Open letter to Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder

wiki dnate

Dear Mr. Wales:

I understand your concern. Everyone and anyone wants my hard-earned money. (It’s actually my husband’s money, but still.) I still have a little bit of money left from my previous job that I can do whatever I please with it. Your intrusive pop-up is not going to convince me otherwise.

It seems everyone wants my money. After a period of climatic misfortunes, I have donated what I have been able to afford, and it wasn’t much. There are residents of Puerto Rico that are still feeling the ramifications from their last weather anomaly. The CEO’s of Red Cross are laughing all the way to the bank along with text messages of donations. The poverty levels are at an uncomfortable superfluity. Believe it or not, there are bigger issues out there……where do you think Wikipedia ranks? [Citation needed].

In addition, I hosted Thanksgiving this year, so that means funds were spent on groceries more than usual this time of year. I don’t regret it one bit. Should I feel obligated to donate and risk going over budget because you resort to intrusive pop-up brainwashing tactics?

I have budgeted a certain amount of dollars exclusive to donations, and you are not among them. Not even a glimmer. You, along with a gazillion other organizations, are begging for money after Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthdays, hurricanes….and we haven’t even touched Christmas!

Look, I appreciate your heroics and your persistence to run the site ad free, but the pop-up asking for donations is an irony in itself. My pop-up blocker somehow missed this, but I’m not mad. There are ad stopping plugins and software being developed and getting better every day. If anything, I’d rather donate to those folks who take our internet surfing interests to heart. Besides, when you have Google in your back pocket, of course you’re going to be the top site! Whatever key word I type, the Wiki page is always first on the search. I click it because the information is right there, and I don’t always have time to investigate the subject further. I realize I have no one to blame but me, but I suspect you will remain in the top rankings for a while, even without my $3 donation.

By the way, I don’t get Tuesday morning coffee. I brew coffee at home, and my world of math tells me it costs much less than three dollars a cup. I’m not sure where you get your coffee from, but you need to find a place that won’t overcharge for burnt coffee.

I can’t afford to afford you. If Wikipedia were to go away today, let’s just say I won’t be heartbroken. I still have my encyclopedias and my local library. Since my property taxes insist on going up every year, I’m going to use the shit out of my library now more than ever.

I simply cannot donate to everyone that asks for donations, but I can budget accordingly. In my list of priorities, animals in need will always come first. In my list of aforementioned primacies, again I ask: where do you think Wikipedia ranks? [citation needed].

Yours in notes and references,

JCL – United States




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