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What About Thin Shaming? Embrace Those Lines, Dammit.

There is a major double standard in our society that’s been prominent since the the invasion of the fake ballon-ish gluteous to the maximus. I am referring to society’s obsession for the obvious deformity that is the “big butt” fashioned by many big name entertainers, most notably Nikki Minaj and Kim Karshittian (the latter was… Continue reading What About Thin Shaming? Embrace Those Lines, Dammit.

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Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

I remember a time where old, crickety shops adorned the end of strip malls that housed a hundred a more electronic parts, some divided into sections. Some areas were composed of gently used electronics that were for sale, and another area that was exclusively for devices that needed repair. Most of the time, you were… Continue reading Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

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Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas

In previous years, I was heavily embroiled in all of the commercial intricacies that come with the Christmas. I was always strategizing over the holiday decor, both inside and out; always scrutinizing over every little detail for the perfect holiday gift. There is the shopping and fighting long lines, surrounded by some of the most… Continue reading Why I No Longer Celebrate Society’s Christmas


The Keyboard Cat Resurgence

An essay about humanity today based on my observations. Warning: some discussion about God. Atheists are welcome to stick around. Heh. I have fantasized there would be a momentary break of solitude now that we have passed the voting camaraderie. Alas, the need for tolerance and civility in America remains stagnant. Humans are still exhibiting… Continue reading The Keyboard Cat Resurgence

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The Incompatible Jew (A Personal Essay)

In the spirit of Hanukah, I’d thought I’d share the following giggle: My husband loves to poke fun at people’s instinct to respond with religious affiliations than geographic details. For some reason, this has become prevalent as more people are caught responding with the wrong answer. For example, one might ask: “What nationality are you?”… Continue reading The Incompatible Jew (A Personal Essay)