The Fairytale Misnomer

Two separate issues, John Legend Celebribot. A man of God would never resort to stealing the joy of another. Then again, I suppose that’s what your fandom craves, isn’t it?

John “Legend” is not a man of God. At least, the Twitter version of him remains much to be desired. The celebribots polluting the social media airwaves are heavy with political strife. The use of their cyber celebrity prowess to influence the naive to believe one way and one way only. Their mission seems to invoke the bullying persona to induce some sort of guilt trip for the non-believers; to take away their peace.

I have read many tweets from the celebribots (specifically, A listers of the Hollywood and journalism ilk), and they all embark on the same narrative. Fuck Trump, fuck his voters, and fuck anyone who stands against us.

They all express the same disdain, allow people to hate rather than rely on faith. And love thy neighbor.

Side note: I don’t “love” my neighbors. I don’t even know them, and don’t care to know them. I have very little patience for people who heavily rely on their echo chambers, because one wrong comment can put me in a bad mood in an instant. Neighbors would put me in that position. I will come to know them in my own time when I’m better prepared.

I realize this is a characteristic that needs a lot of work. I’ve been told only God can judge, however my instincts have a pretty impressive accuracy rate. I’d like to think that my instincts are driven by the powers that be, not by a priest or some book written by numerous folk thousands of years ago. Let’s just say the “force” is always with us (follow the blog for future clarification). Unfortunately, the John Legends of the world are too pre-occupied to spread the word of God, i.e. kindness, tolerance, provide for the less fortunate. That is the God I have come to know. That is the current journey I am on, unequivocally.

Imagine: if all the celebribots assuaged their fandom with spiritual wisdom instead of resorting to balkanization, this world would be more at peace and less angry toward one another. Perhaps Twitter would reconfigure back to its younger, glory days of communicating without the intrusive likes” or reply in one’s timeline.

The current status quo balks at the idea of an entity controlling our lives. I used to be one of those people, exhibiting a slight snicker at any mention of a deity. I understand why people are disenfranchised by the means of an organized religion (for more information on this, please refer to the movie, Dogma). But one should never shy away from the very foundation of which religion is based upon. Overall, be a nice person. Practice kindness. Don’t feel obligated to give away your life savings just because some cat eyed priest eyeballed the crap out of you as he entered the church.

Far for me to throw around Bible verses. I detest when people do this, because a) it’s their own interpretation, b) their interpretation is dependent on which version of the Bible they are quoting from.

Come on… many versions of the Bible do we really ‘fricken need??!

It’s no wonder many are turned off by religious jargon, or any religious association in general.

I’ll admit I’ve never read the Bible. I’ve heard it’s a pretty nasty piece of work, filled with incest, misogyny, rape, prosecution, just to name a few. Why would I submit myself to that when I can just focus on the good parts. By good parts, I mean the real life things that occur daily: gratitude for my family, pets, and a roof over my head. You’d think that the celebribots would spread the good words of God instead of lecturing the masses how to vote. It seems they want the masses to be angrier. Why? Why are the celebribots trying to steal their joy? Worse, why are they succeeding?

A God exists. I believe this to be true. Jesus walked this earth on a legendary journey. At the very least, there is proof of his existence. Was he truly the only person that rose from the dead (after three days) to float up to the heavens to meet with His pops? I don’t believe that story to be true, but Jesus did exist. That thought alone makes me want to improve for the better. Unfortunately, society is hung up on the fairy tale. Many want to profit (not prophet, don’t get it twisted) from the fairy tale. This is where the atheists have issues (one of many) and I cannot fault them. (See what I did there? Tolerance.)

Speaking of greedy pastors, the likes of Paula White and Joel Osteen doesn’t aspire to spread the word of God without some sort of “threat” to your existence or constant ads to remind you of a world tour, books, and DVD’s. As I tell my husband (who loathes Joel Osteen, with vehemence) I focus on the message.

The message.

The message.

The message.

The message is free. And always will be.

Sadly, the celebribots, televangelists, molestation and other mayhem in the Catholic Church have steered the masses away from the message. The message is being outnumbered by dubious forces sought to destroy. The energy they use to exert destruction can be used to relay messages of kindness and peace.

Forget the Bible’s fairy tale. Forget organized religion. But don’t forget to practice tolerance and kindness. That’s a great place to start.

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