KYOODLE (fka Twitter)

That’s such a funny word, and it’s so much fun to say aloud.

I can’t help but immediately resort to the idea that Twitter ought to be renamed as exactly that: KYOODLE, the new Twitter, and so appropriately named.

Though its definition is directed at animals, think back to your early bio 101 days: we are animals. And we are animals who have simply lost our way in communicating with others without integrating a righteous and superficial approach.

Given how the social platform went from neighborhood bar to a corporate malicious domain, I see the renaming as transition to its true representation of the social platform of late. The celebribots, and all other categories of bots you can think of, as well as PR folks hired good money to create fake outrage, have overwhelmingly consumed Twitter to make it a cacophonous platform. Nowadays, I hang around Twitter as a spectator. I’ve no interest in doing anyone any favors by tweeting, following, “liking,” and retweeting.

But I sure like a good laugh. I hereby rename Twitter……KYOODLE!

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