Hashtag: Fake Outrage

I am currently working on a doozie of a post, which is over 3,000 words of late. It will get further edited (I think) but for now I am exerting most of my writing endurance for the essay. This is an essay that will serve as a backup for a letter I am writing to my local Senator. There are some major inconsistancies in the healthcare métier that is overshadowed by manufactured outrage spewed by the media. And I’m tired of the morons buying the load of crap being redundantly fed to them, leaving vulnerable folks such as myself and many others out in the cold.

There are very few “greenlighted” national issues that are able to extract any sympathy from me. While I try my best to avoid social media, it seems that it makes up for lost time once I do log on. It just gets dumber and dumber, and the outrages seem to come in waves. Remember the Asian doctor who was aggressviely pulled from his airline? Do you remember the wave of the smilier stories that soon followed? I wonder whatever happened to the now infamous airline patron, beside spending away his settlement?

Smartphones and tablets are the best source for all your fake outrage needs. Image @pexels.com

And the hits just keeps on coming. Since Trump was elected, there have been one sensationlized outrage after another. The “MeToo” Movement famously put the wheels in motion when they had their Women’s march, followed by a slew of sexual allegations, some of whom were incorrectly accused out of spiteful haste. Besides, with R. Kelly still roaming the streets and raping young girls, I’m left to wonder what the hell is “me too” doing? Or are they only focusing on crochety white men?

Then we had a string of comedians getting in trouble for telling insensitive jokes. No one gave a shit prior to 2016. Back then, people had a sense of humor.

Is it coincidence that Gucci and Katy Perry have products that supposedly makes fun of black face? The timing is too perfect. Should we really be darting an inquisitive eye to the manufacturer, or to the PR firm that jumped on the “black face” bandwagon? Had these products surfaced five years ago, would we still see the level of outrage we are witnessing today?

I really don’t give a shit what politicians did in their personal lives some 30-plus years ago. If you are of the human race, chances are we have ALL done some really stupid shit that we’d rather not revisit. Don’t confuse this as me defending politicians, but all I really care about is what they doing in the NOW in the legislative sense. So should the rest of America. I care about what legislators are doing (or not doing) in the NOW. For the folks getting pissy over the ill advised actions of another from 30 years ago, I wish to know you not, and may you forever enjoy the journey to the knot to unbind thy panties.

Oh, the fabricated pity train the Academy is riding on is vastly coming to a dead end. They have achieved ultimate deception by fooling the majority of Americans with their latest decision for more ads, less awards on television. Nice try, Academy. You see, I’ve been following the Oscars long enough to know it is (was) the second highest rated televised event, behind the Super Bowl. Given the lackluster ratings for this year’s Super Bowl, advertisers are now proceeding with caution with the Oscars. The latest “outrage” posed publicly by several Academy members will give advertisers a feel of what viewership might be like with a watered down Oscar awards show.

I see an end to the Academy’s pity train. Choo choo on outta here. Image @pexels.com

Advertisers CAN pull their ads at the last minute, figuring why spend all that money when it can be better spent elsewhere. Even if this is not the case, you advertisers can bow and kiss the ground I walk on as I just saved you a whole bunch of money on your car insurance…..I mean advertising.

There are a multitude of other social injustices happening right now, it is sickening. Homelessness and poverty, child abuse, the public education system, the list goes on. But these issues will hardly see the light of day because there’s no Hollywood connection, where their angry facade is heavily supplemented with the aid of PR firms. Issues like “black face” and “me too” are overshadowing the civilians in need of real support and legislation. Get it together, America.

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