The Research Ruse

As long as we are living in the age of changing rhetoric and misconceptions, there is one rhetoric that is undoubtedly overused: find a “cure” for cancer. The word, “research” also makes my skin crawl.

In a blog post I wrote months ago, I wrote in detail about my disdain for charities and organizations that uses the “find a cure” narrative to fulfill their agendas of greed. Let’s just say that I am exhausted, literally and physically, in hearing the same bullshit like a broken record. After awhile, that broken record turns into a compact disc that gets stuck on that annoying sound:


There are a large population of humans that take their physical mobility for granted. They can freely participate in social activities, tolerate long commutes, and spend quality time with family members, even if it means the haul of a long flight or behind the wheel. They can attend church and engage in social activities while spreading the word of the Gospel at the same time. If you happen to be one of those people, please consider how truly blessed you really are, because you are living life freely without the exhausted agony of living with pain. That, in itself, is a happy life. Anything beyond that is an added bonus. The people who complain about their life, but still have their physical health, well….you’re an asshole, and you will never receive any sympathy from the likes of people like me. Also, these people blessed with good health will not truly see the anomalies of the medical industry and non-profit organizations. Donations keep coming with no question from the masses. All for research. MY ASS.

All the while, I’m lead to believe that some humans also blindly believe in the bullshit the non-profit organizations and the media keep dishing out about finding a cure for cancer. There IS NO SUCH THING. If I could, I would roam the busiest urban intersections with a big sign that says just that. Since I am in no position to do that, this blog is all I have, while educating my closest family members and hope they transcend my teachings to younger generations, and to put pressure on the medical industry on the urgency of better treatments.

I simply cannot support anything with heavy public relations initiatives. In light of #StandUpToCancer that aired recently on every fucking channel, I see it as nothing more than a golden public relations opportunity for those celebrities desperate to remain in the spotlight, hiding behind false premises that a cure will be found…..but you must donate more! They’ve even made it convienant that you can donate by text! /sarcasm.

Meanwhile, there are truly disheartening tweets memorializing loved ones who have demised. I can’t help but think had immunotherapy been around ten years earlier, perhaps more people would be saved, and those kind of tweets would never come to surface.

As a matter of fact, why did it take over 50 years to find a new course of treatment for metastatic cancer patients? Does that mean it will be another 50 years before there’s any more progress with treatment?

Why is society so easily persuaded to donate to false promises, while watching their afflicted loved ones wither away into the silent darkness?

How much longer do these cancer initiatives hide behind the “research” rhetoric before any more loved ones perish?

I responded to a Facebook post awhile back with regard to a local news anchor attending a cancer fundraiser. I *trolled her page by questioning her motives and giving her the facts about the cancer death rate. Her response was a bit defensive, and insisting that her participation was exclusive to helping to raise funds for new research.

There’s that dreaded word again: research.

More fucking delays.

Why is it that we have incredible minds creating incredible technology to ease the workload of turning off lights, changing television channels, and read bedtime stories to children? Yet, the healthcare and medical industry haven’t been able to catch up, and cancer patients are still bound by antiquated methods of treatment that proven time and time again of deplorable survival rates.

We need empathetic souls to put pressure on the medical industry, and campaign for humane treatments instead of finding a “cure.” We need someone to stand up to cancer by insisting that burning and poison infusion will never treat cancer, and implement strong regulation on oncologists taking kickbacks from Big Pharma for the poison they are injecting patients with. I still have a little bit of hope in humanity that this can be accomplished, and I have hope that cancer patients will no longer be privy to such torture on the way to their demise.

* trolling: this is just a guess, as the definition seems to change daily. For now, when you openly question someone in digital space, you are considered a troll. I’m the biggest troll you will ever meet. When it comes to the fight for others who can’t help themselves, ya damn right I will troll until the end of my days.

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