The Adversarial Pink

Photo by Reuters. I bet if these Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders were afflicted with metastatic cancer, they might get a different perspective about sexing up the pink. The pink poms add further insult to injury. Thanks to the NFL for making a mockery out of cancer patients.

We are now in the heart of the pukey pinkfest season.

Twitter, in its predictable wisdom and algorithms, started the month of October commemorating breast cancer awareness. In the early morning of October 1, the top 20 trending topics had the typical political circus shit show, with #breastcancerawareness in the top five.

I tapped on the hashtag, and found no humans. It was one bot after another. And another. I kept scrolling to see if I could locate some sort of human idiosyncrasy, and there were none to be found. The bots were from various medical resources and organizations, from hospital giving out words of encouragement, to organizations pleading for donations in empathetic fashion. These bot accounts exist to remind the afflicted community why they’re the best cancer beaters in the country, with products and services that’s sure to get your mind and body out of that funk. Plenty of pukey pink were to be found, as if the color choice expounded their message even further. It is so infuriating, because these messages of aversion don’t stop there.

The cancer industry is a big money maker. That is a fact. With deplorable cancer survival rates since the 1950’s, I often wonder why medical professionals, even nurses, enter the field of oncology in the first place.

Because there is major money involved. A simple search using the keywords oncology nurse salaries will give you a pretty good idea what these people make. Let’s just say they are living out their version of the American dream.

I get the impression that the way cancer treatment centers advertise, it’s almost as if there’s shoe sale, or there’s a giveaway, or an exclusive sale at Best Buy. Why are these treatment centers so aggressive with their marketing strategies? If only they were as aggressive in fighting the disease, then such persistent campaigns would never be needed.

Again, there’s too much money at stake when it comes to generating revenue.

Metastatic cancer patients are alone in the fight for better and humane treatment. People can scream, that’s not true! all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. For metastatic breast cancer alone, about 40,000 people a day die from this disease.

For lung cancer, I would venture to guess that number to be higher.

But who really cares, right? They brought that on by themselves, with their nasty smoking habits. What about the people that never smoked? What about the folks that led good, clean lives? What about the folks who routinely used Roundup as part of their garden maintenance? Should they be punished too, and give the green light for society to look the other way? Also, metastatic cancer is still metastatic cancer, no matter where it starts. Why are we dividing metastasis in biological groups? This makes absolutely no sense to me, but this is the kind of dialogue that we need this very second. People’s lives are at stake, yet the oncology industry and “non profit” organizations alike believe it can make it all better with ribbons. To them, I say: fuck you.

Recently there have been interviews that are slowly changing the way the masses think about cancer, specifically, metastatic cancer. I like that the mainstream dialogue is starting to come to surface, but given how aggressive the disease is, the masses have to retaliate with equal, if not greater, force and determination. My heart continues to be sullen over what could have been if such strategies were in effect, say, ten years ago. Just think how loved ones could be living today to celebrate family milestones and achievements if only new treatment was available then like they are now.

I am sending a signal to younger generations: fight the good fight. Not every cancer patient wants to be adorned and celebrated in pukey pink. Speak up for those who cannot, and shun the money mongrels looking to make a profit off of someone elses’ disparities. After all, this group of cretins are one the ones disabling the ability for humanity to evolve. They are defiled creatures hiding under the guise of sincerity and concern. In truth, they are adversaries to the metastatic cancer community. When money is at the forefront, it prevents further advancement of humanity for the greater good, and we, as the human race, have ultimately failed.

Ask questions. When it comes to fundraisers, start by asking how the donated funds will be allocated, and how much of that goes to research. Additionally, please refer to this post for further queries (it is stemmed from an older post from 2009 that shares my exact sentiments). It is imperative that society takes a stand and place such organizations under intense scrutiny.

The more pressure placed on anything having to do with fundraisers and oncology, the more likely we will see improved rates of survival. Ribbons haven’t done shit, but our voices can.

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