The Big Bang Theory – Where NO ONE Wants To Know Your Name

Edit: a few days after this was posted, agents and publicists scrambled to assemble articles like this to brag about the show’s minuscule milestone and beat the previous champion (Cheers) by ONLY THREE EPISODES.

I am embarrassed for The Big Bang Theory. One episode a month is NOT a season.

I have had the pleasure reacquainting myself with the James Burrows era of television, specifically, Cheers and Frasier. I must admit, I wasn’t much of a fan when they were live, but I am older now which enlightens me with an exceedingly different perspective and wisdom. I’m still not that crazy over  Cheers, but I adore Frasier. I am in awe over the incredible talent and stamina of the show’s writers, who cleverly crafted what would otherwise be the mundane and pretentious comings and goings of a snooty psychiatrist into comical anecdotes. The writers furiously strained their brains and fingers all the way to Frasier’s 11th and final season that contained 24 episodes.

When I went through the DVR, I found that The Big Bang Theory had ONE episode A MONTH. My goodness, that’s fucking embarrassing. It’s almost as if the showrunners gave in to the underwhelming public sentiment and wrote scripts only when the mood struck them. Meanwhile, the show will be credited in television history forever by surpassing Cheers, Frasier, and Friends…..but just barely. It’s almost as if they renewed Season 12 just for the giggle of vandalizing James Burrows ego.

I remember the outpourring of love and sentiment from the masses when Cheers ended. With the exception of big hair, mullets, and shoulder pads, the show holds up well. The writing smacked you right in the face with clever, quirky quick lines and adorable characters.

The same cannot be said for the Big Bang Theory. I feel sorry for them. On Twitter, every other tweet has expressed tremendous relief: It’s about time for them to die. They outlived their welcome. Cheers and Frasier were not shows that extracted palliative requests from the masses.

There weren’t that many requests of palliative nature when Frasier and Cheers ended (Friends is an exception, though their writers had the stamina to write weekly episodes, albeit the numerous episodes that were lackluster in gravatas). The absence of enticing content (or at least consistent) on television today is very telling of TV writing caliber. In a recent article about the Frasier reboot, Kelsey Grammer mentioned that he is in the search for writers that can astutely welcome Frasier in the next phase of his life, sans cliches and recycled jokes that is typical with today’s sitcoms. The fact that he hasn’t tells me the industry is infested with writers just talented enough for “reality” television and fictitious competition shows.

The scarcity of weekly episodes and 2-3 year gaps between seasons is also alarmingly telling. I tend to steer clear of anything deemed “limited series” because that tells me the caliber of writing simply isn’t there to carry a show for more than 13 episodes, at best. What the hell is happening with millennials writers today?

With regard to The Big Bang Theory: for chrissakes, goodTHEFUCKbye. And let’s not kid ourselves: Their minuscule 12th season can hardly be considered a season, so in my book they will always be TIED with Cheers, Frasier, and Friends.

They boldly pat themselves on the back with every insistence they never used a laugh track and they film in front of a studio audience.

What they didn’t tell you was that a laugh track was later added during editing and post-production.

I know because I keep hearing the same loud, deep outburst of chuckles in both Frasier AND The Big Bang Theory. AND Everybody Loves Raymond (just for the heck of it).

Good riddance, TBBT.

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