Twitter Rambling: “The View” And Hollywood Dumbfuckery

I briefly interrupted my Twitter hiatus in an effort tweet some common sense in the mainstream. After watching today’s episode of “The View,” it’s no wonder the US is trapped in the dumbfcukery that is Hollywood.

Note: For those who are not familiar with the recent news associated with the book that was recently released about “The View” please do a search. I am NOT in the business of doing external web sites any favors by attaching their spammy link on my blog.

Long story short: a “tell all” book about the View recently hit the market. Somewhere along the way, audio was released that one of the hosts was backstage boo hoo’ing and complaining about Barbara Walters, and was on the verge of quitting. Some producer chimes in to save the day, and the host and the Wawa made up on the show and resumed the roundtable. This dialogue apparently took place backstage somewhere in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Note: I did not read the book. And I’m not endorsing it. Actually, I changed my mind. I AM ENDORSING IT – don’t buy this binded pile of rag trash. See below.

As a way to address the book without referring to the book directly, the hosts on “The View” acknowledged the cover of the New York Times with the following headline:


The cover of the New York Times, which is a stark contrast to the book about the show.

Come on. Really?!

It is my educated opinion that this internet article is part of the “fake news” era as well as a publicity campaign whose mission is strictly damage control from the book. (I’m pretty confident to place a wager that all of this is true). I would rather have the hosts put on a brave face and address the criticisms directly, instead of this bullshit display of superficiality. Or don’t say anything at all. My problem with shows like “The View” is that they heavily rely on the gullibility of Americans. They are amongst the sea of other mediums who are in the business of talking AT eachother instead of WITH eachother, and have the tenacity to refer to the show as a platform for “talking points” when it’s really just dumbass entertainment. This is why more people are flocking to podcasts – where the interviewees are NOT RUDELY interrupted for commercial breaks and/or they are being talked OVER. (Personal note: I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK -OVER- ME. Fcuking let me finish my point.)

The book, this article, and this show are all part of “Hollywood Dumbfuckery.” They are not alleviating the problem – they ARE the problem.


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