reading Turkeys Before Jerkies™

Society, Unpopular Opinions

A Lesson on Blood Stains

"Blood is thicker than water. Water can be wiped clean. Blood stains are forever." ~ Me It is remarkably acceptable for the desire to invest available time with your family than co-workers. Come post-business hours, you should be able to go home to your family without being trapped in a sea of badinage. It ought… Continue reading A Lesson on Blood Stains