The girl cartoon is made with the Bitmoji app. I do not actually look like that. So you know.


Everything on and is the sole property of the owner, Judie Lynne of this site, and all photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted (like those nonsensical internet memes consisting of horrible typos. And if you are the sole owner of said meme….are you sure you want to take credit for that mess?)

Many of these images do not have a watermark on them. That still does not mean they are yours to steal for commercial use and/or create a fake account with them. These photos are documented for personal use, not commercial. If you feel that you absolutely have to use one of these photos, contact me, and be sure to give me proper credit. Be a good person. Don’t back talk your parents, and most importantly….please learn the difference between “your” and you’re”.

For the short stories:

Copyright © 2017 by Judie Lynne

All short stories are the work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and scenarios is the result of the author’s imagination and used for fictional purposes. Any resemblance to actual people (living or dead), and places is purely coincidental.

Thanks for reading, and have a fabulous day!

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