Modern Day Advertising Favors Cruelty To Animals

That is how I feel. I am abhorred what advertising has become.

On WGN TV (Chicago), I’ve recently learned of a horrifying tv ad that is now running every hour. It’s running on many stations, but WGN is the only local station I watch. The ad features McDonald’s and horrifying imagery of tortured chickens. Since I’ve seen the ad only once in its entirety, I fail to provide any more detail. But that’s all you really need to know anyway. If you watch television at any time of the day, there’s a surefire chance you’ve seen it.

The last time I tuned in to WGN was to watch the Cubs game. This ad ran four times throughout the duration of the game. What the fuck???

Many years ago I was employed with a local newspaper in the display advertising department. Our clientele was diverse from non-profit organizations to national accounts. The advertising executives worked according to quotas, and these quotas must be met regularly. However, there have been the occasional ad that gets turned down due to its content. The paper was privately owned by the same family for three generations. Ergo, they instill conservative attributes that assures the reader to feel right at home and not be assaulted with extremist’s views. It was a printed version of a family atmosphere.

The owners protected the reputation of the newspaper in that it is considered a family newspaper. Since advertising is the driving force for its revenue, ad executives had to be careful not to allow any ads considered too offensive in any way. During my time, I recall a number of ads turned away due to its questionable nature.

That was then. Today, advertising executives lack the morals and decency to even think of their audience. I bet if they had young children of their own, they wouldn’t think of introducing them to such imagery. I bet they wouldn’t approve if I told them to “change the channel if you don’t like it.”

I do not know what non-profit is running this ad. Whoever they are, I am lead to believe they are more interested in exploiting animal cruelty for monetary purposes than actually saving the lives of animals. I am curious to know the exact number of animals lives saved vs. the programs they insist is needed to continue their “mission.” Until I am certain of this information, I will not succumb to any guilt-inducing ploys that come my way.

Meanwhile, the modern day ad executives proclaim their allegiance to pure greed. They are obsessed with capital. It’s obvious. After all, the entire purpose of advertising is to get people talking. But I don’t believe they’re talking in a good way. Rather, the audience is pissed off, and the ad becomes counterproductive. The Unhappy Meal ad is counterproductive. As far as ad execs are concerned, they wipe their hands clean and boast that their job is done. Perhaps. But I predict that one day, the public will become so outraged over the graphic nature of such ads, they will eventually figure out the very core of the ad agency’s intent: the greedy attributes of the modern day ad executives, and that their paychecks are nicely padded. National ad sales is more expensive than local, and there’s someone out there, feet on the desk, basking in the artificial light of their urban office while reaping the benefits of mutilated chickens.

Advertisers will have to figure out a better way to produce better content without resorting to horrifying and desperate measures. If they don’t, the greed will backfire and result to low viewership (or readership, whichever applicable). Pissing off your audience isn’t a reassuring way to keep the company afloat.

Animal cruelty is not to be taken lightly. But the constant graphic imagery all hours of the day isn’t good either. The audience should be encouraged, not scared. We should be enlightened, not horrified. We need heart, not hate.

To conclude, the aforementioned ad is running on many stations. One of the stations, WGN TV, has been running it for about a month, 2-3 times every hour. Annoy the crap out of them and voice your concern. DO NOT FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM. Contact forms are too easy to “get lost” or too easy to claim they were “never received.” Bullshit.

Modern day advertising has become malicious in recent years. If the public ignores it, we’ll see an increase in horrifying images in advertising and these vexatious intentions of ad executives will get out of control.

By the way….. I realize I’m just a tiny blog with under 50 followers. But all it takes is one voice……ONE….that can be just as powerful as 1,000 voices. Just something to consider.


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