Twitter Ramblings: Britany Spears

My hiatus from Twitter continues, only because I do not trust the powers that be whose primary job is to manipulate conversations, and I want nothing revealed about Game of Thrones. With that in mind, today’s subject has to do with Britany Spears, her “mental illness,” and an excellent example why people are simply going batshit depressed.

I recently heard some celebrity news that Britany Spears may never perform again, according to her manager.

Her MANAGER. The same shithead who was qouted as saying, “her meds stopped working.”

This is a HORRIBLE thing to say. Does her manager actually believe that people, especially her fans, will buy into this shit?

Study this abhorrent behavior, you mental health “advocates.” This behavior was deployed by ANOTHER human, whose motives are probably inferior, and the recipients of such remarks are forced to endure the ugly ramifications.

If mental health professionals are genuinly concerned about the well being of others, teaching humans how NOT to be SHITTY to one another would be a great place to start. Ms. Spears manager is an excellent demonstration of devolving the human species. Those type of remarks are very hurtful, demeaning, and lacks any kind of empathy one would need during a crisis.

How to best describe Ms. Spears predictment: imagine being the only sober person on the planet. The rest is populated by DRUNK people. That is the current state of our humanity. The straight edgers are being OUTNUMBERED by drunk people. How can this be good for our mental health?

Instead of  BRANDING depression, which HAPPENS TO BE A PART of a NORMAL, HUMAN psyche, mental health advocates simply need to re-humanize humanity, sans the use of sedatives. With regard to Ms. Spears, I’m not really a fan, but I can understand why she can never be at peace, finding herself in one constant crisis after another:  look at the people she is surrounded by: TOXIC (see what I did there?)

My advice to Ms. Spears: FIRE EVERYONE, and keep your circle, very, VERY small. Limit your conversations to no more than two people, at the MOST. Also, get into the habit of reading. May I suggest a NON-ENDORSED (which means I DO NOT GET PAID, BUT I REALLY ENJOYED THE BOOK) reading recommendation for a book called “Stranger in the Woods” the story of Christopher Knight (not the Brady kid). He was living a PEACEFUL, HAPPY LIFE in the woods for 25 years. Talked to no one in all that time. No friends, no family, no stress. Just nature.

A plea to Mental health advocates: (read the next sentence and imagine some MAJOR CLAP BACKING) There is NOTHING WRONG WITH US! We’re outnumbered by drunk people. FOCUS ON ****THEM****

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