WordPress: the SPLOGGING Platform

What in the shit happened to WordPress?

If you want to be endunuated with Splogs (see below) WordPress is the place to be.

Also, FYI: I just unfollowed a bunch of blogs that never bothered to leave feedback. If you follow this blog, I EXPECT you to speak up, otherwise you will be purged and marked as spam.


If you have spent hours writing and editing a comprehensive post about issues to improve humanity, only for it to be wasted on the likes of a bot who claims to have all the secrets to bloggin’ suc@cess (intentional typos) it is infuriating. In addition, the constant spam from WordPress itself is nauseating. Their annoying little banners, where you are greeted about what services WP has to offer; the constant popup about their mobile app so you can “blog on the go” when in truth they’re collecting your data; that your “cart is awaiting payment” even though payment isn’t due for another six months; and Google Suite, i.e. The Most Malicious Data Brokers in the World, is waiting in the wings so they can build a shadow profile based on whatever data you give away. These distracting banners harass and follow you anywhere you go on WordPress, daring the user to give in and forget what they wanted to write about in the first place.

I loathe what WordPress has become. I can’t even get through the Reader without going on a blocking binge.  “Creative keywording” doesn’t seem to matter in the search bar, as the Reader will fight to populate alarming amounts of spam and bot content that I will eventually block or report as spam.

I remember a time when WordPress hosted blogs with some incredible reads, faciltated by actual humans. Now, they are few and far between. The “spam mafia” is pushing out genuine artists that all have something meaningful to share. What can I get from from blogs whose titles are a paragraph long and look like this:

This is just the TITLE of the post. THE TITLE!!!!

What can I get out of blogs who post the same damn title from 20 different users?

from the Reader: this comes up 10 more times from different users, making the Reader utterly  unusable.


When it comes to blogging platforms, most people will immediately suggest WordPress. That’s only because it’s the biggest and one of the longest-running blog platforms around. In my quest to find a less spammy platform, I’ve discovered that a lot of them are simply out of my price range. No hosting provider is worth 20 bucks (or more) month, unless they can guarantee that the majority of its users consist of genuinely passionate bloggers.

I’ve been blogging for a long time, and I’ve witnessed several incarnations over the years. I’m not on board with the current age of blogging. I wouldn’t even call it blogging; it’s more like SPLOGGING (Spam+Blogging = SPLOGGING).

Edit: I cannot take credit for the genius wordplay. A recent search indicates this phrase has been around since 2017, or thereabouts. Why it hasn’t become mainstream yet remains an enigma, but it sure does answer a lot of questions as it pertains to blog authenticity and why creative writing on the internet seems to be amiss.

Sure, there are tools and such to curtail the SPLOGS and WordPress spam….but why should I HAVE TO?

No one is forcing me to stay with WordPress, however I am paying them for the luxury of hosting my blog. I expect WordPress to cater to the likes of genuine people, genuine topics, and subject matters that cater to the evolution of humanity. When I peruse the WordPress reader, locating genuine content has turned into a tiring game of Where’s Waldo.

WordPress might say: if you’re so concerned about genuine content, you can head on over to our sister web site and read to your heart’s delight!

Not good enough. Every now and then, I want to contribute some musings of my own, but your sister site is not welcome to all, unless you are already an established and published author. Even then, it’s no guarantee unless you personally know someone who works at the site so they can enter your name along with a reference, and publish articles for you.

(I know how this shit works. WHO YOU KNOW has everything to do with getting some notoriety. FACT.)

At some point this post will be picked up by a bot/spammer because I used just the right keywords to be picked up by their dubious algorithms and software. To those people, I hope you experience system failure to the point of no return. I bid you TREMENDOUS ill will.

Edit: this post has received a record number of “likes” further proving WordPress’ intentions. Thank you for participating and please adhere to the aforementioned sentiments. Fuckin’ sploggers.🖕🏻

To the human readership: If you’ve been thinking about leaving WordPress, be like Nike and just DO IT. Creative writing shouldn’t be held captive because WordPress caters to SPLOGS over genuine, heartfelt writing.



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