The Mindset of Generations

Incase you haven’t noticed, different generations have differing perspectives. For example, if you have an opposing argument on any given topic, you will get an immediate sense how hard you must work at persuasion. Or not.
Let’s examine the generational mindsets using the overused dictum, “get off my lawn:”
The Bobby Soxers (aka “The Silent Generation”): Even if I had lawn, there’s none for you here.

Baby boomers: get off my lawn

Gen X: you must have mistaken my lawn for someone else’s.

Millennial/Gen Y: The grass is greener on the other side.

Gen Z: Welcome to my Smart Lawn.


And there you have it.

I must close with this: I take great offense at the disadvantaged classification given to people born from in the late 1920’s through 1945-ish. Indeed, this was a tumultuous period during World War II, but it appears to dismiss the sacrifice and turmoil that inhabited the nation. Contrary, this was also an era that gifted us with the likes of Frank Sinatra. This era was far from silent.

Despite its alleged origins, I find it peculiar these epithets suffice at the height of the digital age.

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