It’s Time For Your Brain Be “in the right place,” As Well.

The heart of autumn is nearly approaching; the various shades of amber and orange greet upon us like an old friend. But among the welcoming hues, there’s an intrusive color waiting in the wings; ready to take advantage of goodwill intentions. I’m referring to the cornucopia of pink; the color that serves as the paradigm of avarice in the metastatic cancer community.

It is the month of “pinkwashing” ie the support of pink products that go to cancer research, supposedly.

Over the last 25 years, people have been akin to support afflicted loved ones by buying pink, vomit-inducing products. They do this with good intentions, or so they say, and a glimmer of hope that a penny from their transaction will go towards research.

There is an embedded video I encourage everyone to watch. Although it is specifically about breast cancer, metastatic cancer is still metastatic cancer, no matter where it starts.

No other illness is as unpredictable as metastatic disease. No other illness has death knocking on your door every fucking day.

Why has society remained so nonchalant about metastatic cancer? Society routinely provides those afflicted with “good hearted intentions,” or because their “heart’s in the right place.”

Their heart may be in the right place, but their brain is not. Twenty-five years of deceptive marketing have shielded people’s eyes from the harsh reality: a metastatic diagnosis means you will die. No amount of “warm fuzzies” will ever alleviate from this truth. Ergo, doing things from the heart is illogical. It’s time we do things because it makes sense.

Please take the time to watch this video. METAvivor is a non-profit organization that exclusively focuses on research for better treatments, not a cure. 100% donations are directly allocated for research. It’s comprised of some members who are oncologists, who have a genuine interest in the well being of the afflicted. So far, they’ve done great work. Though I despise the “research” catchphrase, I believe this is an organization that is well ahead of their game simply by educating.

After all, removing 25 years worth of brainwashing by the Komen industry cannot be done overnight.

(Note: I’m not getting compensated for this endorsement, so don’t get it twisted. Sometimes I endorse things because I simply want to.)

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