Listen to the Ears of the Bears

They are sending a discreet message to the human race: Stop fucking with us. Isn’t it about time you find something else for entertainment? Don’t you have enough stores to buy shit you don’t really need? I realize you could care less about the wildlife. You don’t live their life, but do you have to be a blatant asshole about it?

I’m paraphrasing. That doesn’t mean you should not consider this message for some serious consideration.

I moved to an area many years ago that was free from architectural branding, disruptive LED signages, and deceptive advertising all around. It was a mass of tall vegetation gently swaying in the breeze, and a barrage of lush greenery certain times of the season. Above them are hues of blue and gray skies, where one would witness flocks of birds flying to their next destination, be it a food source or simply getting from one place to another. This environment played a role in my decision to buy a home in this area, as it was free from the mindless clutter that is rampant today. I felt like it was a little bit of God’s country, where sometimes it’s okay to breathe in the beauty that He originally sketched, for purpose of superfluous quietude.

Over time, these open areas have been victimized by clouds of avarice. Many shopping strip malls contain uncomfortably obvious vacant spaces, where the stores that once boomed fell privy to its own selfish tactics. There are a mass number of developments where these open spaces once flourished, and they remain as an undeveloped development. There is no one to thank for these shadows of monetary malfunctions, except the mayor, who thought afflicting these lands with commerce was a really good idea.

Prior to buying a home, I lived in an area that was famous for commerce. As a teen, I would take two buses just to get to one mall that was famous for mallrats of the day. I guess you can consider it the YouTube of the time, as some artists were made famous by busting out tunes in the mall’s atrium. The tales of such malls only heightened their popularity, and with that, came an invite for supplemental commerce. As more retailers accepted these invites, the area became more congested than ever. Whatever little land there was ceased to exist with the developer’s blessings shrouded in manipulative hypocrisy.

By the time I married, we moved to Commerce City, USA. It was a culture that was equal to the inner city, with traffic congestion getting the top prize. When there was talk of developers wanting to construct a massive five-screen, IMAX theater with surrounding restaurants and shopping, residents of a highly affluent neighboring suburb pitched a very loud bitch, claiming traffic congestion (in an area already beleaguered with congestion), encouragement of bad behaviors (the rich don’t want to read about their kid’s involvement in a shoplifting ring) and a descend in their property values as a result. My initial reaction was that they were being awfully selfish and presumptuous, but still wanted to help them in their fight. My reasons were vastly different than theirs.

There is something to be said about the fight from companies like Patagonia. While they are asking the citizens and lovers of all things pure, to band together and gallantly join the crusade to preserve public land, it should be noted that all open land merit similar sentiments. Whatever farm lands and other open spaces are left, they are vulnerable to pleonexia. If the humans don’t stop this madness, their great great-broods will never be able to distinguish the genuine birthday suit of Earth.

Yes, I love being in the serenity of plants, wildlife, and skies. I wouldn’t go as far as assuming I am a tree hugger. I am not a tree hugger, though I do get more joy hugging trees than humans.

If you are ever given an opportunity to save open land, the human thing to do is fight to preserve it. The snobs lost their fight to the IMAX developers, and now that area is in the top ten of the most congested areas of the entire state. It turns out they were correct in the long run, and the developers are now laughing all the way to the bank. This is happening everywhere. Please make this shit stop!



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