I’m Here to Add to the Internet Noise™

I don’t get caught up in internet noise. Indeed, internet noise™ is a real thing. That is because I just made it up, and anything made up on the internet is the real deal.

Internet noise is basically everything ever said on the internet, and 90% of it contain people talking about themselves. You can thank social media for the noise pollution. That is why you shouldn’t label the folks begging for peace, because peace is a commodity that is becoming hard to find.

I thought I found a bit of tranquility when I encountered a blog post that talked about God. I love to read about God, but the post went on and on and on and on and on….

…..and on

…..and on

….and on

….and on.

What’s worse, the blog post was personally about its author, and their own personal relationship with God. The post was at least 1000 words in and still hasn’t gotten to the point. I gave up. No star. No “like.” Nothing. I. Just. Cannot.

I’m not going to apologize in admitting I wasn’t interested in what the author had to say. Reading about the lives of other people, especially strangers, don’t interest me. On a religious level, everyone interprets and connects to God differently. I can write over 1000 words about how God speaks to me through the trees, but if you connect with Him via a slice of toast, we won’t jive on a reading level.

My blog is very sporadic. I love to write, but I don’t write about myself. That’s narcissistic. I try to find topics relating to current events and expound on them. Everyone can relate to current events in some capacity, so when the mood strikes, I write. I’m not selfish. But I do have an inkling to save the internet environment.

My point: there’s too many of these me, me, me posts out there. Please stop it. Only your friends find you exciting. I don’t. Stop the littering! Don’t even recycle.


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