Meanwhile, In The Real World, Here’s Why Your Vote *Doesn’t* Matter

A few nights ago I was asked by a youngin’ who she should vote for, and I had no answer for her. I just shook my head in silence. The rah rah camaraderie in America of late is one big giant puke fest, knowing that we still have people in public office that have the backing of corporate giants.

Even if US citizens vote in record numbers on Election Day, it won’t be enough to erase the corruptive strategies that occurs in all levels: local, state, and federal. There are millionaires who can buy any number of votes needed to win. As long as these strategies remain in place, your vote will never matter.

Unless we start with a clean slate: fire everyone and elect private US citizens that have ties to no one and no corporations.

Otherwise, don’t waste my time with the “we’re all in this together!” bullshit. No, we are not. We swore we would stand in unity on September 11, 2001.

What is our mindset today? Piss on everyone of a different political party. Indeed, this is a country of gallant hypocrisy.

Should you decide to vote on Election Day, I’m sure you have your reasons. I am not here to spam the otherwise.

Indeed, the future will be written in accordance with the way we vote today. But how can you expect change when we keep inserting the same old, tiresome candidates who can bribe, fuck, and manipulate their way into office? The truth is……you can’t.

Various high profilers have constructed well thought out reservations why you should vote. I applaud them for their seemingly coercive efforts. They failed to mention that their message of hope comes with a disclaimer: if you live in a swing state, their message makes sense.

If your state is a dominant color, and you’re not the right shade, you’re fucked. (No one will tell you this. Because everything is just peachy! according to the democracy cheerleaders who choose to ignore the corruption that happens on a daily basis.)

My state is a lost cause. It is overwhelmingly one color, and it has been that one color for the last 20 years. It is also overwhelmingly debauched, with a long history of its governors sent to prison on corruption charges. At this rate, my vote wouldn’t do shit. Proponents of democracy would have you believe otherwise; they have omitted the fact they simply don’t want another batshit crazy Trump-supporting politician in office. That’s the only reason.

Mark my words: if the wrong people get elected, these same folks who’ve been your “friend” and encouraging you to vote! vote! vote! will shun you and deem you a foul cesspool of maggots and will be raising their kids to bully you for the rest of your existence. Don’t fall for their voting advocacy. They will drop you faster than you can say “rock the vote!”

After some deliberating, I informed the youngin’ that as long as there are candidates with financial means and anointed corporate connections, her vote will always be silenced by way of strategic, adversarial accounting and the hunger for power.

I told her vote for the bragging rights, then post about it on social media.

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