More Shame and Ridicule About Your Fake Following

I try not to interact with any person of high social status and/or profile because I’m fully aware I’m engaging with machines. If it’s a topic that’s simply too enticing to resist, I speak in a general sense, as if I’m directing my response to preceded comments, not the original poster.

I am convinced that folks who respond to the Donald Trump’s ravenous tweets are either bots themselves, or really have no clue about who actually handles that account. Yes, I laugh historically at the many well composed, cleverly crafted insults directed at the President. Do they think the President actually reads them? Or are they publicly announcing their dismay for further self gratification from the masses?

I have bad news: Donald Trump doesn’t operate his own Twitter account. Neither does any other politician. Neither do celebrities. And athletes. And music people. And YouTube stars. And influencers. Oh shit. The entire internet is fake!

I encountered this piece about the fake follower pandemic. Very comprehensive, and I strongly recommend you read it before you get all pissy over a bot’s evil tweet. And again, I stress: for those of you that have fake followers, think about what that really says about you as a person?

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