My Safe Space, Twitter, Save The Orcas

Twitter, in all its idiocy, is indunated with bots and manufactured “trending” topics (prove me wrong). For example, do you really believe a large percentage of the US is talking about the shittiest new “reality” shows? As part of their publicity campaigns, TV networks pay a pretty penny to “trend” their new crap show in the top ten “trending” topics. Then, they assemble a shitload of bots masquerading as humans to discuss details of the show. (Important note: this is an educated opinion, not fact. But I’m willing to place a heavy wager this is all true. Prove me wrong.)

Do you think it stops at television, or any other form of entertainment?

Politicians have been getting away with manufactured narratives for years. That is why social media is dangerous. People with a lot of money, tech expertise, or both, have the power to control conversations on a global scale. Meanwhile, the real world is at the mercy of these assholes, and become uneccesarily outraged over someone’s agenda.

Additionally, Twitter hasn’t come to the understanding that we now live in the streaming/DVR age. That means not everyone has watched certain shows as they air. I’ve have a lot of shows in my DVR that are two weeks old, unwatched. So the day after The Big Bang Theory finale, Twitter had a huge photo of the cast as a header with a headline that read, to paraphrase, “Something that was broken a long time is finally fixed” right in the area of the trending topics.

THANKS, YOU FUCKIN’ IDIOTS. I haven’t watched the finale yet, but Twitter decided to tell me the elevator was now fixed. I can’t blame this on the fans — it was the idiots (or bots?) AT TWITTER that fuckin’ ruined my surprise.

So I am staying far away from Twitter knowing that it will ruin all sorts of shit as it relates to anything having to do with Game of Thrones. I am nearing the season finale of the FIRST season, and you fuckity fucks will NOT ruin it for me. What can I say — I don’t like to share. I want to enjoy this ALL BY MYSELF.

I will be using my blog as my “safe space” and I will be using this as my “twitter platform” until the GOT hysteria/crying parties die down. That said, I would like to turn everyone’s attention to the wonderful work Phil Demers, who is fighting against the evils of corporat suits on behalf of marine life. This is a really sad, sad story—- and very alarming how much a corporation will go to protect their reputation against the little man:


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