The Chicago Teachers Union Strike is Prime Display of Arrogance & Greed

When you speak truth to power, the opponents reciprocate with cantankerous dialogue. Once they resort to “attack” mode, you can rest assured several buttons were pressed because you’ve struck a nerve. To quote George Takai: “ooooh myyy.”

Oh my indeed. Since the picketing began, a barrage of supporters, teachers, editorials, publicists (prove me wrong), and lawyers, all came out to fiercely defend the position of Chicago Teachers Union. The manner in which they’ve chosen morphed into extreme aggression. On social media alone, supporters of the CTU have resorted to name calling tactics when they run out of “talking points” (otherwise known as “spin”) and that alone would make one scratch their heads and incite for further interrogation. I have had numerous discussions over the last few days with CTU supporters, and in the end, they’ve either blocked me (progress!) or they ended the discussion with CTU spin. But just as they stand their ground, I will aggressively fight back just as hard. My position comes from a genuine place; a genuine state of mind. I don’t even like kids; but I wholeheartedly value their education as well as their extracurricular activities.  Yes, it is written: I am not a fan of kids, but I hate GREED even more. I would rather be on a flight with a bunch of loud, ugly and crying babies than witness the Chicago Teachers Union using kids as political pawns. 

Just for kicks, I looked up the definition of “mafia.” 

Check out definition 3:



1. a hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other criminal activities in the U.S., Italy, and elsewhere.

2. (lowercase) a popular spirit of hostility to legal restraint and to the law, often manifesting itself in criminal acts.

a 19th-century secret society, similar to the Camorra in Naples, that acted in this spirit.

3. (often lowercase) any small powerful or influential group in an organization or field; clique.

Below is an excerpt from this PBS article. See if you can spot any differences between this and the 3rd definition of “mafia”

The Chicago Teachers Union has made it clear that it expects each and every one of its 32,000-plus members to be on the picket lines each day as long as the strike continues.

“A bargaining unit member who doesn’t report for picket duty is harming themselves and their colleagues,” the union wrote in a statement on its website. “We need everyone to stand firm and united. How much we win at the bargaining table and how long it takes depend on our solidarity and strength in the streets.”

Not showing up is one thing, but actually breaking ranks and going to work during the strike is a far different issue.

A “scab,” as CTU defines it, is anyone who crosses picket lines to go to work.”

That’s not very nice, CTU. This is bordering on bullying.

ALL unions have this mentality. ALL UNIONS frequently look down on non-union members because they’re simply not “in” with the clique and they don’t pay union dues. Just because this the norm within unions, that doesn’t make it RIGHT, and that mentality further removes humans on what it means to be a HUMAN. 

Speaking of humans, they are a poison to this planet. Just look at what is happening with CTU picketing. There, you will find herds of arrogant sheep, holding up signs full of CTU political jargon. They claim “it’s for the kids,” and I bought into that bullshit until I discovered they added shit that wasn’t in their original proposal. That’s like marrying someone with a promiscuous past, and cheats on you throughout the marriage. “Hey mama! You should have KNOWN who you married! Be nice to my ho’s. I demand it!”

Something tells me that marriage would end in a hurry. 

Back to toxic humans. It is a species that is driven by arrogance and greed. FACT. It’s all in the history: the wars, the power plays, Big Pharma, all stem from power hungry mongrels that will stop at nothing to protect their reputation as well as their assets. And don’t you dare tell me humans are not responsible for climate change. THEY ARE. In Robert Kline’s book, Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants, (NOT an endorsement for the book) he writes “It is estimated that 95 percent of the natural landscape has been turned UNNATURAL by home landscaping and agricultural humans.” 

Fuckin humans.

I’m looking at you, city of Chicago. You’re not exactly known WORLDWIDE as a pristine meritocracy. But there’s something about Mayor Lightfoot that is trustworthy, at least for the moment. Her desire for transparency, and the Rahm bullshit she has endure and clean up, has caught my attention. I haven’t liked a mayor this much since Harold Washington. 

(Don’t get it twisted, supporters of CTU. I DO NOT AND HAVE NOT EVER, EVER worked for the mayor and/or city of Chicago in ANY capacity. However, free speech allows me to express approval and give brownie points. Hey teachers… about YOU shadow the mayor for one day? Shit, not even that. I’ll give you a HALF A DAY).

With regard to Elizabeth Warren: lololol. She is a presidential candidate full of ideas. Nothing more. Of COURSE she’ll side with teachers, it’s a very presidential-candidate thing to do! 

How about this for a possible solution, teachers: why don’t you HIRE NON-UNION MEMBERS to teach while you picket for higher wages? 

You’re not picketing for higher wages, you say? You stand by the nurses, social workers, and smaller class size pleas? Because I’m quite adept at acknowledging the very nature of humans and the things that motivate them, and I insist those pleas are a bunch of smokescreens to hide their true intentions. The more you fight, argue, and boast on the streets, the more the argument weakens, despite the number of editorials that come to CTU’s defense. 

In the end, people have to battle with their inner voice. My inner voice is congratulating me for speaking (writing) from the heart. Can supporters of the CTU strike admit to that…. with a 100 percent certainty?

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