These Words Speak Louder Than Actions

There is no relevant discussion when it comes to sexual harassment. While the media is busy pointing fingers, I feel it is necessary to include some talking points when it comes to such anomalies. If you are serious about curbing radical behaviors, and have a keen interest in human rights, the logical thing to do is invoke discussion. We simply cannot end the disparity of such behavior if all we’re doing is point the finger. Enough.

I’ve included some talking points from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center to help with this quest:


In addition to physical forms of assault, forms of sexual harassment can include inappropriate statements,
lewd gestures,leering behavior, and sexually explicit jokes,
emails,or texts.These behaviors can occur anytime or any placeincludingbusinesses,
schools, workplaces or public places. People who sexually harass do so in an effort to belittle,
humiliate, and control others by using sex or sexually-explicit materials and
language to make another person feel uncomfortable and fearful. Sometimes their motive is
to have power over that person or to use the power they already have in order to coerce others
into sexual activities. Their actions, although sexual in nature, are essentially about
exerting power over another person.


In Latin, quid pro quois defined as“this for that.”In other words, the harasser implies or demands sexual
activities in exchange for a service or condition.Examples include not being hired or promoted at work,or not
getting a good grade in class unless the person submits to sexual activities.

A hostile work environment is created when the actions of those who are sexually harassing
become so pervasive that they affect an individual’s work performance or create an offensive environment.
Hostile work environment scan exist in workplaces, academic settings and the military. Examples include
sexual jokes or innuendoes,as well as displaying or viewing pornography and degrading images.

Street harassment occurs when someone directs unwanted sexually-explicit comments to others in public spaces,
such as streets, parks or mass transit. It is propelled by a sense of entitlement and disrespect,and is used to
intimidate and bully others.

Please visit NSVRC for more information.

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