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Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy

I remember a time where old, crickety shops adorned the end of strip malls that housed a hundred a more electronic parts, some divided into sections. Some areas were composed of gently used electronics that were for sale, and another area that was exclusively for devices that needed repair. Most of the time, you were… Continue reading Sing That Fakey Bot Song, Bot Boy


The Keyboard Cat Resurgence

An essay about humanity today based on my observations. Warning: some discussion about God. Atheists are welcome to stick around. Heh. I have fantasized there would be a momentary break of solitude now that we have passed the voting camaraderie. Alas, the need for tolerance and civility in America remains stagnant. Humans are still exhibiting… Continue reading The Keyboard Cat Resurgence


The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

Next time someone accuses you of having a bad day, feel free to use the following: There’s absolutely no such thing as someone having a “bad day.” It’s a poor defense mechanism used by people who refuse to see the error of their ways. When you break out of character to give a realistic view… Continue reading The “Bad Day” Defense Mechanism

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The Lost Book of Judilithians™️

At my former job, I became acquainted with a co-worker whose main mission was to satisfy and fulfill the word of the Gospel as much as she could. She once told me, "God comes first, and my husband second." She sensed by the look of skepticism on my face that I was in disbelief. At… Continue reading The Lost Book of Judilithians™️

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The Fairytale Misnomer

Two separate issues, John Legend Celebribot. A man of God would never resort to stealing the joy of another. Then again, I suppose that's what your fandom craves, isn't it? John "Legend" is not a man of God. At least, the Twitter version of him remains much to be desired. The celebribots polluting the social… Continue reading The Fairytale Misnomer

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Why Overthinking Is A GOOD Thing

Humans have a long way to go on an evolutionary scale. On the perimeter, we seem to be doing well, enhanced with aesthetically pleasing physiques and facial features. On the inside, we’re still driven by the inner need to self-satisfy by way of power and/or self-gratification. The power to achieve definitive altruism can only be… Continue reading Why Overthinking Is A GOOD Thing

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The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

I have witnessed much discussion about the art of meditation, and whether it truly works. After engaging commercial versions of meditation, I have discovered that I’m not well off more than I was an hour prior to initiating the process. I’ve often wondered why that is the case. Am I not focused enough? Are the… Continue reading The Cute Kitten Launch Sequence

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The Job Search Culture; Yes, Santa Claus Is Real

For many years, I maintained a blog that was designed to document the intricate details of my job search. Having experienced the job search in both the antiquated and the digital realm provided stark differences in recruiting practices. It’s interesting how we have evolved from the good old days of the classified section of the… Continue reading The Job Search Culture; Yes, Santa Claus Is Real