Open Letter to Chicago Public School Teachers Likely To Go On Strike Because of the Same 30-Year Bullshit Excuse(s)

Dear Chicago Public School Teachers:

Re: the 2019 Teacher Strike That Will Mostly Likely Happen Because “It’s Best for the Kids” Even Though That Is a THIRTY YEAR OLD BULLSHIT EXCUSE:

I am a product of the Chicago Public School system. The resources and programs available today were not even a glimmer of thought during my formative, academic years. I vividly remember having to stay home because the teachers had some negotiating to conduct. I never completely understood then, but I was aware enough that teachers wanted more money, but also excited I was having those few days off. By the time I returned to school, I was still privy to old, ratty textbooks, teachers with attitude problems, and 40 kids in each classroom. Despite teachers that were not shy about gravitating towards their favorite student(s) and they didn’t have the luxury of IPads for them and their students, I still graduated, albeit scantly, and I had the nurturing guidance from my parents to keep me on a straight and well-behaved path. I had no teacher that influenced my academic decisions, it was my parents. They did so because they genuinely cared about my academic well-being.

My first exposure to teacher strikes occurred around 1985 . THE 80’S. The decade known for neon, synth pop, and big ugly ass hair.

Since graduation, CPS strikes still continued on until 1995. Teacher’s demands were always the same: new supplies, lesser classroom sizes, more staff, and the ever present demand of 2 to 5% increase in pay for the next five years. During the late 80’s and throughout the ‘90’s, these demands have been satisfactory met. Meanwhile, the Chicago Public School system still has less-than-desirable outcomes which include subpar performance and graduation rates, despite having newer supplies and new textbooks. How is this even possible?

I’ll tell you how: FUCKIN’ GREED. Since 1985(ish), it was NEVER about the kids. But they sure make for a nice excuse when teachers make an argument for that 2% annual raise. On the surface (and on TV), teachers will plea for anything to justify insatiable demands and appear less arrogant. It’s like that friend that keeps apologizing to you for making the same, dumbass mistake for 30 years. At some point, you’re going to call them on their bullshit, would you not? You might even break off the relationship and tell them to go fuck themselves.

This is an open letter to teachers, and I’m calling them out on their BULLSHIT. Teachers may believe they’re in it for more staff and new ipads (Ipads were the excuse in 2012) but in the deepest, DEEPEST fibers of their soul and being, this is about MONEY, in an age where workers in the private sector are lucky to get 1% every THREE YEARS. From past experience, I am certain the strike will occur, and when it does, it will further demonstrate my point that humans are alarmingly flawed; every type of advocacy comes with a hidden agenda, and money is ALWAYS the root of that agenda. So until humans can evolve to a point where money is NEVER at the root of superficial advocacy and/or charity, I’m calling bullshit. For you teachers, I am, with a 100% certainty, calling you out for your BULLSHIT strike. If you TRULY cared for the kids, there are other ways of negotiating without disrupting the children’s education. In the digital age of Skype and such, you CAN make this possible, but it doesn’t get you on TV. 

Chicago taxpayers have been putting up with a lot corrupt, shady ass bullshit for as long as I can remember. And the very foundation of it all points to ONE demon reason: fuckin’ money. Since 1985, I have been patient. I’m all grown up now, and I’m grading ALL TEACHERS one, big GIANT “F” for their pathetic displays of what’s “best for the kids.” Also, fuck you all (see what good your teacher strikes have done for me in the past?).

It seems every time there is a teacher strike, CPS gets WORSE in the form of test scores, and their fast employee turnaround. Chicago taxpayers need to stand up to CPS by not absorbing any of their bullshit justifications and DEMAND their kids stay in school, one way or another.

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