The Lost Cause Club™

Everyone has a voice. And that voice is as unique as the person delivering it. Be it right or wrong, black or white, deep down there is a foundation that contains a mission of blissful artistry or just plain ignorance. Society is encased with an ongoing battle to locate that foundation and nurture it, or dismantle it. But such voices sometimes denote actions. I say, “sometimes” because all too often words do not match the actions of a particular scenario. Our current President, DT, is the king of irony, who has done nothing but say one thing but do another. That is why I stand by my notion of characterizing people by what they do. The foundation can be better seen through the lens of an enterprise.

Donald Trump is a proud member of The Lost Cause Club™.  A Lost Cause™ is anyone whose mind is so made up, you cannot persuade them even with escalating evidence of the contrary. Lost causes™ stubbornly continue to use their voices for the wrong reasons, and they refuse any initiative to modify them. Growing up, I encountered old men who thought making passes at women was “no big thing.” Others have pointed out the wrongness of such actions, only for them to squish their faces and respond with “Ehhh” with a wave of a hand to shoo the youngins’ away and be off with our political correctness. “It’s a generational thing,” one nurse at an elderly rehabilitation told me long ago. “We’re used to it. We’ve asked them repeatedly to not do such things.”

This is where my patience for the elderly disappears. They are adamant that their way is the only way, because their generation made life a lot less complicated. Welcome to the Lost Cause Club™.

In some aspects, they are right. Living in the current era of stress, hacking, and frequent security breaches, there is something to the logic of a simpler life. I swore that I wouldn’t turn into the disgruntled, creaky, old person, but the more time I invest in the real world, the more disgruntled I become. Physically, the creaky part is already in place, but the mind is on its way, and it’s not favorable.

I wish not to be a member of the Lost Cause Club™. Sadly, my voice is morphing one that is antagonistic for the wrong reasons. The only way to get out of this rut is by talking to others of all ages. Whenever I meet with my niece and nephew, their voices are young, refreshing, and full of blithe. And yes, this observation is a bit biased, considering I am referring to my blood relatives, but I’m also aware they represent a cubic fraction of their generation. There’s more of them out there, but sadly they are being overshadowed by muck and saturninity from the media.

One of the few ways I can escape my current chagrin is to stop watching the news altogether. It’s always the same, depressing shit. Someone’s always getting shot, DT tweeted some nonsense, or there’s some sort of apocalyptic scandal delivered by attractive women in a boldly colored, sleeveless dress. Screw that noise……because that’s all it is.

It’s no wonder that such voices attracted me to a wonderful organization for youngins’ who wish to express themselves with a poetic license. Another perfect example is the book, “The Freedom Writers Diary” If you haven’t read it, then consider it required reading.

freedom writers
Required reading: a group of young people with diverse backgrounds (some with a criminal history) were asked by a teacher to keep a journal and document whatever was on their mind at any given moment. A look into the minds of young people and how they think they are perceived by society.

As noted earlier, everyone has a voice, and who better has a brash and honest voice than the youngins’. If you’ve ever been caught off guard by something that was said by a five year old, I have a feeling you know where I am going with this. Their observations are full of exemplary light, but can sometimes can be painfully honest. We need more voices like this. As a society, we cannot grow any other way if we elect not to listen.

DT is an honorary member of the Lost Cause Club™. Please do not become a member and use your voice wisely with augmented motives.


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