Televangelists Need to Go Away and Let Paula White Be the First

At my former job, there was a co-worker who raved about televangelists. At first, I would listen to her out of courtesy, but I’d also discreetly brush off her recommendation to give their sermons a listen. This was a very intelligent lady, so I assumed she must have heard about Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker as well as other controversies of the past….and present. It puzzles me why she was such a big fan of these money whores.

One day, I decided to heed her recommendation and flipped through various Christian channels. I became enthralled with sermons from various preachers, as the words and messages they exude are truly stirring and on-point. Until….

…the code words start to invade. Specifically, words like “partnership” to make their avarice seem less noticeable. Often, televangelists give a good talk until they spam you with the partnership babble, making whatever they preached about become tarnished and less valuable.

(Note to investigative journalists: where are you? Put an end to these frauds already! I know, I know…..there are so many to choose from!)

Every televangelist has a product to sell, and many of these products do not come cheap. If you want to hear the sermon live in person, tickets are just as expensive as a rock concert. I believe I would find it equally pleasing to spend that money to see my favorite band. It humors me a great deal how televangelists think they’re rock stars, when the real rock star is the very Man they always preach about.

Thankfully, there are podcasts that you can listen to for free. It costs nothing to hear about His wisdom. I’d rather listen to a podcast than watch it on TV. There are commercials (for me, ONE commercial is too many), and often there are commercials spamming the viewer with DVD’s, books, and sermon tours. It’s almost as if these televangelists are preaching to the masses exclusively for the money – and they know the public will fall for this nonsense as they don’t want to piss away their chances getting through the pearly gates.

Shame on you, public. You should know better.

I wonder how many people will give in to the disgust called Paula White. Paula White, by the way, was my co-worker’s favorite televangelist. I wonder what she thinks of White’s latest request to give up your January salary or prepare to receive God’s wrath. Never mind. She would stick up for Paula White. There is a reason we don’t talk anymore.

The God I’ve been studying is nothing like what Paula White has recently dispersed. Real heralds of His wisdom simply don’t go around with threats and/or bombard their parishioners to purchase their products every chance they get. The last church service I attended started with the priest urging the parishioners to stay after the sermon to hear 20 minutes worth of information with regard to money making opportunities exclusive for the church, and he had a bit of an attitude. Tithing is one thing, but people are confined to a little something called a “budget,” a necessary evil I fear that some priests just don’t understand. Televangelists understand perfectly, and they pray on the public’s fear accordingly.

I will not help Paula White in any capacity. I won’t even assist by giving her contact information for the best plastic surgeon in the country (yes, I have access to that information, not that she or anyone else will benefit). Paula White is a representative of hate, acting as His “supreme herald” that also threatens you. I am more than willing to risk the “penalties,” and I will encourage others not to give in to the threatening nonsense.

Support your local church, but any church that demands a certain percentage of your salary raises a major red flag. It’s why I stopped going and prefer to watch Sunday Mass on television. It is my strong belief why church attendance has been down the last decade. There’s too much solicitation and not enough wisdom. And Paula White has none of it.

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