Dare I Say It: Happy Father’s Day!

If it was up to the #metoo broads, they would work hard to eradicate Father’s Day from the calendar faster than you can say “papa.” These broads are dead set that the brainless and despicable sperm donors outnumber the fathers who genuinely bust their ass everyday to provide for their families. I say there is noshame in dedicating ONE DAY to commemorate these men, and let karma take care of the brainless sperm donors.

These are the men who would take a bullet if it meant their families are safe. These bullet-taking men deserve praise. They are out there, and I personally know a few. But don’t take my word for it.

This category of bullet-taking patriarchs exist. They bust their ass in the workforce. For example, the men who serve and protect, first responders, and teachers, most likely experienced a shit day at its peak. At the end of the workday, they help their lady with dinner, cleanup, and assist with the kids. They work hard to provide; to assist with the bills; make sure there’s food on the table; help with homework. They are adamant about sharing the parenting responsibilities because they love their family.

These patriarchs exist; don’t cast them aside and deem them irrelevant. That would be mighty shitty. Speaking of shitty, I read a tweet that flipped Father’s Day and made it about moms. This broad evidently forgot moms already have Mother’s Day, ON TOP OF women’s month (March I think); birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and wedding anniversaries, and the entire MeToo movement. Let’s give men one fucking day.

Let’s give single fathers praise as well. A LOT OF PRAISE. My father was trying to raise a bratty teenager after loading and unloading trucks all day. He tolerated pompous antics from my uncle, who was his boss. He would stop at a bar for a quick drink to calm his nerves. He was still grappling with the loss of his wife after 40 years of marriage.

My father didn’t make a lot of money, and he had health issues. But he still made time to make sure I was fed, and made me laugh. My father had the best sense of humor. And he had help from no one.

I raise my glass to the the bullet taking patriarchs. While you may feel the entire female population is against you, you have at least one ally.

Enjoy that beer. Happy Father’s Day!

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