‘‘Tis the Season for Diseased Ridden Folks

Now that we are in the heart of celebrating the divine greatness, encapsulate the idyllic feeling spawned by sparkling lights, and gifts galore, soon we shall start to receive invites to celebrate the joyous camaraderie with our fellow man. But before you RSVP yes to that gathering, you should be aware that it ought to be conditional.

In other words, just incase you come down with the common cold on the eve of the event:

Keep your nasty, cootified germs to yourself and stay home!

I cannot stress this enough, and I am not afraid to make someone uncomfortable should they dare cross my path with their disease.

As you may recall from last year, flu season came upon us in alarming numbers. No one was exempt, including those who believed in the credibility of flu shots. The flu epidemic didn’t happen because so few got flu shots. It happened because people couldn’t resist the insatiable temptations of a festive holiday party. Cold or no cold…..someone might think I’m gettin’ all gussied up to get my co-worker all hot ‘n bothered. My Christmas gift will be his velour warm lips to mine….

You get the idea. The office holiday party, for example, is one of the most distressed displays of human interaction. No one genuinely cares how the remainder of your holiday season will go; no one cares about your kids; and certainly, no one cares for anyone in upper management. Yet, people will engage in fictitious laughter all evening, and pretending they actually care about being there, while scoring bonus points with management. What exactly, is the purpose of the office holiday party anyway?

A friend’s holiday party reeks of the same formula. The only person most happy by your presence is the host, while everyone else gathers in their clique circles to blabber utter nonsense. Some folks may feel obligated to attend these functions to meet their soul mate or make new friends. But what if neither happens, and the only reminder of that party is a cough and a runny nose the next day. That means someone was at that party with germs destined to wreak havoc on anyone who crossed their path, or shook hands.

These frivolous parties during the holiday season is exactly how the cold transcends across human civilizations. Whether you got the flu vaccine is irrelevant. No such vaccine exist for the common cold.

There is no cure for the common cold. People may think that a little cold may do no harm, or that it’s “no big deal,” but this is evidence that people only think for themselves. After all, how many times have you seen coworkers come to work sick and snotty? And cough as they walk past your desk? According to the CDC, colds are contagious by way of airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing. But people don’t think, they’re too wrapped up in themselves to realize that:

A common cold for one person can be a death sentence for someone else!

There is a reason hospitals post signs around their facility to warn these inconsiderate heathens the dangers of introducing such germs to people in delicate conditions. These signs typically include rules such as:

  • Wear a mask if you must be in close contact
  • No children under 12 *
  • Wash hands frequently
  • * children under 12 cannot be trusted. No matter how many times they’re instructed by adults to cover their orifices, they will continue to wipe their nose, rub their eyes, and openly sneeze out their cooties as if it’s a way to get rid of the cold. No hospital is going to take the chance. So why should I?
  • Be considerate of those around you. You may think you or your child’s cold is harmless, but to someone with a compromised immune system, your “innocent” cold can easily evolve into the flu, pneumonia, and yes, even death…..could very well be the final result.

    If you feel you must grace the world with your cooties, you can always wear a mask. There’s no shame to protecting yourself. If you’re so worried about what others might think of your temporary knit, get over it. You’re saving lives, and there’s absolutely no shame in that..

    The embedded video declares that there is powerful evidence the mask provides more protection than any vaccine on the market. In conclusion: if you feel a cold coming on, cover your nose and mouth when out….or simply be considerate and STAY HOME until your disease subsides. Children and adults alike! What may be just an innocent cold for you could have DETRIMENTAL effects for someone else. BE CONSIDERATE of those around you.

    This is what I wear whenever I have to share the public air in the midst of flu season. I have another one with a cat’s mouth and whiskers.

    Worried about the stigma of wearing a face mask? Again…..I don’t care. Again…..GET OVER IT. You’re saving lives by wearing a mask.

    Check out Amazon and search for flu masks. You’d be surprised that there are actually some highly fashionable and adorable masks out there.

    Happy (Cold Free) Holidays!

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