Candoodle: Timing

WARNING: If you’re easily offended, go away and take up drinking and forget you ever saw this post.

I made this doodle out of genuine empathy for patients struggling with the disease. It is NOT my intent to mock, belittle, or demean the struggles with anything associated with cancer and its patients.

Even in the most darkest times, I seek out for some comic relief to break the monotony of an impaired life. I may not know about a lot of things, but the one thing I can attest to is that when anyone is newly diagnosed with a disease that could kill them at an undetermined date, the one thing they appreciate the most is NORMALCY. The last thing any cancer patient wants is to become synonomous with anything having to do with their afflictions. Don’t go calling your loved ones right away because you read the news about Alex Trebek’s public confession to the masses. It is said that timing is everything, and in this instance, such timing couldn’t be more mortifying. And TACKY.

For those who haven’t had the unfortunate experience of dealing with cancer (either direct or someone you know) consider yourself truly blessed. Here’s some brutally honest truth: people will never fully understand its ramifications unless they experience the trauma themselves.
“Mary” is a cancer patient. I’m sure she will be (not so) thrilled to get a call so soon after Trebek’s annoucement.

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