The Age of Celebribot™️

I’ve tried to add the term, “celebribot,” to the databases of Urban Dictionary, but they insist the need to know who I am. They do not allow VPN-related IP’s (I’m not that much of a tech geek to know the jargon), so they don’t allow users to add new words with hidden IP address. Allow me to say that I understand why the use of a VPN is frowned upon, but I don’t have the time or the energy to fight with the tech geek on the other side I am who I say I am. I use a VPN because, to be frank, it’s none of your fucking business who I am. So, in return I am “punished” with not be able to use their platform.

Oh boo fucking hoo.

So, to commemorate my punishment, I will share my newly invented word that users of social media should incorporate all throughout the social media realm: celebribot.


( suh – leb – ri – bot )


Definition: Celebribots are conjured by the imaginations of the folks in the public relations sector. They are used as a representation of their client in the form of a bot for the purposes of engagement and promotion. Celebribots are typically entertainers and politicians used in all forms of social media articulation.


  • Madonna herself has no time for Twitter. That’s why she hired a PR firm to create a celebribot of her to promote her new album.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t read any of your tweets. He appears as a celebribot by means of a third party who’s responsible for his abhorrent, rage inducing tweets.
    Chelsea Handler, who once had a successful show on Netflix, quit after two seasons claiming it is for activism and humanitarian as reasons. Translation: she was offered a gig by someone in the opposing party to employ outlandish stratagems using her digital influence.

I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter is inundated with celebribots, and it’s truly alarming. I have previously inquired why so many exert precious energy to divert their anger and other unwarranted extrapolations toward a mechanical entity. I’m sure it provides some relief, but I would think that energy would have been better spent elsewhere. As one twitter user pointed out:

letters and posts addressed to a person is intended for the general audience and not the targeted person. That is a long used tactical way of making a point and it is OK

If it’s intended for the general audience, wouldn’t a new tweet do just as well with the applicable hashtags?

She is a closet follower of my blog. I recently discussed the habit of interacting with celebribots. Even “liking” is a form of promotion, and the more you “like” tweets, the more you are doing favors with good intentions. Based on my observations, I have to say there is an alarming rate of people in the US that don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good with every angry tweet directed at the Donald. All the hatred, anger, sadness expressed toward Donald Trump in the social media realm amplifies and improves his public relations initiative. I believe this concept is way beyond human comprehension, which is why the aforementioned user responded rather generically.

I continue to worry over the mental state of our country.

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