Scrambled Eggs, Reboots, and Cigars




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For some reason, I’ve become a fan of shows that once dominated the TV airwaves throughout the ‘90’s and into the millenium. Frasier is indeed one of of those shows, but I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact it’s currently hosted on Netflix (USA)…..all 11 seasons! For a long time my husband has been trying to get me to watch this show, as I suspect it’s one of his favorites, but I was never really intrigued by observing the comical antics of a snooty psychiatrist (I’ve seen several episodes of Cheers, and Frasier is my least favorite character).

I am constantly on the hunt for enlightening televsion, and it’s been a challenge since there is so much current TV that’s been contaminated with “reality” TV and fake talent shows. The reboots have been lackluster, at best, with Murphy Brown ending up being the biggest disappointment. Everyone is old, the comedic timing seemed off, and the overall gravatas felt forced.

One day, I was perusing Netflix and came upon Frasier. I surfed through seasons 1-6, and then that’s when the “Daphne/Niles” storyline got more interesting.

Suffice to say, Niles and Daphne are my ultimate, favorite, most adorable TV couple ever.


I don’t know which writer(s) is responsible for this cleverly crafted story arc of Niles and Daphne, but my God it was so! On! Point!!!!!

That aside, I was naturally intrigued by how their story progressed, but that was one journey I was not going to forego. From the “I love you” confession right up until the birth of David Crane, I was willing to overlook Frasier’s whiny, insatiable grievances. And then there’s Dad. And Eddie. My god, I want to hug this entire show and hide it under my bed forever.

Next to Niles and Daphne, I have a weakness for Martin Crane, the yang to Frasier’s yin. While Frasier is well endowed with physciatry academia, Martin reminds the audience that sometimes “a cigar is just a cigar.” (Freud). The best example is the episiode where Frasier’s station manager, Kenny, is a newly divorced man, and seeks Frasier for some psychiatric enlightment. Frasier offers his humble abode as the “safe space” for his session with Kenny, when all of a sudden Martin comes in and takes Kenny out for an evening of fun at McGinney’s. Kenny is feeling better and enlightened after a few beers, a new jacket, and some pep talk from Martin. Martin tries to reassure Frasier that sometimes all that “psyco babble” isn’t neccessary, all you need to do is change your routine,” or something like that. (I’ve tried to find an excerpt from that episode, and have even sacraficed my data to Google to try and locate it, but it’s nowhere to be found, at least not immediately.) Truer words were never spoken. We humans have a tendency to overanalyse things, and miss the obvious answers because we’re so busy making pie charts and spreadsheets. Stop calculating and just DO what makes you happy.

I vote NO for a Frasier reboot. With the father deceased (in real life), it’s hard to imagine a successful recreation of what made this show so very special in the first place. The past is called a “past” for a reason. Don’t do it, Hollywood! DO NOT DO IT!

Meanwhile, I’m sad to learn that are NO GOOD videos that contain Martin Crane’s wisdom without hearing someone elses’ commentary. GROSS. The best I can do as far as a tribute to the character is with this post with added hopes that you will someday enjoy Martin Crane’s wisdom as much as I have.

Thank you, Martin Crane.


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