This Post Does Not Contain Jedi Mind Tricks

It is what it is.

Oh shut up!

It never is what it is; you have the power to change whatever it is.

This is an overplayed, unimaginative phrase. I want to throw shit at anyone that speaks that horrible tongue. I’ve even come across it in books. Shut up already.

Even my husband has fallen victim to this overplayed phrase. I’ve tried to be nice in the beginning. He says this so much, it’s uttered in every sentence. I have no choice to be bitchy now. I’ll seek out forgiveness later.

People have the power to make the necessary adjustments. There’s no shame in asking for help. I’m not talking about psychologists and the happy pill kind. I’m referring to something more powerful than any happy pill and therapist can ever fulfill. I’m talking about God.

After you’re done rolling your eyes, fathom this: reputables from around the world encourage you to seek help; that there’s no shame in asking for help from outside sources. But they rarely mention a spiritual variety, to seek out higher entities, or just attend church to be closer to God. Behold…..a double standard. As much as you shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek outside help from happy pills, the same ought to applied to those looking for spiritual guidance. Perhaps that’s considered embarrassing because there’s a “stigma” attached: that every God fearing human will throw scripture at you, adhere to the strict rules of the church, and donate 25% of their income to the church so all their wishes will come true.

Sadly, there are crazy people like that, and those people make it worse for the rest of us who prefer to be close with God in other ways. Yes. There are other ways.

If you mention God to a cynic, you’re most likely met with a series of reasons why no such deity exists.

Contrary, if you mention the “force is with us,” it is met with jubilance, and idiosyncrasies of Star Wars fandom. Why do folks go crazy over one thing and not the other, when both hold the same ideals to perfect humanity?

The difference is that one version was written a million years ago. The other more recent, say, the last 40 years.

I believe people would be more accepting of God if He was viewed in a similar fashion. After all, you hardly hear Luke Skywalker throwing around quotes from Yoda in precarious situations. He uses energy, known as the “force.” I perceive God in this fashion. God doesn’t mind it, either, so as long as He is acknowledged.

I came across an interview of George Lucas and he describes the “force” in a similar way. The very foundation that religion is based upon is also how the force was conceptualized. The energy that binds us; the oxygen that emits from all creatures, illuminate the living. What we do with that energy depends on the path we want to take. Luke chose the good and bright side; Vader, not so much.

Erratic anomalies throughout the earth time continuum forces humans to become more self aware. We desperately seek, and demand answers as to why we have to suffer through some horrific scenarios. If it weren’t for these experiences, we would not have the tools to comfort others in their time of need. I refer to it as “life experience” and without it, we cannot comfort others without such wisdom. It’s something I learned the hard way. Not once did I refer to the Bible or attend church regularly throughout the challenging phases of my life.

I don’t get hung up on the fairy tale. I speak to God through the breeze and ripples in the water. I can hear him in the serene tones of music and see him in the vivid hues of a sunset sky. I see the critters of backyard wonderment, and some have ethereal ways of approaching me. I remain calm and gentle, and they reward me by not attacking me in their defense.

America has become balkanized. No amount of happy pills and therapists will return the light that is within us. Stories of persistent controversies in the Catholic Church, televangelists, and people who insist with their interpretation of Bible study make it hard for those looking to restore faith, not just in themselves, but as a country as a whole. We need to get away from the darkness that threatens to penetrate our well being, get away from the confines of churches, and speak to God as you see fit. He doesn’t mind. After all, you are his kid. He will listen to you no matter what.

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