WO, MAN! Why I Celebrate MEN During Women’s History Month

close up photo of man wearing black suit jacket doing thumbs up gesture
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

The mantra goes like this: women supports women. We should focus on lifting up eachother and work for equal pay, more family time, and allow us to get away with just about anything we put our slutty red lips on.

We should work to encourage one another, not tear eachother down. Unless your name is Meghan McCain. Anne Coulter. Ivanka Trump. And more.

But “yay women!” right? Are you a female who just cringed over the names I just typed? My, the tables have turned rather quickly.

The hypocrisy of the “rah rah women” movement never ceases to amaze me. Society insists on praising the strong-willed woman until they encounter someone THEY DON’T LIKE.

Fuck you, society.

Here is a subtle reminder: women get their ass’ kissed all the time. The societal construction of the bullshit pedestral built for this gender is comical. There are already year round opportunities to woo the species, starting with birthdays, anniversaries, the uterus, Valentines’ Day, Sweetest Day, Mother’s Day and I’m sure I’m missing much more. According to society, those occasions simply are not good enough anymore. Now, society insists on dedicating an entire month of gratuitous ass kissing. Women’s History Month. Ha!

Where in the shit did that come from? Well, I am pretty confident that it was spawned by the likes of the media and the high profile women looking to correct any and all wrongdoings that occured in their lifetime. Let me be the first to shout with joy that I will NOT be a part of the female takeover, as I have always believed that everyone should be commemorated equally.

I do not hate women. I also cannot properly spell the term used to describe such a person. I am a (female) humanist, though lately I have been morphing into a misanthrope by the day. People are constantly at war with one another, mixed messages are on constant display, and most of the time humans are led by their emotions than logical thinking. And wow, the hypocrisy of “metoo” is astounding. The “metoo” movement proved more to scrutitnize the horny white male and did nothing to stop the degradation of women in rap music of late. I never bought the BS of “me too” then and I certainly won’t now. There are plenty of kind-hearted, intelligent men scattered around the planet, but we will never get the chance to celebrate them because there’s an infestation of crazy broads that refuse to shed their inawkardly inserted tampon to see the good in both genders. Creating a balanced harmony of celebrating the successes of BOTH genders is crucial to getting us to the next step for the betterment of humanity.

I celebrate NO ONE and EVERYONE. But yay, men!

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