#TalkIsSheep: Don’t Be Sheep

We are all guilty of it: you take advantage of your phenomenal good looks and sexual beastly instincts to get ahead. At least once. As a woman, I have done so on many occasions, but that was on a basis of a test to see whether I still “got it.” When you reach a certain age, this becomes a test of satisfaction and to put the ego boost in turbo mode.

The recent bombardment of sexual allegations in the media left me ultimately dubious, rather than feeling any empathy for the “victim.” I put the latter in quotation marks because I fear many are playing the victim card as means of promotion.

The latest “casualty” to the victim card is Ellen Page, who came out with the bravest demeaners to say she was sexually assaulted by Brett Ratner during the filming of X-Men. Of late, we have yet heard his side of the story. I refuse to be on the side of a woman just because she’s a woman. If anything, that’s more reason to remain cynical (Not a misogynist, I’m a realist. In today’s society, no one does or says anything out of the genuine goodness of their hearts, unless there is something in it for them).

While waiting patiently to hear Mr. Ratner’s version, news of Ms. Page’s latest gig on Netflix also hit the very same day.

I would hate to think Ms. Page is playing the victim card (under the advice of her publicist) just to promote her new gig. It’s almost as if Hollywood is taking advantage of a wildly popular topic with the masses just to stay in the limelight. Right now, it’s “hip” to play the victim card.

Look at me, I’ve been raped too. Don’t forget to check out my new show on Netflix!

To describe it as “tacky” is an understatement. Alarmingly, society is falling for this. Rushing to judgement, without giving the accused the benefit of giving their side of the story.

Or perhaps Mr. Ratner’s in on it too, per whatever confidentially agreement he signed off on.

The sheep (fans of the “victims”) will argue that, hey, celebrities are people, too. I beg to differ. They’re in the business to promote and market a brand. Did the Kardashians teach you nothing?!

Celebrities in a class all by themselves. Another example: many of them join in the fight to save those afflicted by weather anomalies, and persuade you with melodic tunes and tight physiques, to donate to the Red Cross. That’s wrong, celebrities. Way wrong!

My point: Don’t be sheep. Resist the urge to believe the media, celebrities, and associated hype without incorporating some critical thinking skills. Don’t take anything celebrities promote at face value (in the case of charitable causes, they have to participate to satisfy the terms of their contract). Don’t offer sympathy until you hear BOTH sides of the story. It’s the human (and smart) thing to do.



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