In Defense of Angela Lansbury

It’s all about levels, ladies.

It’s crazy what is going on in the media. It’s even crazier if you’re a middle-aged white guy television personality. It’s almost as if there’s a sociological pattern that the media clings to, in that society loves to see middle-age white men fall down the spiral of publicity doom.

So much finger pointing. So little conversation. As of right now, men are scared shitless to genuinely compliment a woman. Meanwhile, the skanks that knowingly use their sexuality to their advantage are getting away with their nonsense because they know society has their back by default. Don’t roll your eyes at what I just typed… know this to be true. I believe that was the message Angela Lansbury meant to imply in last week’s news. Internet outrage ensued, many from women. I can’t help but wonder, out of all the angry women, how many of them got pissy when their sexual encounters didn’t transcend them to a higher level i.e. career-wise and/or relationship during their lifetime? These women exist, and those are the skanks Ms. Lansbury is targeting. If I’m mistaken, that’s who I’m targeting.

In her day, the term “skanks” wasn’t born yet, so she relayed the message in her own crotchety way. She is a product of the “Silent Generation.” Heh. Not so silent now, are you old-fogeys?

I will never take a woman’s side just because she’s a woman. Yes, I am a woman, and yes, I am guilty of upping my game just to get attention for various reasons. I have worn my fair share of Wonderbras, red lipsticks, and slim-fitting dresses, because yes, I wanted attention. I adored the ego boost. I turn into a pile of mush when a man throws a compliment my way. There are women out there however, that take it to the next level, and when things don’t go their way, they turn vindictive. Bear in mind, we are living in a culture where no one wants to own up to responsibility for their actions. Such internet campaigns like #metoo further encourages the mindset of the skank. Meanwhile, the victims who suffered from the real crimes are buried in the depths of cyber balderdash.

There is nothing wrong with getting attention. It’s when you enter the next level of deceit, and cry fowl when things don’t go as vindictively planned…..those women deserve to be shunned. Women like Jaime Phillips.

Oh no. I feel like I’m ruining it for skanks everywhere. Hahahahahaha!!!

Please do not confuse this post as some sort support for Matt Lauer. I’ve despised him since his patronizing interview with Michael Phelps in 2009. He put Michael Phelps under unnecessary scrutiny for his bong incident, casting aside all his world-wide achievements. Hats off to Mr. Phelps for sitting through the scrutiny like a gentlemen. Good riddance, pretentious Matt Lauer. You should be so lucky to be in the presence of grandeur.

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