Enraged At White Privilege? Go to the Source.

There was a time when then President George W. Bush received as much ridicule as Donald Trump receives today for different reasons. Post 9/11, outrage ensued, conspiracy theories were born, and was the top moneymaker for Hollywood. Opponents of the Bush administration nitpicked all of his wrongdoings. All, except for being a part of a secret society whose primary ambition was to revel in misogyny and expound their white privileges.

Shortly after Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” was released, George W. Bush was the most hated man in America. Social media was not as exuberant as it is today, but the vile that existed then was equal to the animosity that exists today. If the anti-Bush people suspected you were pro-Bush, you were considered a terrorist and the scum of the Earth, as you are helping a man in high power conspire against the United States.

But in all that time, there was little to NO mention of starting a campaign to fight against sexual violence and racism. Even though George W. Bush is part of that society, I suspect it was all hushed by the same folks who are paid a good sum to secrete schismistic hashtags and memes to divert the more popular ideas from the masses.

From Michael Moore’s Facebook page, he posts:

“Why do we live in a society where men do not intervene when they witness the mistreatment of women? I have intervened on more than one occasion……”

I could be wrong, as I have seen Fahrenheit 9-11 only once, but I don’t recall the movie ever addressing the issue of sexual violence and George W. Bush’s part in it via super duper covert rituals of the Bonesman. If it had, there was no outrage. It wasn’t a popular topic at the time. The rest of Hollywood could have used their platform to address this issue then, but it wasn’t the IN thing. It wasn’t a moneymaker. It wasn’t something  that would catapult someone to instant fame.

Just think how society could have curtailed sexual violence if the misogamy was addressed at that time. Harvey Weinstein could have been stopped in his tracks right then and there. But he wasn’t popular, so we just let him keep on rolling. This is what happens when you let the media and Hollywood alike do the thinking for you.

Those same people that shamed Bush, including Hollyweird and the general public, now wish he was in office today (I’m not factoring in Obama, as he will win every contest that ever exists, including “Best Smile.” Swoon.)

I remember reading words of shame directed at me because I voted against the masses. Now those same people desire for real leadership, and look to Obama and Bush. My. What a tangled web we weave.

As I sit back and read comments from those opposed to white privilege, racism, and sexual violence, just remember that the king of such anomalies was the leader of the free world for eight years. And society never allowed for it to become mainstream.

Until now.

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