Why I Won’t Be Sad if iHeartRadio Were To Go Away Forever

Happy 2018 to everyone except the manufacturers of “smart” devices and its developers.

I’m glad the youngins’ think that smart devices are all that, but really, they are more trouble than they are worth. Here lies yet another reason why older generations cannot get on the same page with the youngins’.

I originally had the afternoon planned exclusively dedicated to a writing project I am currently working on. Instead, I wasted time fiddling around with an app to get my “smart” speaker to work. This speaker is controlled using the app by the manufacturer. Since I don’t load my personal music on the app, I use streaming music services i.e. iHeartRadio. I was situated in my “writing” mode when all of a sudden the app stopped working. After a couple of hours uninstalling, reinstalling, powered off and on, changed passwords–you name it–I was on the verge of tears. All I wanted was some fucking music.

There is no other way to get this speaker to work. It is not bluetooth enabled, so the only way to get it to work is to use the manufacturer’s app. iHeartRadio being the culprit, insisted with an automated message that places the blame on me by insisting my network connection is not working. I call bullshit.

So when I checked their Facebook page, it revealed numerous customers that were having similar issues. iHeartRadio never owned up to their follies until after these complaints surfaced. To make matters worse, they respond with the typical automated bot response.

I am tremendously irked by the idea of “smart” devices in general. It’s a surefire way for manufacturers and developers to obtain your personal data by forcing the consumer to use apps for their devices to work. Even when you do get them working, you’re “punished” with a non-working app if you don’t update it regularly, and they don’t give advance warning.

I eventually gave up on iHeartRadio, and signed up for Spotify. When I tried to stream it via the manufactuer app, I got an automated message to say I must have a paid, premium subscription to use it this way. Well, fuck you! Give me back my wired, sub-woofer Sony speakers. Or bluetooth. I mean — come on — I used to be able to press the “on” button to my stereo, and voila….music in an instant. This afternoon, at least two hours were wasted just to get any kind of music to play.

It annoys the everliving shit out of me that young people don’t see these smart devices as problematic. Well, if they are willing as to give away their bank account information for a smart device to work, (or any device that wasn’t too complicated in the first place), more power to them.

Meanwhile, my Saturday will be spent returning this piece of crap “smart” speaker and exchange it for a bluetooth, making sure to not infest it with anything iHeartRadio.

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