Facebook, Verizon Flagrant with Age Discrimination

I recently encountered this article from ProPublica. Huge companies have become carelessly obvious about a specific age group they want as employees. I’m glad these companies are shunned in the public eye for engaging in age discrimination, but this information is hardly new. As one tweet pointed out, companies have been age discriminating since the … Continue reading Facebook, Verizon Flagrant with Age Discrimination

The Incompatible Jew (A Personal Essay)

In the spirit of Hanukah, I’d thought I’d share the following giggle: My husband loves to poke fun at people’s instinct to respond with religious affiliations than geographic details. For some reason, this has become prevalent as more people are caught responding with the wrong answer. For example, one might ask: “What nationality are you?” … Continue reading The Incompatible Jew (A Personal Essay)

Must I Teach The Internet Everything?!

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” ~ Abigail Adams This will become yet another one of those persnickety posts of grammar anomalies. As long as humans are unable to distinguish “your” and “you’re,” I will continue my discernment by astronomical degrees. As noted in my opening … Continue reading Must I Teach The Internet Everything?!