Just Another Meme in the Wall

queen-lebron james
This is an example of how anyone can easily manipulate a photo to get their tidings across. Even a novice can figure out how to navigate Photoshop enough to advance their cause. It is, after all, about the message. Right? RIGHT?????!!!

Last week, someone posted a meme of Lebron James on the basketball court wearing a t-shirt that contained a powerful message for the masses. I went to the Facebook page where the meme originated and there were over 1,000 comments. I don’t normally read comments, but in this instance, I was eager to read them to put my intuition at ease. And so, there it was…..

“This photo has been Photoshopped……”

There were countless of replies that followed, and most of them contained backlash. “It doesn’t matter that it’s Photoshopped….it’s the message that’s important!”

Good grief. The evils of thought control have taken over.

I recently watched a thought-provoking episode of Cyberwar titled “The Great Meme War” on Vice. There was a really bizarre interview with someone who refers to himself as a “Meme Warrior” and recruits tech savvy teens looking for a way out of the heavily-filtered, big establishment and evolve into a more free-thinking world. Here’s the problem with that: the world these youngin’s want so bad will not come from a particular sergeant of internet repugnancy. These high ranking officers of vile can still twist the minds of the naïve and instill their own agendas, furthering the cause. There’s no such thing as a free thought process as long as you are under the influence of someone else.

Their target audience is anyone who partakes on social media, and there are large amounts of the internet population on Facebook and Twitter. These engagers tend to blindly accept what they see and read. The evils lie within hashtags, a technology deceiving tactic that promote segregation (#blacklivesmatter, #MAGA, #thinkpink, to name a few) and don’t allow the curious to expand the mindset outside of such hashtags. The minds are already made up and yearn for more warm fuzzies to nurture their beliefs. These hashtags do not encourage these narratives to be challenged, and it is ultimately sad, I believe that is where we, as a society, have ultimately failed. And we will continue to fail if we keep allowing these thought controls take over our life. Most heartbreaking is the notion that young people can be controlled by an impairing thought control. I could have sworn Pink Floyd wrote a popular song on this very topic.

I have always held great disdain for the internet in general. Sure, it’s a great means of communicating with loved ones, but in recent years we have witnessed the very evils the internet has introduced. Fake news, intrusion of privacy, and trolls in particular. As noted earlier, hashtags are becoming more about inducing segregation than unity. I’m not just referring to race, but politic beliefs, music, and celebrity Twitter “wars” (it’s no war……come ON. It’s only a war because some public relations executive thought it was a really good idea). One thing remains true: hashtags are there to promote an agenda. More often than not, they promote ignorance. With hashtags, there is almost always an article attached as a supplement and/or a meme (that’s where the “meme warriors” come in). How are we expected to expand our minds when we are constantly hounded with segregated hashtags? It is possible, but then you’ll be labeled as an “outsider.” And really, what is so wrong with that?

This is just a fraction of examples of what is wrong with the internet. The biggest problem is that it has become a form of mind control. It seems impossible to escape it. Is it possible?

Yes, there is. And here’s how:

  • Don’t look to Twitter and Facebook as a realistic news source. Most of the time, the media will post some nonsense shit just to increase their web traffic. This is especially true of Facebook, where the more generated “likes” will increase their chances of being top news in your newsfeed.
  • Don’t forward partisan articles and/or memes without injecting your own opinion on the matter. Blindly forwarding such things imply that you are under the spell of thought control. (Sorry, but I have no hope for the Baby Boomers, as they are already under the “Get off my lawn” mindset. But to the Gen X’ers and younger, I am relying on you to break this curse!)
  • If you love memes so much, create your own, using your OWN wisdom. And continue with cats.
  • Practice kindness in the real world, not just on the internet, but real life as well.
  • Make friends in the real world. Controversial topics such as “taking a knee” won’t come off as threatening if we engage with people we personally know in real life.

Most importantly, go with your gut. If you think/read something that is stupid, it is. You probably think this post is stupid. I’m okay with that, because I will still sleep peacefully at night and all my bills will still be paid. And there will still be cute cats and dogs on the internet. Take that, meme warriors!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Meme in the Wall

  1. Someone ACTUALLY had to say this was photoshopped?
    Hahahaha, that’s pretty obvious.

    Personally I see these types of wak-a-doo photo manipulations as nothing but opinion and attention cravings.

    If I had something to say, I wouldn’t put words in other people’s mouths (or on their clothing)


    1. Indeed. Additionally, I also wouldn’t use them as means of debate, such as a heated discussion on social media. Talk about an eyesore: you’ve just compiled a well-constructed thought, only to be hit with a meme with paragraphs of text in return that’s infected with inaccuracies.


      1. I’ve “modified” an image or two in the past, but (in my defense) they were my own. *** of course, I’m not the superstar type of somebody, so there’s that too.


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