About that God Show…..

©️Judie Lynne 2018

Please note: I am undertaking a review for a new tv show that aired a month ago. I feel it’s important to note that I am not compensated for this review in any way. I am not a bot, I am not anyone’s publicist, and I do not work for CBS. I am favoring this show simply because I like it, and you all desperately need Jesus.

Some breath is simply not worth wasting. I typically refrain from saying things that have already been said a million times. Specifically, I’m referring to the retention of fate, and learning to trust to critics who denounce such things. I am glad there is some faith-based tv executive out there that feels we can all benefit from some comprehensive spiritual guidance, even if it’s in the form of a tv drama. Sadly, our alarming decline of attention spans can only muster enough enlightenment from a one hour tv program.

The world is in trouble, and America remains in the top 1 of the leaderboard. Sadly, the only way to call attention to a distressed humanity is by means of a mass televised medium.

In America, critical thinking skills have been lost in the ruins of cacophonous mayhem. We have lost the ability for tolerance. My Facebook feed reeks of the unimaginative call to action of purging if you discover your “friend” is supporting a certain status quo. Faith is something that is under constant scrutiny and interrogation. Church attendance is low, and even generations from the 70’s and 80’s have raised their children with religion in the far, far background. Well, those kids have grown up, and now America is the toilet bowl of the world. Coincidence?

I am really digging God Friended Me, albeit the campy title. The premise of the show is in the title: God sends a friend request to an atheist, and he reluctantly accepts the request. Since the joining, “the God account” posts nothing, and only sends his new pal friend suggestions to his newfound atheist buddy. Miraculously, the atheist meets these same people in the real world, who are always in need of guidance or they’re in trouble and could benefit greatly from the kindness of strangers. The atheist continues the journey of good deeds while hoping to unravel the mystery of who is handling “the God account.” While the atheist feels the warm fuzzies doing kind things for total strangers, one gets the impression he’s gonna go all devil on whoever is behind the God account. During all this craziness, the atheist runs a podcast whose target audience happens to be non-believers.

The current American mentality leaves a lot to be desired. But this show highlights all the good, sometimes sad, elements of having faith. All the little signs you encounter on a daily basis didn’t occur out of nowhere. There’s a superior force working out your life, giving you road signs which path to follow. If you follow the rules, you’re doing okay, but occasionally there will be potholes. What you do with those potholes is up to you.

Do you get out of the car and yell at potholes for disrupting the auto suspension and possibly some spilled coffee? Or do you drive around them, and proceed with caution the rest of the journey? Even if you drove over a pothole by accident, yelling at it would be really dumb and accomplishes nothing.

I see people the same way. Throughout our lives, people come and go, and it’s never without a reason. Some leave long lasting impressions even if they haven’t known you for a long time. Then there are those who’ve known you a long time but as it turns out, they don’t really know you at all. One thing is for sure: the relationships we foster have their very own purpose. And that’s what this show tries to convey, even though it’s obviously targeted to a certain demographic.

(How else are we supposed to engage the youngins ‘? You throw in a little techy geeky shit and it becomes a perfect match. Swipe right. Or is it left?)

If the youngins’ are captivated by the Jedi version of the force, then they have no reason to contest a divinial version in the real world. It has been said by George Lucas himself that the force was inspired by actual religious teachings.

(Note: I can’t locate the actual video in which he said this, but there are numerous interviews where he discusses the light ie joy, peace, contentment; the dark ie fear, hate, power. ) Based on what I just described, those are the basic fundamentals of religion.

That’s where the enlightenment begins. Forget the hyper-structure-organization of it all.

Forget church on Sunday. This show is all you need.

To the Americans: ignore the cacophony and practice tolerance. Humanity depends on it.

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