The Lost Book of Judilithians™️

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This verse is not in the Bible. But it ought to be an addendum.

At my former job, I became acquainted with a co-worker whose main mission was to satisfy and fulfill the word of the Gospel as much as she could. She once told me, “God comes first, and my husband second.” She sensed by the look of skepticism on my face that I was in disbelief. At that time, I was. How could anyone put the needs of an invisible being ahead of one that is in pure flesh and blood, provides for you, and gives up half of his DNA to create another human to nurture and cherish, and secure your immortality at the same time?

A week later, she kills a spider. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t give it last rights, and never sought for forgiveness after committing a cardinal sin.  I inquired, “aren’t spiders considered to be creatures of God?” She adamantly replied no and went about her business. From that moment on, I knew she was not the woman of God she claims to be. If she were, she would have let the spider be, and perhaps find a cup, trap it, go outside and free it, so it can remain to live out its days under the clouds, and enjoy the buffet of other insects. If she were trapped in a scenario where she had to choose between the spider and her husband, I highly doubt she would put the priorities of an arachnid over a human who she confirmed as her equal by marriage. I was saddened to learn her words did not meet her actions. Hypocrisy.

This mixed way of messaging is a small sampling why young people have a hard time connecting with Him, and the church. Young people are making a statement by not going to church: the church is full of hypocrisy, provided by both pastors and its parishioners, and their arrogance blinds them from this catastrophic truth. Their priorities remain on a monetary terrain, with a heavy focus on all things dollar, starting with collection plates. Note to all you priests and pastors with misguided intentions: your guilt trips will not work on me, and it won’t work on anyone that can see right through your greedy punk ass. The young people are revolting against the church because of the church’s embarrassing attempts to “connect” while the hypocrisy swarms among us.

We have been told repeatedly throughout our existence that God is everywhere. That is because He is everywhere, taking on whatever form we are most likely able to make a connection. Trees, bugs, fish, and other species, all considered to be creatures of God. Why would anyone wish to harm them? What did they do? Simply exist? Is there a bible verse that implies humans are superior and all other creatures be damned and killed? That’s no Bible I’d be interested in reading.

The humans who claim to live by the word of God would be the first to throw you a bible verse as a way of confirming their righteousness. And arrogance. I bet if you ask them to plant a tree, they’ll come up with a laughable excuse why they cannot participate to give back or maintain and care for the gifts that have been given us.

Years ago, I made an attempt to appease such divine entity by going to a church service. I went out of my way by getting up at a decent hour, dressed properly, consumed caffeine to initiate a cordial persona, and planned to maintain the mood all throughout the service. We attended the neighborhood church on a Spring Sunday morning. By the time the priest arrived, he graced all with his presence, with pompous flair, and glanced his way in my direction. He didn’t appear very warm, welcoming, or receptive. The devil in disguise, I tbought. He began his sermon with a stern, dubious tone, to strongly suggest that the parishioners remain another 20 minutes to listen to a sales pitch of the church’s upcoming events. My cordial persona soon started to disintegrate. I took a deep breath and focused on the readings. All was fine until we had to shake hands to establish the sign of peace.

Yes. I am one of those people. And I have a damn good reason to be. I hate touching people and I hate them touching me.

After the exchanges of peace, I immediately resorted to the bathroom to wash my hands. I refuse to be privy to the diseases of others. And by “diseases,” I mean the common cold.

Side note: The masses haven’t learned what effects they have to others with suppressed immune systems, thinking that something like a common cold is “no big deal.” Well, it is a big deal, and until people learn to wear masks and/or stay home until the disease subsides, I will continue to be…..”insulting” to others.

The actual sermon lasted for another half hour. I did not stay for the sales pitch. Suffice to say, that church’s version of God was of no interest to me. I never did make another appearance at that church; I sensed nothing receptive about it, albeit the monetary contributions were welcoming in any form.

I left the service feeling more conflicted, because the hypocrisy is heightened in these type of establishments. There was too much judgey side-eye for my taste, even from the priest himself. Since then, I have taken my visits elsewhere on Sunday mornings, on my couch, in the comfort of my own home. There is a church service that is an exemplary template of what services should be like: a couple of readings, some bible study, the Lord’s Prayer, prayers for those in need, and done. No 20-minute sales pitches were required or necessary.

People are quick throw Bible verses as fast as a baseball pitcher throws the ball to the hitter. However, the intended message will end up being a strike most of the time, especially if the actions don’t match the words of which one speaks.

It is time for the people to find their own journey without the intrusion of others whose intentions remain unknown. Noise. Eliminate the noise, because lord knows there’s enough of it in all facets.

Praise Him in your own way. Be charitable in your own way. Walk in his footsteps your own way. Let the church figure out their own mess. Only fools harangue the prose of emptiness to gain the power of disdain. (From Judilithians, my own spiritual reference that I will use on a continuum until humanity gets their shit together).

And for God’s sake…..don’t kill spiders. It would help your street cred.

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