Candoodle: “Cancer Sex” Sells

Professional sports organizations need to stop hiding behind the “cancer awareness” excuse so they can make lucrative money off ticket sales and team merchandise. I have lost respect for professional sports long before anyone took a controversial and ridicoulsy over-publicized knee to make a statement. I am making a bold statement of my own. A … Continue reading Candoodle: “Cancer Sex” Sells

The “Cure” Misnomer and the Stages of Chemical Warfare

A precise depiction. © 2017 by Judie Lynne If you are of the human race, there is a good chance you’ve been affected by cancer in some way. Whether it is someone you know personally, such as a family member or a dear friend, or perhaps you’ve been a direct target, the disease (especially in its … Continue reading The “Cure” Misnomer and the Stages of Chemical Warfare

There’s No Such Thing As “First Place.”

There are certain words and phrases being used in numerous contexts that has become largely antiquated and conjures false perceptions. In light of recent news with regard to Alex Trebek’s diagnosis, I wish he didn’t use the word “fight” in his brave confession to the public. I understand and respect why such terminology was necessary, … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As “First Place.”