Ageism, and other “Fuck offs”

The recent “outrage” over Helena Christensen wearing a bustier has me thinking. For more on that story, do a search. I am NOT in the business of doing external web sites any favors of adding their monetizing link on my blog.

About ageism — I’ve always been a proponent of flaunting your best assets. I cannot fully get behind (pun intended) the ficticious versions of certain appendages; the butt, boobs, and any other B’s you want to throw in. However, I DO support celebrating the sex appeal of ALL ages. The fashion industry should be THE LAST people to spew nonsensical bullshit when it comes to fashion and age. Yall can go fuck yourselves.

If you have the body (real or fake), go and celebrate it. But most of all….APPRECIATE IT.  The harsh truth is that you may have those rock hard abs one day, and be gone the next, because life is a cunt. Women of a certain age know these truths all too well. So if you’re still a woman over 50 with a rock solid, toned body, I expect you to find the best form fitting dress and OWN it. Once you catch other people giving you the side eye, you KNOW you’re doing something right.

The below photos are from when I attended Madonna’s *Rebel Heart Tour* and I wanted to play “dress up.” At the time these photos were taken, I was in my mid-40’s. For privacy reasons, I cropped out my face and frown lines (and none of your business what I look like anyway):


I was proud of my body. I worked hard: my workout schedule had a mix of yoga and strength training 4-5 times a week, and my cardio contained a rigid dance schedule in addition to being a dance instructor. The rewards that came with it was an ultmiate blessing, and I was NOT going to let all that hard work go to waste under a baggy sweatshirt and mom jeans just because I am of a certain age. FUCK. THAT.

I kept a strict workout pace for a good five years. I mixed up my workout routine all the time because I get bored so easily. I even tried aerial silks, because it was relatevliy new, fun, and it’s strength conditioning and stretching all in one. I loved it!

Then one day, all that hard work, my body, and my self esteem was taken away from me. I am not going to provide details, but I do want to stress that nobody is exempt from hardships. NOBODY.

I no longer have this beautifully toned body that I worked so hard to perfect. I can’t even get through ONE set of an 8-count without being on the verge of passing out. But I would give anything to get this body back, but some inferior force in the universe decided that’s not going to happen, and it may never happen. People might say I haven’t reached the point of acceptance, but that kind advice only infuriates me. I reserve the right to QUESTION ALL WRONGDOINGS….simply “accepting” what has occured is the equivelent is someone telling me “shut the fuck up and deal with it.” NO.

The moral of this story: If you have a beautiful body, show it. I don’t care if you’re 90 years old. Be the inspiration and the envy of those all around you. You never know when the cunty universe is coming to get ya, so embrace all your assets while it still  exists.

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