Shocking (NOT FAKE) News: The Jews DO NOT Control the Weather

It was over a year ago that I wrote this post about the mixed messages deployed as it relates to unity and compassion toward our fellow man, particularly the Americans. Since that post was written, things have only gotten worse, not better. I am reminded of the constant display of hypocrisy every time I watch television, lurk on social media, or enter the despicable realm of the real world. It’s safe to assume I don’t like most humans, and I don’t talk to strangers whatsoever. Humans cannot be trusted, and they have proven that……time and time again.

News organizations continue to dispatch biased, inaccurate information, further encouraging the masses to become angrier with issues of the day. For example, with the precarious situation of ***Israel and Gaza, there are humans walking among us that believe Jews control the weather. The FUCKING WEATHER. Who are these people???

We have entertainers in the spotlight who perpetuate bullying and name-calling, with Hollywood actors whose agents gave them the “ok” to preach to the masses about American politics. Our television entertainment consist much of the unseemly displays of human interaction, and what’s worse, it’s scripted that way (I’ve not seen ONE episode of The Bachelor; I like my intellect as is) We long so much to get back to the way things were before, so some “brilliant” TV executives thought rebooting old TV shows was a really good idea. Thank you, Roseanne, for screwing these executives over. Whether her controversy was done on purpose or with the help of her publicist, some TV shows don’t need to be rehashed, especially for the purposes of political schisms.

Sadly, even the book publishing industry has become schlocky with useless, attention-seeking, money hungry, rag mag-type of books, and it breaks my heart that even my one-time journalism hero, Bob Woodward, threw his hat into the rag mag ring with his noisy ass book on the Trump administration. Why did he have to resort to schlockism? WHY??!

Real life isn’t any better. There are humans walking among us that believe everything the TV tells them. There are humans who show a shiny side on social media while they are raving lunatics in real life. They say they want what is right, what is equal, what is fair…..but in reality they only care about the issues they hold most dear to their heart, and vote accordingly. In real life, their words do not meet their actions, and that’s why we are living in an ugly America. It boggles my mind for as long as humans have populated the earth, we haven’t come close to evolving where we need to be.

We need politicians who will genuinely work for the people, not corporations. We need people to stand up against ALL wrongdoings, not just issues of the day. As it is, I am alone in my fight for my specific cause. I don’t believe in marches or donating to charities. The only way to make REAL change are writing campaigns to your local senator, encourage, and/or fight legislation (of which I am currently invested, amid lots and lots of research) and hope they are enough on your side that their decisions are not encouraged by their corporate donors.

I stay away from humans as much as possible. My husband and family are the only folks who doesn’t fill the air with platitudes. They exude genuine kindness, and are perfect examples of God’s love.

Until humans can get to a point where “empathy” is not just a word we throw around like glitter twinkling in the sunlight, rest assured we will never cross paths. I will no longer tolerate hypocrisy and mixed messages. Just observe what America was like on 9-11 and compare that to the mindset of today. We went from one end of the spectrum to the other.

America: you should all be proud of yourselves.

*** You are free to search for yourself for information on the Isreal and Gaza conflict. Unfortunately, its Wiki page was riddled with too many citations needed on its page, ergo, not comfortable with including links of such questionable nature.

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